Lou Dobbs Employs Illegals. Whoops.

October 7th, 2010 // 127 Comments
Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs became almost comically famous for his rants against illegal immigrants that it eventually cost him his job at CNN. He particularly railed against corporations that employed illegals and suggested they face felony charges, so you can only guess how this story ends. The Nation reports:

Based on a yearlong investigation, including interviews with five immigrants who worked without papers on his properties, The Nation and the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute have found that Dobbs has relied for years on undocumented labor for the upkeep of his multimillion-dollar estates and the horses he keeps for his 22-year-old daughter, Hillary, a champion show jumper.

Of course, none of this will even matter because let’s take a look at how many times the bastions of modern conservatism have been proven completely full of shit, yet people continue feeding from the same trough because a crazed Mormon tells them to on the picture box. [Note: If you think The Bible is a true story, now would be a good time to go back to the Kelly Brook post for some lustful coveting.]:

Newt Gingrich was having an affair during the Clinton impeachment.
Rev. Ted Haggard enjoyed meth and gay sex.
George Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction.
Homeland Security issued Terror Alerts for political purposes during the 2004 election.
Mark Foley preyed on young male Senate pages.
Sarah Palin turned out to be an actual moron who just wanted to be on TV.
Ken Mehlman was a homosexual the entire time.
FOX News largest shareholder is funding the “terror mosque.”
Everything Christine O’Donnell has ever said.

And I’m sure there’s a bunch of others I missed. But, seriously, I don’t know how many more ways I can say, “These people are using God and distorted patriotism to lie directly into your face,” without using hand-puppets dressed as NASCAR drivers. (Turns out they sue for that.)

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  1. OBAMA WORSHIPPER! Stick to writing about tits. Queer.

    (Figured I’d save everyone a lot of typing. You’re welcome.)

    • miguelito

      I ♥ u

    • Fish you forgot to say “First!”

      Countdown to PSA with dobbs and that other dummy sanchez.

    • What does this have to do with Star Wars???

      oops, sorry…wrong website.

    • hahahahaha Fish!!!!

      Lou Dobbs employs illegals. Gee, just like every other afluent family in the US. Heck even rich Latinos, if you can find any, employ illegals hahahahahahaha.

      It’s not a white thing or a black thing or a latino thing, it’s a WEALTH thing.

      • gaag


        Seriously, How many times republicans have fought and yelled and screamed about those two groups, only to be found either having sex in a bathroom with a guy or having their kids being raised by Lupita, WTF, And i am not attacking every republican in the world, no, i mean the rich ones in power,
        Bunch of sickos

    • duke chute

      Fair enough. But did you post, with vitriol, when Tim Geitner, Secretary of the Treasury (IRS Czar) was exposed as a TAX CHEAT? Just wondering.

      • gaag

        I realized my post seems kinda unfair and mean,
        But like i said before I say again, I dont Mean ALL republicans are evil,
        Most of the every normal person in the streets, the republicans that live next to you, are just people living their lives, people going to work, people raising their families,

        The Problem I have Is with The Super Rich who have a DOCTRINE OF HATE,
        The seem to Hate Everything, latino people, black people, gay people, it seems that to them if youre not rich an white you should drop dead, thats what i have an issue with, Why all the hate?

      • Mr. T

        Hey Gaag….really give us some examples of some “super rich” Republicans that sit around pissed off about Immigrants and homo’s? Put some names out here of some of these super rich Republicans that you know that just sit around getting pissed off about this stuff….Please name some names….

        By the way everyone should be pissed off about “ILLEGAL” immigrants. I challenge everyone to go to you tube or Google video’s and do a search on a speech given by Roy Beck called “Immigration By The Numbers” and listen to it openly and honestly.

    • MR. T

      a former CNN journalist is a hypocrite and that’s a big enough story in your mind to write a blog story about it because you can snowball it into all Republicans are hypocrites? Never not once have you ever put out a story showing a Democrats hypocrisy. Certainly you see stupidity on both sides right? Or are you just a sheep that laps up whatever Obama and Pelosi tell you to? I think your post with all its little whimsical tales of how evil Republicans are just proves what a blinded idiot douchebag you really are. I think a lot of people would agree that ALL politicians in general are all liars and whores and when some pathetic dipshit press dick like you just shows the one side is evil liars, well that makes you just stupid. More people are on foodstamps today then ever in our history and what does Nancy Pelosi do? She gives a speech about how people on food stamps help stiumulate the economy! The Whitehouse covered up how much oil spilled into the gulf…the supposedly greenest Administration ever and they cover up evidence about how much oil really leaked out. Why? Could it have something to do with the fact that BP gave more money to Obama then anyone else? Where are your stories about that?Your Pathetic dude…..

