M.I.A. Has A Middle Finger. Oh, And Something About Madonna, It’s Not Really Important

February 6th, 2012 // 72 Comments

In case you haven’t heard by now, America once again found its delicate sensibilities in a bunch when M.I.A. flipped off the camera for all of .005 seconds (after the jump) during last night’s Super Bowl halftime show which I’m only acknowledging for the simple fact that absolutely no one is talking about Madonna who was supposed to be the star of the show. But before you laugh hysterically like I sure as hell didn’t, realize she’s already mounted a Balrog and promised to lay waste to America until we placate her by saying no one really listens to M.I.A. anyway. God knows I don’t. *takes a knee* Your dark highness. (What? I haven’t had a chance to watch Breaking Bad yet. Sue me.)

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  1. Alex

    Who’s MIA? Exactly.

  2. momostyle

    Old tranny

  3. Mr. Poop

    Who the fuck is MIA? Swear I’d never heard of this bitch before last night

    • Jenga

      She’s less popular in the states in relation to the rest of the world, but most people know her by that song ” Paper Planes” from her Second Album. She’s also a philanthropist and a political activist. I’m actually surprised she agreed to do this because she gets pissed off when the states censor her music.

    • Reece

      lol you seem very angry at the fact that the organizers of the Super Bowl had the audacity to have a performer that you haven’t heard of. For now on we’ll only stick to Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez and any other Top 40 artist.

      PS. She’s had posts on here b4…I think the last one was when she pooped a kid out after the grammy’s or something

      • it had to be said

        Actually, you have to stick with the Top 40 from 25 years ago. THAT”S what makes the halftime show the perfect time to get a drink and take a dump.

  4. It’s ShaNayNay from In Living Color.

  5. SIN

    Madonna suprised me. That was a very good halftime show. Could have been even better with out any of the other acts, especially MIA and Niki Minaj. Those 2 skanks really brought the entertainment value way down.

  6. SIN

    Just Googled MIA. DAMN she is fucking ugly!!

  7. JC

    So was that weird blur post-finger some attempt to protect us from any further assaults to our sensibilities? I thought I was having a seizure at the time.

  8. mickey B

    Damn, I missed the Super Bowl again. I was watching soft core gay porn, 22 hot and sweaty guys in tight pants grabbing and pulling, piling up on top of each other.

  9. Frank Burns

    Doesn’t everybody know by now to not watch the halftime show?

  10. MIA Flips Off Camera Super Bowl Half Time Show
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  11. MIA Flips Off Camera Super Bowl Half Time Show
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    • Snooki's Taint

      Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam (Tamil: மாதங்கி ‘மாயா’ அருள்பிரகாசம், Mātaṅki ‘Māyā’ Aruḷpirakācam

  12. Deacon Jones


  13. TW

    Did anyone think of the God-Skeletor in Masters of the Universe when Madonna came on: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100707141220/villains/images/0/0f/Skeletor-god.png

  14. jumpin_j

    I admit I laughed when Madonna almost fell off the back of the stage. Then I realized she is the Dark Lord and can never die. I stopped laughing after that.

  15. welldoneson

    who the fuck is this bitch and why should anyone care?

  16. Fraidso

    Didn’t Madonna give us the finger by Lip syncing .

  17. MIA Flips Off Camera Super Bowl Half Time Show
    Dude of Dudes
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    Why yes, I am that tranny from West Hollywood.

  18. judging you

    Madonna shall take her revenge by turning up at MIA’s house in broad daylight without makeup sleeves or anything covering her groin thing. Then she’ll talk about whatever she wants for as long as she wants.

    • Cock Dr

      Madonna probably encouraged her to flip the bird.
      America will get over the terrible middle finger trauma it’s just suffered. We’re strong like that.

  19. Kirk

    Only retards watch the super bowl half time show.

  20. MIA Flips Off Camera Super Bowl Half Time Show
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  21. Hey Soos

    “Only retards watch the super bowl.”


