Lynne Spears’ book might still be published

December 21st, 2007 // 59 Comments

Lynne Spears’ book may not be completely doomed and it even has a title: Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World. But first her publisher Thomas Nelson released the following statement letting people know Lynne is not writing a parenting “how-to” book:

“From the onset, the media have inaccurately reported that Lynne Spears’ book is a parenting book. I’m sure this helps fuel tabloid readership, but it is simply not true,” said Michael S. Hyatt, president and CEO of Thomas Nelson. “Lynne’s memoir will provide a window into the real-life world of fame and worldly success, including the toll it extracts from some who aspire to it. It will provide a much-needed corrective to a world obsessed with the wrong priorities.”

Hyatt continued, “We believe in redemption. Therefore, we are standing with Lynne and her family during this difficult time. Though the book has been delayed, we believe God is at work. The story is still being written, and we are confident in His ability to turn ashes into beauty” (Isaiah 61:3).

“Except for Britney.” Michael Hyatt added to his secretary. “That chick is straight fucked! Ha ha! Am I right? I’m right. Say, you want to hit up a strip club or something? My treat.”


  1. Racer X

    Americans will buy it. Idiots.

    /god is an American

  2. fj

    oh and FIRST!

  3. fj

    oh and FIRST!

  4. fj

    oh and FIRST!

  5. NoMoreSpearsShit

    The spears family must love all this attention. I’ll bet her book sells more copies than the bible. It’s a much easier read.

  6. p0nk

    but can He turn ashes into Cheetos?

  7. gosyco

    What’s with the “clinched-teeth” smile in ev-a-ree photo op????
    Mom teach that, too?

  8. Auntie Kryst

    Hey golden calves just don’t fall from the fucking sky you know, they cost money to make. So hell yes that Christian publishing house is still going to sell the book. Money money money!

  9. p0nk

    if this book ever sees the light of day, i’m going to immediately invest in crayola.

  10. How much would it take to hypnotize everyone into forgetting all of the Spears family? Let’s pass the hat and see if we can get this thing done!

  11. “It will provide a much-needed corrective to a world obsessed with the wrong priorities.” What about Britney and Lynn you say? Posh!

  12. Ralphie

    Oh Boy, I love Comic Books!

  13. Government Worker

    White Trash Bitches! All the Spears’ women would be Welfare Mom’s if they didn’t have their celebrity status, and they most likely will be once they run through their money in a few years.

  14. D. Richards (Lover.)

    Yeah, man! Life’s fucked. One daughter’s suffering from some kind of horrible drug-fueled mental-illness-breakdown in front of the entire world; the other daughter is an underage pregnant girl out of wedlock. Yep, god’s at work alright.

  15. granada

    The Lynne Spears version of the Bible.

    The Bible 2.0

  16. Conscience Found

    this gossip site is so evil and vile. cant you people see it? everyone laughs at the spears kids and when he get the pics fish will use CUTE LITTLE BASTARD as the headline.

    learn to love the spears. leave celebs alone. my god you can see the blood sucker paparrazzi in amy winehouse car windows reflections.

  17. extracheeseplease

    This is definitely going to make it onto Oprah’s Book Club Selection, Amazon’s top sellers and the Los Angeles Time’s Bestsellers list.

    the list of Books to wipe your parrots butthole

  18. NikiTTHa

    Como pudiste eres una niña aun, podrias haber esperado pero exccelente la desiscion de tener un bebe te felicito eso hace toda mujer sana de mente se hace cargo

    I feel soo god becouse you decide have your bebe……..Congratulations….

  19. Mick

    Is the whole family fat and dirty???

  20. noshizsherlock

    “good christian girls” are the dirtiest sluts. Even dirtier than “virginal catholic schoolgirl”…it’s the whole guilt thing that ruins catholic sex, and the priests

  21. Oh yes, and I *might* read it.


  22. ashley

    i dont want her to be pregent

  23. I like her behavior. Go on Spears!!

  24. I like her behavior. Go on Spears!!

  25. chauncey gardner

    I wonder if Lynne Spears has, even for the briefest of moments, visualized that dude’s sperm actually being spurted from the head of his penis into her daughter’s fertile womb as he groaned and rolled around on top of her underage body? If that shit’s in the book, I’ll buy it.

  26. Jamie's Uterus

    I also wonder, #26, if Mama Spears realizes that redneck boned her precious nymph of a daughter repeatedly, and that she has given him countless, albeit messy, blow jobs?

    Food for thought, discuss.

