L*****y L***n looking for Ecstasy

July 18th, 2007 // 86 Comments

has a pretty obvious blind item today:

Which hard-partying starlet has figured out a way to get high while wearing an alcohol-monitoring anklet? She was asking where she could score some Ecstasy at a Vegas club the other night…

I’m not going to name any names because that would be too shocking, but, hey, isn’t that a picture of Lindsay Lohan? And isn’t she wearing an alcohol-monitoring anklet? And wasn’t she in Vegas the other night? How completely fascinating and totally unrelated.

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  1. Lux

    crack whore

  2. Jillian

    I’m totally gonna stop hoping for the cute mean-girls era comeback lohan and look forward to the skinny, drugged-out downfall of her. or the continuing downfall, I suppose.

  3. alex

    ecstasy is the shit. go lindsay

  4. Alice

    she looks like a walking corpse

  5. This thing is too obvious!!

    If you are a drug addict you can’t just come clean in one month can you? well I’m not an expert, but she isn’t even trying that hard!

    If she really wanted to get better she would stay away from clubs…

  6. lulu

    self control = Lindsay’s worse enemy

  7. Lux

    What a fucking loser. Her drug history is longer then her pathetic resume. And she hopes to win an oscar, and wants to be taken seriously? Fucking delusional. But who wouldn’t be fucked up with her druggie dad, and even worse her nasty cougar stage mother who is liveing viacariously through her and probably cutting her lines up for her. Pathetic.

  8. ziggurat

    I ponder, when she dies, her tombstone’s gonna have to have a biohazard warning on it and a special coffin so that she doesn’t contaminate our drinking water when she decays.

  9. michelle

    I do not think she’ll live to see 22… and when she dies there will be world peace, bunnies and bears will dance and sing hand and hand, and world hunger would end.

  10. They aren’t even bothering to disguise her in that blind item, that means two things, 1. they have proof, and 2. her career is so in the toilet that her publicists can’t even protect her from stuff like this anymore.

  11. Lohan's mom

    If she wasn’t a crack whore, ugly, worn and used, and perhaps had an inversed personality, I’d do her.

    Now, she can just die in front of me, and I’ll ask someone to move that garbage away.

  12. Kamiki

    God she is so freckly and old looking, she is really going to look like Melanie Griffiths when she’s older (Oh OK yeah she already does!)

  13. ssdd

    Dana Plato… make some room.
    This trash is on her way.

  14. Lindsay? Looking for Ex? NOOOO! It couldn’t be…

    but then again, it is. I mean look at her. Just look at the crack/cocaine/alcolic whore. She’s already contemplating her THIRD stay in Rehab…this time she wont make it out. I’ll sneak in her room, drug her and make SURE she’s indicted on charges of being a broke down trashy douchebag…figuratively speaking.

  15. snorted duck

    I look younger than her, and I’m in my 30s. She looks like HELL.

    Do you think she could just cut that bracelet off, or is that court-ordered?
    Does it prevent your foot from hitting the gas if you start drunk driving?

    Does it vibrate annoyingly if you drink too much, or does someone come and get you and scold you for tossing them back?

    Also, doesn’t cocaine suffice anymore, Lidz? Sounds like you really want to f-up your serotonin levels. Why not just start doing heroin and get it over with?

    Courtney Love called, she wants her skank back.

  16. Christ on a Crotch

    Are people STILL doing X? God, that is so 1999…..Alcohol is not her problem. Take that stupid bracelet off, ya cooze, it’s a facaaaaaade!

    Pretty soon you’ll be seeing her hanging out with Daniel Baldwin, Christian Slater and that Richie bitchie and her soon-to-be crack baby, freebasing and coming down with sweeet lady Heroooooon.

    Newsflash: Rehab doesn’t work unless you work it.

    What a waste of money. She looks all skaggy, doesn’t she?

  17. SlushPuppie

    Um, if you’re rich & famous, wouldn’t it make more sense to get one of your no-name hangers-on to score your drugs for you?

    Oh, wait, we’re talking about LL here. Common sense doesn’t come into play.

  18. wedgeone

    The only way LiLo can clean up is with about 1 year in the pokey. Butch Bertha as her cellmate ramming her with a broom handle.

    Can we get a move on with that whole “leaving the scene of an accident while drunk and high on coke” case. What’s the holdup?

  19. Christ ,,,whatever

    Say, is she pigeon-toed? S=

    She looks like ‘ell in a ‘andbasket (my best cockney accent)

  20. PostModernX

    Hahahahahaha I can’t wait for her to OD, and then they’ll be reports of her “dehydrating” lol. She probably does so many damn drugs b/c guys only fuck her then leave her, and nobody in the industry takes her seriously any more. Probably why she turned into a lesbian.

  21. Superfish

    #16 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! fucking HILARIOUS (see? I cant even spel.)

    Lindsay’s Timeline:

    —–crack—–cocaine—–crack, heroin (maybe) coke, X—–acting?—–death.

    this right here is what we’re looking at people. A dead Lindsay Lohan…hey! that just might work!

  22. It’s not my fault or her dad’s fault that she has these problems. Just because the drugs were in her system when she was born,means nothing. Please keep your comments to Linsay and not us.

  23. #21 and here i was thinking she was gonna take her acting “seriously.” if she ever gets an oscar, it would be some random bum she screwed off the street of the same name.

