Lynne Spears gives first TV interview about tell-all book

September 17th, 2008 // 28 Comments

Lynne Spears stopped by The Today Show for an interview with Meredith Vieira about her memoirs Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World. The book originally started out as a collection of poetry but Lynne quickly realized that’s not how you get a beach house. Here’s Lynne talking for the first time about the Spears’ family journey. On that note, I hope you like a good tale about exploitation, vaginas and shotgun weddings:

On Britney posing for Rolling Stone cover at 17:
“The Rolling Stone interview, we were so in awe. She’s just beginning. She’s just coming on the scene. We didn’t really know what we were doing. We were in shock at what was going on, and we were in awe. We didn’t have any choice in the pictures. We had no one that could tell us what we were supposed to be doing.”

On blaming herself for Britney’s meltdown:
“As a mother, don’t we always blame ourselves?” she asked Vieira rhetorically. “I took a lot of the blame. I took all the blame. The personality I have, it’s always my fault.”

On Jamie Lynn dropping the bomb:
She had been to the doctor that day and was planning to go out for lunch when Jamie Lynn called and told her to come home. Lynne arrived to find her daughter’s boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, there, even though he wasn’t allowed to visit on school days. Aldridge avoided eye contact, she said.
Jamie Lynn handed her mother a note and told her to go into her bedroom to read it. “It said she was pregnant and everything was going to be OK. She was going to raise it … I thought it was a joke. I was waiting for the punch line,” Lynne told Vieira.
“I was in shock. I think I was just truly in shock, and then I started to cry. And she started consoling me at that point.”

On the future of the Spears family:
“We’re through the storm and we’re looking at the sunshine right now.”

I don’t want to say Lynne just jinxed herself, but this just in: Britney Spears was found naked behind the counter of a Malibu Starbucks this morning. Upon opening the store, employees found Ms. Spears mumbling “I can’t quit you” while squirting caramel sauce into her mouth. Authorities say she used one of her children’s Power Wheels to drive through the glass door. Ms. Spears was adamant in pointing out that Jayden, 2, was behind the wheel and “gets like this after a few drinks.”


  1. Cliff Clavin

    cock blocking the first!

  2. Beeotch

    Make it stop please……somebody get a tranquilizer gun and put this Billy goat out of it’s misery

  3. tp

    LoLoLLL!!! I can’t quit you…*squirt squirt*…that’s funny, I don’t care who you are…

  4. This is so fuckin boring I think I am going to actually do some work :(

  5. deathstar

    Not allowed to visit on school days? Apparently Lynne didn’t realise that teenage boys can get their girlfriends pregnant on any day of the week and not just Monday-Friday . Priceless.

  6. minniememe

    where’s Hannibal Lechter when you need him?

  7. #6 I was asking myself that very question on the Lindsay post..

  8. Mary

    As if whoring out your daughter from 16 on (and younger with Jamie Lynn) wasn’t bad enough, you have to continue to do so with a book AND TV interviews?

    Die in a fire, Lynne. Just… go.

  9. radiogrl1

    Um, it was Al Roker, not Meredith Vieira – but I can see how you might have been confused.

  10. minniememe

    I think even Hannibal might leave Lindsay alone. Rotten meat gives off a rather nasty stench.

  11. Effyeray

    Money grubbing whoredom at its finest. Worthless bitch has ruined the lives of her daughter AND writes a tell all about them. Mother(fucker) of the year candidate in my book.

  12. Lola

    “Authorities say she used one of her children’s Power Wheels to drive through the glass door. Ms. Spears was adamant in pointing out that Jayden, 2, was behind the wheel and “gets like this after a few drinks.”\


    As for Lynne Spears, come on!!! Enough already. You’ve raised 2 idiots for kids and you’ve made millions off their stupidness and whore-ness. And to make matters worse, you’re trying to sell yourself off as a good mother? To hell with you. I’d rather be an orphan, adopted by Brangelina only to be used for their gain and fame, than to have this thoughtless airhead as a mother

  13. Ted from LA

    You know, if you look really closely at the picture of Lynne at the top of this post, she looks like someone you would not hate. Isn’t that funny how pictures can fool you like that. I’ve never seen her open her mouth, but I’m sure when she does she removes all doubt on the hate front. Speaking of hate, where is Governor Palin campaigning today?

