MacGruber presents Top 10 Movie Spoofs

10. National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1: Because there was a time when Kathy Ireland was hot and I’ll always remember. Always.

9. White Chicks: Reminding everyone that white people do be actin’ all crazy.

8. Not Another Teen Movie: I’ll get behind any film that takes the piss out of teen comedies. I’ll also get behind Jaime Pressly, too. In case she’s, uh, choking in a restaurant. Yeah, that.

7. Scary Movie: Before they started making 800,000 of these things, Scary Movie lampooned the horror resurgence of the late 90s which was more like a satire of the 80s, you know what? This is getting way too meta. I need to lie down.

6. Fear of a Black Hat: For being a precursor to Chappelle’s Show. (What? I’m allowed a serious one.)


4. The Naked Gun: For proving that cops are hilarious people with firearms and O.J. Simpson could’ve been the greatest actor of our generation.

3. Airplane!: If you’ve never seen this movie, you’re a robot sent from the future to make sure Skynet goes online.

2. Spaceballs: Never before has a movie made me choose between wanting to bone Daphne Zuniga or Joan Rivers as a robot.

1. MacGruber: Because he paid a buttload of money for this post. Or at least promised to after he gets paid this weekend. He said he’s good for it.

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