Macaulay Culkin not crazy. Or so he says.

*macaulay_is_sad.jpgHome Alone star Macaulay Culkin fears that his forthcoming semi-autobiographical novel might cause readers to think he’s insane. Culkin is urging fans not to read too much into his new book Junior. He says, “I hope people don’t think I’m crazy, because I’m not.” Culkin decided to write the book when he found himself struggling to find acting jobs, but writing it turned him into somewhat of a recluse. He adds, “I’ve led a very isolated existence since I was six years old. It’s kind of been me and my mind.”

You’d think Macaulay would just be happy that anyone is thinking about him without 1) pity, 2) masturbating furiously. Even if he is crazy, no one would worry, because he’s about as dangerous as a bag of crazy marshmallows. Although Michael Jackson would tell you he tastes better.