  14. Joe

    Speaking of bad moms, Sarah Palin must have fucked up real good in her Alaska “troopergate” scandal. The GOP got a handful of folks to file suit in Alaska to halt the investigation, on the grounds that it’s become a partisan attack on Palin designed to undermine her candidacy for VP. The problem? The investigation is being done by the Alaska Legislative Council, which is composed of 4 Democrats…and *8* Republicans. They (the Republican majority) think there are grounds to investigate and have repeatedly refused to stall the investigation despite pressure from the McCain campaign. “Maverick reformer” my ass.

  15. Uncle Eccoli

    Who cares?! It absolutely sickens me how full of themselves these people are.

  16. #10 good point..

    Don’t trust former police man

  17. sla

    With all the talk about shock and awe and storms, I thought I was reading about the gulf war.

    She can act all naive about the Rolling Stone cover (which was hot, btw) and I guess I can buy that, but the whole “let’s package our sexually active party girl as a innocent baby doll virgin” took a lot of cunning and shrewdness to pull off.

    I don’t think it took her that long to figure out the game, and she played it well in terms of making her kid a star. I think that goal overshadowed other aspects of her mothering with some disastrous results for her kids.

    As a mom, however, I can totally relate to blaming it all on yourself. It all comes back to mom.

  18. HELLO

    This used to be such a respectable site, but this post is just sick….

  19. 1 MILF Hunter

    I think Casey Aldridge was doing more than visiting on school nights.

  20. tvgirl

    Aren’t Lynne & Jamie divorced? Merideth referred to him as her husband and she didn’t correct her.

    …oh and @ #9, it was definitely Merideth, watch the TV, radio girl!

  21. JimmyBachaFungool

    I’d do her.

  22. Tracey

    Lynne Spears is ALMOST as big a whore as Dena Lohan.
    Her book should be titled, “How to destroy your daughters’ innocence by whoring them out, all the while counting your money”

  23. wwwukeruker

    Damn! Lynn now looks better than Britney and Jamie Lynn!

  24. t. hilton

    WHO CARES? NO ONE! With all the hurricanes and trouble in the world I can’t BELIEVE anyone would buy or read her book. She is a crazy b—- with crazy daughters. I see why her husbsnd is an” alcoholic” -if he is-as she said about mr. spears on live tv. I thought that was rude. I would drink to if I had her for a wife and mother of my kids. Who came and cleaned up that crazy whore brittney- Mr. Spears. Not her mom!I don’t know how he doesn’t want to run away and get a nice normal family,I would. I will still stick to my first take on brit-brit- I agree some of her music is popular, But it is all mixed over and fake. Put her on stage- unplugged,no back up singers,no voice overs and you will see,she can’t sing her way out of a box. And now that lynne spears (I can’t call her “mother” because she is no mother” lost her last little money maker Jami she had to put her stupid book out. Who cares you crazy b—-. Why don’t you and your crazy daughters do something important in life? Like GO AWAY- Far far away. YOU alll are crazy and are fame whores, money whores, rude, nasty, gross, and you should go away . I am sick to turn on national news to see lynne spears clips about her book of crap that was on the morning show. WHO CARES- NO ONE. With all the trouble our planet earth is in from the weather to politics to Real life issues people are sick of people like the spears and there lazy rich ass lifestyles. They live in a fake selfish world . All they care about is themselves. Brittney is an eyesore to america,Her mom and sister are NOTHING to admire or spend you hard earned money on. They are a DISGRACE to all women and the USA. All the crazy s–t we had slammed on the Tv about all of Brittneys no panties, head shave on and on and on PLease go away you are putting a bad name on hollywood. GO AWAY- BACK TO THE SWAMP PLEEEEASE

  25. She try’s it to be wealthy, folks.
    THIS STILL IS AMERICA, remember?(where family don’t “count”.)

  26. belicoso

    The fact that Lynne exploited her daughter by turning her into a sex-object before she even turned 18 is disgusting…but then to plead ignorance like she had no idea and had no control of the situation is infuriating. When you’re 17 and under the care of your parents you need them to make the right choices for you and clearly Lynne failed Britney there, and look at the result Britney is a basket case and she’s only in her 20s. You don’t see Larry Birkhead pleading like he has no idea how messed up it is to be making a living off of coverage of his toddler daughter. He knows what’s up and in his head he has to deal with that shame. I cannot imagine how Lynne Spears sleeps at night while having to deal with the catastrophe she’s caused.

  27. brittney gean

    alright y’all,, see my mama was just tryin to tell her side of the story. why do y’all attack her,,, and for all y’all haters yes i am pregnant and what!!!!

  28. joe m

    Two beautiful daughters. A caring mother.
    A loving,wealthy,talented family.
    No wonder so many ugly people are jealous.

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