    • Shawtee

      Poor little Mexican can’t play football because he’d get killed. Aww poor little Hey Soos. Aww.

      • Hey Soos

        lolz at pussified rugby. Take off the pads you nancies. Oh give all the stopping the game every 10 seconds a rest. What a boring snoozefest.

        PS: I’m Jewish not Spanish.

    • rican

      And you definitely have not been hit by shoulder pads, or a helmet.

  22. Add me to the “Who is MIA?” camp. An obviously desperate attempt to put herself on the map because she has no talent.

    • I don’t get it, is it “Mia” or “M…I…A” as in missing in action? The subtleties of clever hip-hop names is totally lost on me as most of my brain power is going towards clever ways to insult people more famous than me (that’s pretty much everyone).

    • name

      I think you have it backwards. Madonna surrounds herself with young, singing, dancing people who are on the map, because she’s not any those things. M.I.A. found a way to beat her at her own game and piss off the American hypocrite sector at the same time.

  23. Next Year

    Next year it’s Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

  24. EricLr

    Since hospital’s began to notice all those missing babies in the late-90′s and started stepping up security, Madonna has grown steadily weaker. While she is still technically an immortal force of evil, a nuclear blast could probably incapacitate her for 1,000 years or so (“killing” her for all intents and purposes). The souls of 3rd-world babies just don’t cut it, apparently.

  25. Amanda

    Some celebrites I really like, some I dislike, but the only one I hate is this trashy M.I.A. bitch. I’ve read several interviews she’s given and every time I read one she disgusts me even more. Fake, pretentious, trashy, rude, entitled… I actually like Lohan more than I like this bitch. Hell, I even have more respect for GOOP than this trick, and that’s saying something.

  26. forrest gump

    have the nerves to shout it out: FUCK THE HELL WITH MADONNA, folks!!

  27. Cock Dr

    I was entertained, although disappointed by the lip synching.
    Madonna clings to the lesson alll pretty girls learn early in life; always have fat/ugly associate(s) right up next to you; it makes you look better.
    Thanks for the clip blogger, for those of us who never turn on the boob tube.

    • Felonious Monkey

      I don’t think Madonna had ugly girls/women next to her. I think she purposely picks women who are “ethnic” whose musical styles are nothing like hers so she doesn’t have competition musically or looks-wise.

  28. The Royal Penis

    Good name for this bitch, her career is gonna be “MIA” after her 15 minutes are up.

    How the hell can you survive after being beaten so badly with an ugly stick?

  29. I don’t know who was responsible for producing that halftime abortion, but a lip sync’d medley of songs from decades gone by isn’t the same as a “performance”.

    I’d love to have sat in on the production sessions: “Hey Madge, we know you can’t sing anymore, and your new music sucks anyway, so how about we just edit some studio tracks together, and you move your lips in as lifelike a fashion as you can manage? “

  30. “Super Sonic, Bionic, Uranium hits, Break Em off Tricks, pray that it stick, Ima say this one time, yea, I don’t give a shit” (middle finger)

    Your best chance to be seen/heard EVER and you spout some thing that goddamn stupid and then over shadow your whole career by acting like you just made some great statement and flipping people off? The stupidity of people is becoming staggering. Activist and philanthropist? Uh…I hope she’s not actively trying to achieve something important to me.

  31. Spinner

    I was initially perplexed by MIA’s presence at the show as she hasn’t done anything relevant recently, then I realized that she is engaged to the son of Madonna’s boss…now it makes sense as she contributed nothing of substance to the son

  32. Let me see if I understand this. M.I.A. says “I don’t give a shit” on a global television broadcast—yeah, they sort of bleeped it out, but not really—but what’s got everyone upset is a middle-finger gesture that I wouldn’t have noticed if someone hadn’t pointed it out? Seriously, I had to play that video four times before I could make it out.

