Lynne Spears is babysitting the boys

February 8th, 2008 // 63 Comments

Kevin Federline has been beckoned to Fashion Week in New York City by Marc Jacobs and must heed the call. But what about the children? Won’t someone think of the children? Oh, phew, Mama Spears is watching them. Wait, what?! E! News reports:

A source tells E! News that Lynne Spears is supposed to take a break from trash-talking Sam Lutfi and head over to Federline’s Valley home to babysit today, which we’re guessing is going to stretch through Kevin’s visit to the Big Apple.
(K-Fed’s rep has confirmed he is going to the Marc Jacobs show and will be in NYC for one day on business meetings but would not comment on who’s caring for the children.)

I predict that, by the time Lynne is done watching the boys tomorrow night, Jayden knocked up two girls on the playground and Sean checked in and out of rehab no less than five times. (Whether he’s strung out on smack or Oreos is up for debate.) You see, folks, when Lynne Spears shoddily parents, she shoddily parents to the MAX!

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. graciiie


  2. TS

    FIRST! suck my cock sportsdvl

  3. Fill me up, TS!

  4. my comment

    Why is this old woman dressed like a 14 year old?

  5. woodhorse

    She stole a hoodie from Britney, among other things.

  6. Ellie

    #2 & #3 – get a room. gross.

  7. me

    TS and sportsdvl are gonna be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed!! ooOOooo, look out ya’ll!!

  8. Bigheadmike

    Do you think she puts out?
    Me so Horny!

  9. I am sure momma Spears has gotten a lot of practice changing Britney’s diapers over the last couple of weeks..

  10. Auntie Kryst

    Lynne Spears definition of babysitting entails dragging those two boys all over Los Angeles for baby modeling contracts. More fuel for the gravy train right grandma? “Smile purty for the camera boys, c’mon now, smile. Don’t make nana grab a switch…GODDAMNIT SMILE!”

  11. Binky

    Cliff Notes:Binky, do you know anything about the Bilderburgs?
    Binky:The Holocaust was an inside job.

  12. Binky

    Cliff Notes:Binky, do you know anything about the Bilderburgs?
    Binky:The Holocaust was an inside job.

  13. Why is that woman grabbing her boob? Is that Lindsay’s Lohand??

  14. lentista

    superficial should cahnge ur name to BRITNEFICIAL all u talk about is stupid fucking brit spears….what a fuckin loser she is….see what all the millions do to you….you go lonnie

  15. FFSWTF

    She shouldn’t raise no more children, seriously, she needs a restraining order to stay away from any kid…. or dog, I don’t want this biatch to spoil any dog either.
    What about Birtney’s brother? I heard he’s planning on get a SRS and become the new Spears f*cked up girl in the family… too bad he won’t be able to get pregnant… or who knows.

  16. Cap'n Pickles

    After those two whores Mama raised, those kids should be taken away from kfed as well. By the way. Is Lynn bayou Louisiana? She has those dark features. Being back woods french bayou would explain alot. I had a friend in the army that was from there. He told me he used to eat out his sister. (Unfortunately, he was not joking). A bunch of us guys were watching a porn once, and when the dude in the movie did his money shot in the sluts eye, Levay (that was his name)stated matter-of-factly “Dude. Not cool. That stings in the eyes.” needless to say, everyone else in the rooms mouth dropped. So, if Lynn was from the same area, that would explain alot.

  17. lentista


  18. veggiwhore

    10- auntie- poor britney took ‘the gravy train’ literally. *wipes gravy from chin* choo choo!!

  19. Zim

    Even at her age, there will be the usual problem – instead of watching the kids she’s on the couch humping her boyfriend (Adnan).

  20. They’ll each have type 2 diabetes within the year… pass the baby bottle full of Jolt cola, please…

  21. Grace

    She’ll bring LamieLynn over to watch the tards for awhile, to teach her what it’s going to be like as a mom. After a few hours LamieLynn will lock herself in whatever closet has a towel and a wire hanger…

  22. #14 “change” is the word you decide to correct?? Ok then….

  23. rick

    Kevin is such a retard that even Lynne will manage to find the diaper he stashed the weed in.

  24. guy

    BRITNEY: “Your honor I’d like to have my babies back, yo.”

    JUDGE: “Why the hell would I do that!? You just got out of the psych ward. What could possibly convince me you’re a fitter parent than K-Fed?”

    BRITNEY: “He be giving them babies to my mama, yo.”

    JUDGE: “Oh dear god! In that case I grant you full custody for life(2 months)”

    ALL: “Hurray!”

  25. Heath Ledger

    “Grandma, can YOU take us to see our mommy??? Please???”

    Hahahahaha just kiddin. This “miss-my-parent” bullshit really cracks me up.

  26. HamBone

    Lynne is babysittng? Can we expect the boys to be pregnant within a week?

