Lucy Liu seduced by George Clooney

tn_lucy_liu_cr.jpgIf George Clooney really wants babies, it looks like he might be trying to secure the womb of former flame Lucy Liu. The two made like horny high schoolers at the prom, hopped into a limo and proceeded to do things I haven’t done since the Clinton administration. Apparently, Lucy hasn’t gotten any in a while either.

The “Syriana” star and Liu left Downtown Cipriani the other night and began lip-locking in his waiting limo. “She looked like she was going to devour him,” a witness said of the 37-year-old starlet.

If I were to be devoured by a celebrity, I would like it to be Lucy Liu. But only after she washes Clooney’s sperm out of her mouth. Then I hope she gets sick and vomits pieces of me all over George during the next make out fest. That would surely turn him back to being gay, and bring an end to this madness.