Lynne Spears is babysitting the boys

February 8th, 2008 // 63 Comments

Kevin Federline has been beckoned to Fashion Week in New York City by Marc Jacobs and must heed the call. But what about the children? Won’t someone think of the children? Oh, phew, Mama Spears is watching them. Wait, what?! E! News reports:

A source tells E! News that Lynne Spears is supposed to take a break from trash-talking Sam Lutfi and head over to Federline’s Valley home to babysit today, which we’re guessing is going to stretch through Kevin’s visit to the Big Apple.
(K-Fed’s rep has confirmed he is going to the Marc Jacobs show and will be in NYC for one day on business meetings but would not comment on who’s caring for the children.)

I predict that, by the time Lynne is done watching the boys tomorrow night, Jayden knocked up two girls on the playground and Sean checked in and out of rehab no less than five times. (Whether he’s strung out on smack or Oreos is up for debate.) You see, folks, when Lynne Spears shoddily parents, she shoddily parents to the MAX!

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. ATX

    Look ya’ll it’s the Marlboro woman!

  2. Ted from LA


  3. crazy otto

    she can watch my boys anytime…….if ya know what I mean

  4. dozer

    # 52. me love you long time and will suck soft balls for you

  5. All the Binky comments on this thread is a troll.
    ( for those of you keeping score at home)

  6. justtheobvious

    I think they would be better off with Michael Jackson than this nutty parent.

  7. dfkjgkh

    come watch this britney and adnan parody

  8. lkittenl

    She really needs to dress her age. Maybe that mentality is the reason Brit and Jamie are the way they are.

  9. jeson

    she is so beautiful.. but someone said she joined an online service
    SugarMommaMatch.c it is a site for men to date sexy women or rich women date cute men.. spoil and support
    them. what a f slur..

  10. Tracy

    blaming lynne for britney’s mental illness is, for lack of a better word, crazy!
    children don’t come with instruction manuals and each and every parent makes mistakes…unfortunately Lynne and Britney’s are out there for all the world to see…i have a suggestion, let Britney alone for awhile, let her get better, stop blaming her parents and instead, cheer them on for helping her right now, when it really matters.

  11. Sapphire Eyes

    #60 — You don’t have children, do you? Parents are the #1 influence in their young lives, especially at pre-adolescense.

    On a lighter note, it seems to me that Lynn ought to be home babysitting Jamie Lynne, instead of trying to screw up two innocent young boys.

  12. Igottabemeeee

    “Children don’t come with instruction manuals?”

    I’ll write one then. Chapter 1: Learn from history; child star/actors have a proportionally large risk of drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, depression, and divorce rates.

    They are taught that no matter what, looks, ratings, money and popularity are the most important thing in the world. I wonder why most of them are dysfunctional immature idiots incapable of living normal lives?

  13. The Laughing God

    @ 50: would for me, that doesn’t sound pleasant, that kinda force would either rip a wang off, or move a epididymus into the urethra, neither are pleasant. In fact, I think you say you are going to suck them, and under the table you really have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you evil minks

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