  27. cookie monsta

    so what’s the working title “WHAT NOT TO DO?” perhaps “Raising sluts” ???
    And if Anexio = Briney, does conscience found = Lynne????
    fuck the spears, and the derelict trailer park they came from.

  28. cookie monsta

    *britney (hahahahaha briney !!!!!)

  29. ivy

    is it true?gods bless her,She was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs dating club “”. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog and something about her albums…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  30. Mo Diggy

    That’s a really good look when a 40+ woman dresses like a 19 year old.

    Really good look.

  31. LL

    The original title – Selling Your Children to the Highest Bidder So You Can Be Famous Vicariously While Dancing on the Grave of Their Ruined Youth – didn’t test well with focus groups.

    Obligatory mention of lame-ass gold-digger website:
    Britny and Jami-Lynn are so beautiful have you seen them on That is where all the coolest people is gods bless them always.

  32. Cute! Both are beauty!

  33. DrPhill

    She’s made a living out of pimping her kids and now she’s going to make more money by telling us how pimping your kids can mess them up, all while making money from the sale of her grandchild’s photos. What an ignorant whore (or is she a genius?). A real Christian publisher wouldn’t even touch this book.

    Anyone can claim to be a Christian but that doesn’t make it so. People who call themselves Christians usually aren’t referring to belonging to a Christian religion. The word “Christian” is code for a subgroup of extreme holy-rollers who are really anti-catholics and spend most of their time propagandizing about all the other religions. A lot of them believe that once they are “saved” they are no longer required to abide by the 10 commandments and that those rules don’t apply when dealing with non-Christians anyways. Real “Christians” don’t include Catholics in their group. Beware anyone who presents himself as a Christian.

  34. I hate Brit's Perpetual Whore Pimp Mother

    Lynne is the all time best pimp I’ve ever seen -The only thing her daughters can do well is be absolute sluts so she made sure they’d be rich while they’re being absolute sluts.

    Every so-called Christian I’ve met is some asshole that makes up shit to spew at other people. Being a Christian means nothing to me.

  35. Petite

    Dr. Phill, your sweeping comments about Christians should include the diclaimer that IT IS ONLY YOUR OPINION.

    Good grief, talk about bashing millions of people in one fell swoop!

  36. woodhorse

    How could I have known that being extremely white-trashy would make a person rich? I wish I had known that in my formative years.

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm: since Jamie Lynn is 16, her parents get 75% of all her earnings. If she has herself declared an emancipated minor because of this pregnancy, she will get to keep all of her paychecks and even get to set up her own house of ill repute like her sister. Maybe the pregnancy wasn’t unplanned….?

  37. D. Richards (Bastard.)

    No, #36. I agreed with everything Dr-Phil typed. I may hate Dr-Phil. I may think that he’s a liar. I mean, he’s not even a real doctor. And Phillip may be an Oprah-ass-kissing piece-of shit but, he’s goddamn right about christians.

    A conscientious, self preserving person can’t trust christians as far as they can throw ‘em; which isn’t very far considering those religious morons have a higher than average obesity rate. Fatties. Knowledge.

  38. Beastman

    What the hells the deal with americans having such good teeth?
    I don’t think i’ve seen one snaggle toothed famous american

  39. jrzmommy

    From Chapter 7….”Developing a Healthy Sexuality in Your Daughters”

    “I done told mah girls when theys wuz just baybees, Honey, God done up ‘n gave you a gift…..and it’s rat lak that thar betwain your legs…it’s your munny maker..use it goddangit!!”

  40. Unklejoe

    Id like to get between that sandwich. Id cover theyre breasts and faces with my hot mayonaisse sauce.

  41. I wholeheartedly agree with and endorse to the fullest any and all of the Christian bashing above.

    I love how this dumb old cow is now pimping her daughters for Jesus. Now matter how big an idiot and glorified parasite you are, all you’ve gotta do is throw in the ‘for Jesus’ bit to get the approval of fellow dumb white trash across America.

  42. LINDA

    I feel a little bit sorry for our whole nation

  43. LINDA

    I feel a little bit sorry for our whole nation

  44. LINDA

    I feel a little bit sorry for our whole nation

  45. Abi

    Fucking hillbillies.

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

    Why are white trash hickerbillies so fertile, anyhow? We can now conlcude, there definitely is no God.

  46. hello

    i believe her

  47. no matter what she writes, I hope she can do her best .in fact , people always want to know ” how TO”/ so it does not matter.we are live such a real world ,,we have to face many earthly things.

  48. ZaZ

    Hey Mom Spears,
    Cover that shit up.
    Fuckin’ disgusting.

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