Lynne Spears’ parenting book put on hold

December 18th, 2007 // 66 Comments

Lynne Spears’ book about raising her famous daughters is going to sit on the back-burner for a while thanks to the recent announcement of 16-year-old Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. The book was to focus on Lynne’s life bringing up two high-profile children despite a humble background in Louisiana, according to People:

“The book is delayed indefinitely. It’s delayed, not cancelled,” says a spokeswoman for Thomas Nelson, which publishes inspirational books and Bibles.

Delayed indefinitely (adj.): Describes a project that will never see the light of day (i.e. cancelled) due to unforeseen, yet kind of predictable, circumstances such as 1. teenage pregnancy. 2. grandchild left overnight at a petting zoo. 3. perpetual vaginal flashing by one’s offspring.

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  1. PunkA

    Talk about a loser mom. Some major issues in that family for sure. One daughter is a druggie sex addict who doesn’t give two shits about her kids. The other daughter gets knocked up at 16. Yeah, mom, you are a winner example. Please do write a book and let us know how you managed ot raise such outstanding kids who donate so much to the good of society.

    Wow. Another Spears to make fun of i na year beause she will lose hte kid to the bastard father. Can’t wait.

  2. jrzmommy

    Don’t miss her chapter on The Finer Points to Whoring out your Daughters…’s riveting and a definite must read if you have girls.

  3. bootsie

    Im the father of that child… call me J Lynne…

  4. LynneSpearsMayHaveBeenPrettyOnce

    The only thing Lynne Spears ever raised was a bottle of moonshine.

  5. PunkA

    Lynne is sorta Milfy. Bet she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, too. I can see where the girls got their good looks. But I assume it is also where they got their lack of inteligence.

    I just wish Brit lived near me. I’d try to get her drunk then shag her silly. I mean, why not? So long as she takes the pill, right? And if not, nice pay day heading this way to raise her spawn.

  6. extracheeseplease

    2024 Cover of TIME Magazine : The Jolie-Pitts building a house for homeless people

    2024 Cover of Hustler: Jamie Lynne’s offspring.

    2024 Cover of People: Sean and Jayden “We cured our cancer, with Slurpees”

  7. Jamie's Uterus

    The publisher is making a huge mistake. Now is the time to release and launch a parenting book by Mama Spears. It would sell like crazy, as a joke book. It would be hysterical, and no matter what the book said, the reader’s commentary would be , ‘yeah, but your daughter got knocked up at 16! ‘ Big mistake publisher!

  8. Goddamn Celebs

    It’s clear why Jamie Lynn Spears got knocked up for a few reasons:

    1) She embraced the liberal ideology of having PREMARITAL sex. Now if she was a good, clean, conservative gal, she would’ve waited until marriage to have sex, which would’ve meant she would’ve been emotionally responsible enough to have a child inside of a loving marriage. Having a child at 16 out of wedlock is going to be emotionally destructive to the bast*rd child and crippling to the teenage mother’s mental and emotional development. Having “safe” sex is no 100% guarantee against unwanted, teen pregnancies because condoms may rip, so the only, true way is abstinence. Additionally, having premarital sex encourages soulless sex for lust instead of fostering lifelong commitments that are healthier for any society.

    2) The liberal pop culture blasts teen girls with over-sexualization messages in everything from music to movies to their celeb idols (Paris Hilton et al), so that these teens refuse to have moral clarity and make proper and healthy decisions for themselves.

    3) Teen girls act like hardcore sl*ts sometimes, and Jamie Lynn is likely no exception. Poor guys like the 19-year-old father, Aldridge, are likely tempted into taking advantage of these teen girls by their easiness and loose virtues. Incidentally, the 19-year-old “rapist,” Aldridge, ought to be charged because in Louisiana, the age of consent is SEVENTEEN, whereas Spears is only 16.

    Lastly, Spears shouldn’t get an abortion like the Culture of Death libs/Dems would insist. She now has the accountability of living with the consequences of teen sex (no husband, no career, no life experience) and should keep the baby. Or, she could also give it up for adoption, but the best she could do is not worsen her wrongdoing by getting an abortion!

  9. Brit’s sisters have a loser mom. She’s a lesiban NOW and you can see her profile on now.

  10. FU


    That bitch’s smile is almost as annoying as Reba McAntitire or whateverhtefuck her name is.

  11. Carli

    Perhaps if she has the right name for her book….
    “How to Raise Whores: There’s no business like ‘ho business.”

  12. Devon

    You guys are so immature. Whats the difference between her and you? NOTHING! We are all people. The only difference is the money. It happens to many people and they can still manage to live a life. Just because she is having a baby doesnt mean that she’s white trash. On the other hand….I hope she will raise the baby better than her sister has with her two.

  13. Giveme Lovin

    The whole lot are a bunch of whores, they might as well buy the Trailor park for the kids now why they have the money. Alot of great role models to choose from out there, teen pregnancy should go thru the roof.
    The Mom must have been counting her money while the kids watched porno growing up.

  14. Crystal Valentin

    Let her be. Why would you just her i want to see yall young girls get pregaent and boys being a father at a young age and see how yall feel now. Thats wrong to judge a person. It might happen to you.So yall should stop judging.

  15. book entitled… how to raise two dumb shits…

    i wonder if anyone besides this crackhead ( feels bad for those geniuses… i think its safe to say besides not having a sex tape out yet… everything has happened to brittney spears, that everyone wanted (and predicted in the near future) to happen to her… except she is still alive

  16. erene
    Commented on this photo:

    I think its fabo! I’m a huge fan of animal prints!

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