    “Whats ur name again?”


    “Mom! I got one!!!”

  24. Doomhammer

    Im not falling for that “alcohol monitor” bunk. Thats the latest in covert government whore tracking electronics. I know people.

  25. FuckNut

    Dlisted has a report on how she was getting high on, wait for it, WHIPPETS (ahhh whippets where have you been..) while in rehab. thats right huffing nitrous. I changed my mind about this girl. She will do anything, ANYTHING, to get high. It’s gonna be so coool when she OD’s. I hope she lives though, so she she can OD again a couple months later.

  26. N@ughty

    #25 what are whippets?

  27. mrs.t

    She is the sausage-legginest drug lover I’ve ever seen.

    Granted I haven’t taken any Ecstasy since the Sound Factory closed (R.I.P.), but I do remember being shockingly thin from 1990-1993.

    Conclusion: she is addicted to HoHo’s. Something about the name catches her fancy.

    And yes-my seratonin levels are permanently fucked. Go Linds!

  28. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Too funny. I guess cause she can’t drink now she shitcanned the blow. I know how she feels, I won’t go near the white unless I have a bottle handy to take the edge off. Poor thing.

  29. Christ on a Crotch

    But cereally folks, why the facade?

    If I was her, I’d spend thousands of dollars on some nice Bolivian fish-scale, cook that shit up, make sure I have an ounce of H to come down and smoke for days. Then sit in that post-drug-binge depression and cry while contemplating the sad state of my life. I can’t speak for her but, it really wears you out and she might actually wake up.

    Like the time she tattooed “breathe” on herself after the (ahem) “asthma attack” a few years ago. (Christ wipes tear she’s so moved by LL’s show of humility) What a crock of shite!!!

    I hate people who do drug masturbation. Just do it and stop fucking trying to put us on. Nobody cares and everybody already assumes.

  30. mrs.t

    Holy Crap, I forgot about whippets. What about the headache???? My cousins and I did whippets right before Thanksgiving dinner one year and ruined the day for everyone.

    N@ughty: whippets are the little nitrous things that propel whipped cream out of the container. We used to buy them at head shops in the eighties. Now get me my goddamn teeth so I can answer that damn phone.

  31. Christ on a Crotch

    (cues music)

    “Soooooy un perdedor…..I’m a loser babeee, so why don’t you kill me”

  32. flavio

    well, that’s the best drugs i’ve heard of her being on so far…but really, who cares what she does, as long as she doesn’t then get into a car and put people’s lives in danger. does anyone care if she pete dohertys herself to death? no. just keep her off the same roads that real people have to drive on.

  33. lambman

    The point of those blind item is just for gossip writers to say whatever they want to make-up without getting in trouble.

    While this could very well be true, based on the source I’m going to just disregard this

  34. Guy

    Why did the superficial censor her name?

  35. We-Le-Surrender....

    Can we put one of those collars on her like in The Running Man? Might be more effective…

  36. Lux

    That Tara Reid story was up for so long it really threw the “FRIST people” off on their timing!

  37. jaykaydee

    Um, hello, people. She had no interest in actually changing anything with rehab. It was proactive damage control so she can try to get a lesser sentence when she goes to court for that whole “Oopsie! I had just a little coke in my car when I crashed it” thing. If she pretends that she’s proactively working to fix her problem, the judge is more likely to go easy on her. It’s all a ruse. She makes me sick.

  38. moriahs

    fat thighs

  39. Johnny

    I hope she OD’s on something and dies so that I don’t have to read about her talentless ass anymore.

  40. In the 70′s, we used to do them right before school. One day, I was waiting for the bus and I just did a Whippit and my mom pulled up next time me in her car. I was freaking out for about 3 minutes. It was crazy.

  41. wanks

    ha ha she looks like a fucking idiot with those calculators clamped to her freckly leg!

  42. 40 Dude, did you grow up in Bridgeport? I think I went to your school. I think I did whippets with you in the 70′s, but my brain isn’t quite clear.

  43. 42 Are you the Pete from Hell’s Kitchen Road in Barton? If so, then we did go to the same school. Crazy, my parents still live in Bridgeport, but I just moved to Colorado from Vegas. Back then, we did any drug that we could get our hands on. Remember Qualudes (Ludes)? Wished they never quit making them. Lohan would of OD on them for sure.

  44. 43 hell yea. It’s me. My parents still live there. Look my number up on the net, it’s listed.
    Lindsay is really messed up and let me tell you first hand, most of my friends that have kids on drugs, they are either dead or in prison. Rehab usually doesn’t work.

  45. The alcohol-monitoring anklet goes great with Paris’s LA county jail brand clothing line. Maybe Paris can teach Lindsay how to “brand” the anklet? Can you use it to send secret text messages to your Johns?I must go get one today!

  46. gossipmonger

    Oh wait, no I’m not. I am only shocked she hasn’t OD’d yet…

  47. emma

    who wears shorts and heels when they have a giant monitoring device on their leg? you would wear jeans wouldn’t you? You would, yes.

  48. Saera

    i actually think she’ll die of druf overdose or something.

  49. theredsnapper

    Um, like… . is that anklet prada or gucci?! (twirrls hair with index finger)

  50. sapphire

    Why is everyone wearing cut-offs all the sudden, didn’t those go out in the 80′s?!

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