Macaulay Culkin Knows How to Handle a Break-Up

January 20th, 2011 // 138 Comments

Despite Michael Jackson touching him in places that can only be pointed out on a teddy bear, Macaulay Culkin seems to be handling his break-up from Mila Kunis, along with the fact she was blind the entire time, surprisingly well. Here he is leaving The Bagdad Live Sex Club in Barcelona with Spanish porn star Irene Lopez which is probably the healthiest response I’ve ever seen to being dumped on your ass by a girl way out of your league. Then again, let’s not pretend this isn’t how Charlie Sheen responds to each new day. “Ha! Woke up again. TO THE WHORE JET!”

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  1. Baldrick

    You’d think with his cash he could come up with a porn star I’ve at least heard of.

  2. diana

    THAT IS PRETTY Stupid remark about MJ and Mac. Kulkin was one of MJ’s biggest supporters and he even went to court to prove Michael was innocent. Do you research before insinuating LIES!

    Michael Would NEVER harm a child or anyone! It is sad that most people are dumbened by the media with inaccurate lies and tabloid garbage.

  3. fap

    Guys she does porn – she doesn’t give a fuck what you think about her eyebrows.

  4. gigi

    omg, Mila so needs to disinfect now……

  5. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    Put a greasy, stringy blonde wig on MC and he looks like…KID ROCK! Get them 2 in a movie as father and son!

  6. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    And…to be clear…Kid Rock, grease and all, is HAWT-HAWT-HAWT! Which makes MC a shorter version of HAWT.

  7. Paula

    Hey…it’s better than be Home Alone…!

  8. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    philip peterson
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, he looks like he ought to be in his trailer park cooking up some meth…

  9. anen

    Irene Lopez is Hotter than Kunis UPGRADE

  10. Paula

    I mean…than being…

  11. This dude is turning from a Michael Jackson friend to a
    Charlie Sheen-in- training.

  12. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    Where did the Sphynx get his lips done?

  13. Augie

    I did a google image search, and she was Miss Ourense 2009 (a Spanish province, I learned something!) I think she might’ve done more than one porn movie. Though she has more hair in her eyebrows than in her lady bits, she does have a perky bosom.

  14. Not a fan

    Not to be mean but Mila was waaay too hot for him. He should shave this girl’s eyebrows.

  15. CassandraNoelle

    Look………….why are her teeth so yellow? That is all I want to know; let’s just start with that, and then we can go from there.

  16. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks like a crackhead right here. That’s sad.

  17. I’ve thought long and hard about what I was post here. I’m going with “Hells Yeah!”

  18. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    Talk about trading down. Us mere (male) mortals would jump at the chance of dating a pornstar, but Mila Kunis – mmmmmm – so much better than the other girl.

  19. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    You have to be kidding !!!!
    Sad , sad , sad and sad.

  20. unknown enemy 4454 attack

    Kunis finally dumped him. Ha. She finally got sick of hearing about how soft Michael Jacksons bed was.

  21. Xenu will probe u

    Nothing that a little porn and drugs cant fix ;)

  22. dontlooknow

    What a great pic of Mac and his Mom!

  23. Lisa

    The zit is a nice touch, Mac. Gives you that “after meth” look.

  24. ferlo

    Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis are both highly acute actors…Like them both very much.

  25. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Any Guy
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    and to be clear – you could throw a rock in any trailer park and find your ideal ‘man’. holy skank.

  26. The Vision

    Heroin chic.

  27. sounds like a bunch of yellow dog liberal demorats in here!!!!!!!!

  28. Deborah

    MILA IS 100000 PRETTIERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Amy Sandwich

    He looks creepy as fuck. I can’t believe Mila dated him in the first place.

    *And Mac, I highly doubt this is the best way to get your ex-girlfriend back. I highly doubt dating Seal or The Situation would make my boyfriend jealous.

  30. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    Any body else think he looks like Montgomery Burns if he were a meth head?

  31. Peter

    What a little weed, I bet she had him over her knee in no time. He would be far better off with a male porn star.

  32. Suds

    I can see them on Cops being handcuffed in the trailer park.

  33. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s gross. Mila is way too good for him, I’m glad they’re not together. She’s hot, he’s a douche lord. The porn star is more his level – filth. :)

  34. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    Do people even take the time to study the pictures. I mean if you really look at it you can see he has his hands in his pockets in all the pictures. She’s the one leaning into him in an awkward position with one hand on his shoulder and the other one against her leg but not exactly relaxed. Look at their expressions. It’s so obvious that they are fan pictures. But of course, nobody cares. People just like hating.

  35. Jon

    She’s not a pornstar.

    If I can’t see your tits within 30 secs of searching, you are not a pornstar.

    Maybe a wanabe pornstar.

  36. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
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    Mila Kunis is gorgeous and successful. Whereas Macaulay looks homeless. Just saying.

  37. Macaulay Culkin Sex Club Porn Star Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    The guy looks like he’s all drugged up or high on something and he looks so damn ugly…what’s with Mila…she seems to dig ugly guys. That’ll make me lose my girl crush on her if she goes out with another loser.

  38. Farley

    Don’t make fun of him. He’s in mourning. And (I think) Mila lost a good man. And the MJ comment was nasty and rude and untrue!

  39. anon

    There’s a bunch of grime and ugly surrounding that nice plaid shirt. I don’t really understand how Mcaulay Culkins big lips were so special that he got to hang out and have fun with Michael Jackson (at his most sexy looking prime), this douche has been so ridiculously lucky, it’s just not fair, it kills me everyday! Why Michael?

    I want 90s Michael Jackson! Instead Macaulay got him, got to play with him and sleep in his bed and eat with him WTF! What kind of sick joke is this?????? Life mocks me. Michael J being blissfully happy without ME? Being blissfully happy with MC? NO! NO! NO!

    Cross that out and do this whole thing over. All that surgery and I didnt even get to appreciate it. All for Macaulay????

    OF course he slept with MILA KUNIS too she was the prettiest girl on TV. UGH. You slimeball Mack. I don’t know how your mold grows on people.

  40. Elisha schriner

    Wow I cant believe he let her go. Shes a very awesome actress . Hmmm makes ya wonder..

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