Lynne Spears: ‘I’m innocent, I tell ya!’

October 9th, 2008 // 32 Comments

Ha ha! Remember Crazy Britney? Good times. Except when it comes to taking the blame which brings us to Lynne Spears who continues to promote her new book Through the Storm: How I Pimped My Children Then Profited from their Downfall Thanks to Your Purchase. Today she stopped by FOX News’ The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet where Lynne convinced nobody but herself that she cashed in on her kids:

On Britney and Jamie Lynn’s careers:
“People think I was this stage mom, that I was pushing my daughters to do what they did. I was actually their cheerleader. I have never been their manager, that’s never been my role. I was the one that got their coffee in the morning and [got them] out of bed.”

On Kevin Federline:
“I do like Kevin. He has been good to us,” she says. “Kevin could have been a real pill about a lot of things, but he wasn’t. He worked with us and has really tried to make everything good for the boys. He has thought about them through all of this.”

On Sarah Palin:
“I’m glad she didn’t have to go through as much scrutiny as I did. Nobody wants their children to have these kinds of hardships or bumps. Who would want that?”

Some conspiracy theorists (Read: Me) theorize that Lynne Spears slept with Kevin Federline thus sending Britney into a psychological tail spin. And, is it me, or did Lynne just admit that when she said “I do like Kevin.”? Everyone knows it’s scientifically impossible to like something but not have sex with it. Coincidentally, this is also the same excuse I used for why I ruined the turkey during Thanksgiving dinner last year. I expect the same response here: SUCCESS!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Deechronic

    shes wearing pantyz…thats a first

  2. Parker

    whoa, good theory dude. Probably most people wouldn’t think of it cuase they’d get stuck in that, if he wouldn’t fuck her why would he fuck her mother, loop. But it’s easy to forget that Kevin is a douchebag cause next to Britney he just looks like a desperate loser. So I think your theory holds water and needs to be investigated.

  3. lola

    Her extentions look horrible.

  4. Karen

    The Lynne Spears/Sarah Palin parallel is pretty close, actually. Lynne slept with Kevin, and by all accounts Bristol’s boyfriend banged Sarah too. More than a few neighbors have said “you don’t know the half of it!” when asked if Sarah was considered a MILF. But, attacking the media worked for the Republicans – not in terms of gaining votes, but in terms of preventing journalists from pursuing the sordid stories you find in small towns (the other half of the pristine 1950s – so, all white – picture that Palin/McCain present).

  5. Ralph

    AH!!!…another crotch shot.

  6. jess

    That first picture should be the cover of her new album. It would be really appropriate, and still be more attractive than the “Blackout” cover.

  7. Gimme a break with this will ya?

  8. what?

    You can always tell when she is going crazy, because she gets rid of her bangs and proudly parades her enormous forehead.

  9. Slut


  10. lori

    Aren’t the two people in this picture the two who f##ked up Brittany in the first place, Ali Simms and the Sam the drug pusher who has a restraining order filed against him??

  11. supersex

    they are all whores

  12. kitty

    ya giving coffee to your children too keep them awake great mom…..

  13. immmers

    Two possible interpretations of her comments about Kevin:

    1. I slept with Kevin, like a good hick mother-in-law should.

    2. He has some mega embarrassing crap about Britney and he’ll write a tell-all if I don’t stay in his good books.

    Karen, so saying that a story has been suppressed by the media automatically makes it true? Sorry, no.


  15. Lea

    old pics are old.

  16. Why is she wearing panties? These close up shots make me see all of the flaws in these people and how airbrushed they’ve been all of these years.

    Check out my blog where you get to see candid pix of some of your favorite stars!

  17. diddleysquat

    we’re stuck with this bitch forever aren’t we

  18. M

    The popup ad guys are at it again!

  19. pure.ticking

    this is just disgusting…

  20. pure.ticking

    this is just disgusting…

  21. Adam

    OMG only in the USA would the Spears get more crap than the future VP-toooo funny

  22. Adam

    OMG only in the USA would the Spears get more crap than the future VP-toooo funny

  23. kongxu

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  24. TAMEKA

    Pic#1 was the same face she made when I plugged booty her with my 10 inches

  25. You just made my day, Fish! : )

    “Some conspiracy theorists (Read: Me) ”

    Couldn’t ask for anything more Fish, couldn’t ask for anything more! You just made my day!!!

    Here’s to seeing through all of the crap the jewsmedia dishes out!

    Time for your PC tantrums now stupid white sheeple!


    Thanx Fish!!! : )

  26. Maggie From Buffalo

    her extensions are SO BAD, she should shave her head again!

  27. yourfavoritebrunette

    you people are retarted that think these pics are new…..

  28. yourfavoritebrunette

    you people are retarted that think these pics are new…..

  29. wtafuc

    So all she did was get her 10 year olds coffee?

  30. tery

    She sold her kid to show biz!
    Her daughter is the biggest most used and manufactured piece of shit in the business. And have you all noticed that the father says nothing. What a pussy.
    But the money is rolling in:)

  31. I wish there family all the best, people have to understand this family is in the spotlight all the time what would you do being caught on camera and pic taking all the time even to pick up a box of tampons? give them a break and stop hatin on them. They are people too themselves.

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