Lynne Spears: Jamie Lynn ‘crucified’ while Bristol Palin ‘celebrated’

Lynne Spears is speaking out about the media’s hypocrisy embracing the pregnancy of Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old daughter of John McCain running mate Sarah Palin. Lynne got her holy nuts kicked in when it was revealed Jamie Lynn was with child, but Sarah Palin is getting a pass, according to Newsweek:

“It’s a totally different reaction. It’s as if [Sarah Palin] became celebrated. I mean, the mother, Palin, was celebrated for this. Every woman in the world has applauded her strength and her convictions and poor little old Jamie Lynn–you saw how she was crucified. Everybody did, firsthand … I just feel like it’s been a very hypocritical situation.”

Lynne added: “I mean, I’ve got a ‘special needs’ baby, too. Where’s my outpouring of love? So maybe mine, I dunno, flashes her hooternanny and has a record deal and, okay, had sex with men of Middle Eastern descent. I should get to be a national treasure too! Did I mention she tried to eat a toaster oven once? That too. Give me a parade!