  33. Oogidyboogidy

    When the hell did this overly choreographed SHIT become the norm for what used to be called “music?” I love how these dancing, lip-syncing idiots play karaoke and have the nerve to call it “rock and roll.”

    McDonna needs to listen to Grace Slick when she said “all rock-and-rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire”. (Even though McDonna is neither rock NOR roll).

  34. Muhahaha

    I just love that Madonna disappeared into a cloud of smoke at the end. i didn’t think she usually showed us lowly humans her true means of travel….

  35. MIA Flips Off Camera Super Bowl Half Time Show
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    “I’mma rock yo world.”

  36. Devo

    Was pretty disappointed that Tebow didn’t come out hung up on a cross during “Like A Prayer.”

  37. Fortunately, a snack run took way more precedence than Madonkeys’ lip-sync extravaganza. As I expected, nothing remotely significant took place.

  38. Egyptians? Romans? What in the hell was the theme of the half-time show supposed to be? ‘Great Civilizations That Have Subsequently Collapsed’?

    Uh oh.

  39. wake up NFL

    If hiring entertainment for the Super Bowl after all the issues in the past i think it would be a mandatory clause in the contract that if you,(including crew) make any obscene jesters while live on the air and if have any wardrobe malfunctions reveling any private parts your payment for the event will be forfeited.. when you really start digging into peoples pockets you get their attention real quick.

    • That is SO obvious that the fact that it’s not done makes it clear that a little bit of controversy is invited. “oops…we didn’t know she was going to do that. Her bad!”

  40. dooood

    it’s kinda funny that she came out lookin like the evil sorceress from willow or red sonja.
    i’m not a fan but if it’s one skill she has it’s showmanship and spectacle. i wasn’t as horrified as i was expected to be.
    i think that prince and tom petty were some of the best halftime shows in recent memory.
    what i can’t figure out, they play AC/DC before every football game in the USA right? why not get AC/DC for halftime?!
    at least that would make some sense right? maddona?? who the f- came up w that? maybe cuz she did it for free.

    dear mr. goodell, feb 2014, met life stadium, AC/DC. make it so.

    • Felonious Monkey

      AC/DC doesn’t have a new album to promote. Also, Madonna has a 360 deal with her record label—she has to give a percentage of ALL her income. That’s why Madonna’s shaking her money maker!
      Prince rocked BIG time when he did the SB.

  41. DoesItEffinMatter

    This comments are actually hilarious. Everyone is upset and meanwhile, M.I.A. is probably just laughing at everyone and enjoying the publicity for her newest single and upcoming album. Nonetheless, I fucken love M.I.A. Cheers :-)

  42. DoesItEffinMatter


  43. I thought it was funnier that NBC played “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga at the start of the 3rd Quarter. Only middle schoolers find flipping the bird remotely edgy.

  44. MIA-Hater

    M.I.A = Moron In Action

    Word BITCH!

  45. MIA Flips Off Camera Super Bowl Half Time Show
    Trying To Remain Calm
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    Can’t blame her for not wanting to be part of Madge’s All about Me! Show.
    Can blame her for lacking creativity in expressing her contempt for the viewers and the people paying her.

  46. MIA Flips Off Camera Super Bowl Half Time Show
    Snooki's Taint
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    Looks like she is just showing the world how she gets off since no-one wants to go near that goat face. That’s a double bagger right there.

  47. notarobot

    Wow, didn’t realize everyone on this board is over 40+,! lol Go back and put your 8 track Boston back on and drink your budwieser. And leave “new & upcoming”artists” to the rest of us.

  48. booboo

    tacky shit

  49. me

    eh… the halftime show was eh…. Graphics, costumes and back up dancers rocked. Madonna is really showing her age and the I luv Madonna song sucked chode. CLo couldn’t hit any high notes on Like a Prayer, and all that Baal and Molech shit at the beginning kind of creeped me out. But, nobody else seemed to notice or mind. All seeing eye…. these people are obviously owned, and owned by people who like their golden oldies. How’s about some Van Halen?????

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