Louis C.K. Apologized To Sarah Palin, But Not Really

For those of you losing your shit over Louis C.K.‘s apology to Sarah Palin about some drunk Tweets, go ahead and unclinch your Chinese family-housing cunts, because he didn’t really mean any of that shit. Here’s what’s making headlines, devoid of any of the context that renders the whole apology moot. Via People:

Louis C.K. told Stern that he’s “never in a million years” apologized for any of his jokes before, but added that that night, “something came over me emotionally and I said, ‘Well, I owe you an apology.

Seconds later, after admitting this whole apology was basically a momentary flash of guilt resulting from being face-to-face with her, he and Howard trash her politics and openly talk about how they’d really like to fuck her and/or any other attractive conservative pundit:

He also says how Palin told him how funny and terrific he is, yet she told People that the only reason she even talked to him was because he’s her nephew, aspiring stand-up Payton McCann’s, favorite comedian. So, of course she was completely full of shit and will continue the shit-mouth express as long as it keeps her in the mainstream press, going so far as to claim she’s now a fan of Louis C.K. Well, I should clarify. She loves the “censored bits.” No, really:

Palin says McCann, a “huge fan” of Louis C.K., subsequently sent her some of his material – “though Payton may have censored it before forwarding the bits” – and she found the Louie star to be a “very funny talent.”

So without further ado, here’s Payton McCann himself — such a devoted Louis C.K. fan that he feels comfortable censoring his material, so dear Aunt Conservatard doesn’t stroke out hearing him say abortion — bombing with his very own material that includes, but is not limited to shitting on the poor and Muslims. Enjoy being famous and related to a Palin, asshat.

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