Louis CK Exactly Nails The Bleak, Depressing Reality of Smartphones

September 20th, 2013 // 30 Comments
Louis CK
WATCH: Louis CK Won't Give His Daughters Smartphones

Louis CK stopped by Conan last night where a quip about not giving his daughters phones turned into a painfully true observation about the futility of life and how we use technology to ignore the fact we’re all alone in the fucking universe. And what’s amazing is you find yourself laughing at what’s basically a clear admission from a man that he’s suicidally depressed just like I became while realizing how right he is. *pulls out phone, tweets about rednecks at Walmart* Or am I?! Ahaha! Ha, ha… ha. *stares at the wall for 18 hours*

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  1. Balls Mcgee

    What a gift to the world he is.

  2. Everything he says is so bang-on.

  3. The man is a fucking genius. He’s the closest thing we have to George Carlin left. Most great humour is drawn from tragedy. And laughter is how we soothe pain.

  4. donQ

    Awesome. Very buddhist

  5. oh i know

    love this guy!!!

  6. brick

    Spot on awesome!

  7. “Toxic” is the perfect word for these devices. What’s wrong with living in one’s own head for a few minutes at a time? I don’t understand this need to be distracted every second of every day. Don’t get me wrong, I like my phone, but mostly because I feel weird walking into the shitter with a copy of “Big’uns” under my arm.

  8. Deacon Jones

    The best thing about smartphones is the porn capabilities.

    Back in MY DAY, you used to have to sneak a whole rolled up Playboy in your pants into the bathroom. If someone stopped you and you had to turn around, you were fucked.

    Now I can get HD porn on a 4 inch screen and act like I was playing Angry Birds. Other than that, theyre a pain in the ass.

  9. We are SIRI resistance is futile.

  10. I’m reading this on a smart phone – the other day I was listening to Louis at work on my smart phone. But despite all that I would totally have relations with him, even though he seems like, and by his own admission, that he is not gifted in the genitals area. He is just THAT funny.

  11. Hobble

    Yep, these mobile surveillance devices are toxic. They’ve become a necessary evil, because networking has become so vital to get by. If I could do without it, I would throw mine into the river.

    • I don’t have one. There’s the usual stages of grief, but then you get over it and get some kick ass new hobbies.

      • catapostrophe

        Never had one; don’t want one; understand their usefulness; but am inexplicably saddened when I look around at everyone on the train staring into theirs like it’s the new reality.

        Plus, I don’t think any of the service providers are missing my $100/month.

  12. boue67

    bah…i am pretty sure they complained the same way when Gutenberg perfected the printing press…how that many books will now destroy interpersonal relationship and all that. boring.

  13. Pat C.

    He starts to feel sad because a song reminds him that he’s momentarily alone, and he pulls the car over and cries? Is Louis CK a chick?

  14. I’m watching this on my phone!

  15. Veronika Larsson

    We need dumber phones and smarter people.

    At the entrance to City Lights Books in San Francisco, they have posted a sign asking you not to use your “sell phone” (sic) in their store. To just be in the moment.

    I like Louis’ point that we will never know how happy we can be until we have known how sad we can be.

  16. I fucking love this guy! Genius.

  17. veronica

    Mexican gingers really turn me on..goddamm!

  18. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Fish, you’re just now figuring out that we’re all alone in the fucking universe, and all the technology we can muster can’t change that awful fact? Thought you were faster on the uptake than that.

    This, said by a man who will not get a cellphone, and who hasn’t understood any technology made after 1916.

  19. Anthony

    He is not suicidally depressed. He is actually “waking up”. What he experienced in the car was present moment awareness and the beauty that exists in all of us underneath the thin veil of “the ego”. Check out Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”. It changed my life.

  20. Remember how gorgeous he was on Parks and Rec? I fell head over heels for Officer Dave. :)

  21. Allah

    Everything he says is spot on. People are afraid to be bored and alone. Being contemplative and taking a time-out can be a very cathartic moment. This world just has too many distractions now and everyone is eager for noise since silence is scary to them.

  22. Brandon Menc

    Andy Richter demonstrates absolute professionalism and impeccable timing in this segment. He says less than ten words at the exact right moment, and gets the biggest laugh in that whole five minutes. Genius.

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