I Guess Macaulay Culkin Is a Wrestler Now, That’s Neat

Macaulay Culkin is a weird dude. I saw him live when he was touring with his band doing the Velvet Underground tribute to pizza thing and was pretty taken aback at how content he was playing garbage music. Since I set my bar pretty low going in, I’ll admit it was ultimately a good time, but the pizza joke got a little old after, ya know, the first song. If it was anyone other than the kid from Home Alone I doubt it would have made it onto Noisey. He also only played maracas so it was hardly even his band.

Fast forward to now (the pizza thing faded a couple years ago) and Culkin is still doing whatever the fuck he wants. A video has gone viral of him at an amateur wrestling match at a Los Angeles bar, dropping Home Alone haymakers on a little guy that used to be in the WWE, I guess. Is this the coolest thing in the world or corny as fuck? Either way I’m totally going to one of these amateur wrestling shows next time I’m in LA. I love fake bloodsport.

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