  27. FFSWTF

    #16.- It’s not like they have a great future with K-Fed, but lets see the options… Britney, Lynne or Fed-Ex… in my humbling opinion, I’ll say K-Daddy is the best option, what’s the worst that could happen? Juvi? It’s way better than rehab… or the graveyard.

  28. CliffNotes: Binky, what is the typical wind speed on the moon?
    Binky: The moon landing was filmed in hollywood.

  29. Jim

    Let’s see, what will the news be? Lynne sneaks Britney over to visit the kids, somebody at the house calls Kevin who calls the cops, Britney refuses to come out, ambulance-stretcher-restraints, fiddyonefiddy. Yep, no way you could see that one coming…

  30. woodhorse

    28 – I think the general concensus is that it was Arizona.

  31. nipolian

    You all are missing what is really fucked up with this story: K-Fed is going to the Marc Jacobs show and has to go to business meetings? WTF – Since when is smoking crack at Vanilla Ice’s shithole apartment considered a “business meeting”?

  32. CliffNotes: Binky, how many Right-Wing Conspirators can hide behind a grassy knoll?
    Binky: exactly 666 if your name is Ronald Wilson Reagan.

  33. Roger

    Like Britney, Binky seems to have been release early today.

  34. CliffNotes: Binky, has anybody done a study to find the real culprit in Whosville that stole Christmas?
    Binky: The Grinch is obviously a fictional character created by the Right Wing to side-track investigators. My inside source (Scooter Libby) confirmed that Cindy Lou Who is actually Valerie Plame.

  35. Roger, did you know that 9/11 was an inside job? Do you know the square root of pi?
    CliffNotes: I think Roger will have to do some deep soul-searching for this one.

  36. Roger

    I agree 9/11 was an inside job. I have direct physical evidence that Barack Obama, as a muslim-in-hiding, orchestrated the whole thing. That’s why, if he seems to be pulling off the upset and beating Hillary for the Dem nomination, he needs to be assassinated by a True American hero. Binky, I’m on your side, believe me!

  37. CliffNotes: Binky, do you think Roger can be trusted?
    Binky: Roger could be the plant to catch our defenses down.

    Roger, what do you know about Roswell?

  38. Ted from LA

    I read up on this picture via a Google search. Mamma Spears just got tazed and that is why she is falling backwards and that lapdog is reaching to grab her left breast and hold her up. She is just beginning to mouth the words, “Don’t taze me bro.”

  39. yes Ted, that’s all fine and good, but what does it have to do with 9/11?

  40. Victoria

    Man, I can see them in the Mickey Mouse Club now…no literally – she’s already flown them to Florida to get started.

    WTF does Kevin Federline have to do with Fashion Week? That asshole wore white wifebeaters for a year solid. Is Marc Jacobs producing the Trayler Park line or something?

  41. Paul

    Of all the fucked up things to do in this saga, is to give the mom the kids. Look at Lynne Spears, and how fucking deranged she was with her own two kids. here was a show on TV that was a documentary on Brittney, and her mom drove her to this madness by pushing a fucking 10 year old so hard. She moved Brittney to NYC and left her hubby and sister in LA.
    She is the reason why Brittney is so fucked up in the head right now, any parent who wants to live out their dream by pushing the kids so hard will end up doing the same.
    Some people just need to get a life!

  42. This is news, why? Wow, Britney Spears kids are being babysat by their grandmother.

    Now if they were being baby sat by Michael Jackson, well , that would be funny…

  43. Liz Adams

    From Feb. 3 NY Post Page 6:

    Jacobs has been quietly seeing adult film actor Erik Rhodes and whisking him away to secret locations, sources told Page Six. The new fling is likely the reason things have cooled again between Jacobs and former male escort Jason Preston, whom he’s dated on and off since 2005.

    Sources said Jacobs’ affair with Rhodes – who describes himself as “Addictive. Wild. Open” on his profile – began last year when the designer invited Rhodes to join him and Preston for a three-way. Jacobs allegedly continued the fling with Rhodes one on one after that.

  44. dozer

    ted from la – that was genius. can I have your baby? I promise it won’t go to any of the spears

  45. D. Richards (Biologist.)

    Who’s hand is that grabbing Lynne’s left breast?

    Jesus, let it be Jamie-Lynne! Oh, man, how I wanna see them 69! I need to see Lynne spit in to Jamie-Lynne’s mouth (Grunt). Agh…

  46. veroonica

    Lynn? Butterball called. They want to rent your neck for breeding.

  47. Clem

    Wow! Sandra Bullock got OLD!!!!!

  48. pam

    does anyone else think that lynne spears looks like a white trash posh spice??

  49. Ted from LA

    I’m on it (or in it)… or however you want to do it.

  50. dozer

    Ted – would it make a difference if I told you I can suck a golf ball through a garden hose?

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