      • Harry Doyle

        Well said

      • me

        don’t forget, Obama passed more offshore drilling. He went over the advice of his top environmental people and said “yeah, we need more off shore drilling”. don’t know about that guy, and I totally campaigned for him. I quit politics all together until somebody that is not a politician runs for president.

    • “I don’t know how many more ways I can say, “These people are using God and distorted patriotism to lie directly into your face”
      I don’t know either.
      But dammit, keep trying.

    • Done with it

      Like a lot of folks, I actually enjoyed most of the stories you wrote. However I am a conservative and I have had enough of the hate. I like many others who won’t read this anymore am done with you. Goodbye.

      • Lionheart

        I’m done too! Always putting down on people to dodge their socialist agendas! Never read this again!!!

    • cc

      That’s classic, and oh so true. Way to head them off at the pass.

    • Lionheart

      You’re a blind, obtuse moron. Keep living in your dream world.

  2. freaky

    Take your ball and go home if you’d rather not play.

  3. Spazz

    Glenn Beck is the Mormon, not Lou Dobbs, you fool.

    • Richard McBeef

      Glenn Beck is the catcher and Lou Dobbs is the pitcher.

    • Matthew

      TheSuperficial didn’t say that Dobbs was a Mormon you trogloditz, read it again here I’ll help just continue reading this sentence there’s no full stops “bastions of modern conservatism have been proven completely full of shit, yet people continue feeding from the same trough because a crazed Mormon”

      1) Beck is a bastion of modern conservatism, 2) the sentence makes sense, 3) you’re an ichthyofag


  4. Teatard

    They weren’t illegals, they were slaves. Slavery is okay, illegal immigration isn’t. But of course the libtards will whine that slavery isn’t PC.

    • Give it time, someone on the right will submit a bill to reinstate it. On free market grounds of course.

      • PrissyBastard

        You do know it was the Republicans that ended slavery, right? Right? Abraham Lincoln? Ring any bells?


      • duke chute

        Yes indeed…and the party who OPPOSED the Civil Rights act of ’64 (and those that failed previously) was the DEMOCRAT party!!!
        Al Gore Sr (that’s right – the enviro-phony massage therapist raping former VP’s father) cast a NO vote.
        “Teddy fumed that Clinton had said, A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” The “Teddy” here was Kennedy, and the “guy” Clinton was referring to was Obama.
        Robert Byrd, Senator from WV was a KKK wizard, and he was a DEMOCRAT.
        All the stars and bars on state flags (the old GA flag, the current SC flag) came from DEMOCRAT governors.
        Pull your heads out of your asses, libtards.

      • cc

        Any group of people who would elect Christine O’Donnell should never be underestimated, er, their stupidity shouldn’t be underestimated.

      • Jennyjenjen

        Back then the Republican party had different ideals… Obviously.. Today they would have been on the other side, jackass.

    • afroballz

      Hey dudedoesdude, you FUCK, weren’t you just posting about coco being a N FUCKER? But in your world all repubs are racist, huh?
      So *who* is the hypocrite here!?
      You too, tard. Frikkin jamokes.

      • ok look, for the last god damn time. i’m white, asian, and AFRICAN. i reserve the birthRIGHT to use any epithet within my six or more ancestries that i know of to rank on people in what i thought is a comedic context. if you can’t deal with it then fine our business of chatting can end here.

        regarding democrats and racism, yes, fifty or a hundred and fifty years ago has nothing the fuck to do with the attitudes towards minorities TODAY. in case you forgot it was the dems who just put one in the white house. but lest this go on ad nauseum in circles. can we all just get back on topic……? please?

  5. Deacon Jones

    Well, on the bright side, at least he wasn’t molesting a young boy!

  6. Heyzeus Hosay

    I like horses. I’ll work under the table for Lou if he’s needin’ some help. I have papers too!

    Just one more reason to register Peace & Freedom Party!

  7. Burke, Esq.

    I like to know who HASN’T used the services of an undocumented worker? Seriously…

    Lou Dobbs – BURN! For your rants, cause it came back to haunt you..somethings are better left not being made fun of..just sayin’

  8. Nicotine

    I’d hate to get all political on Superficial, but…

    It’s always been my opinion that if you want to get rid of illegal workers, STOP PAYING THEM. However, there will always be some rich white businessman who doesn’t want to pay fair wages to legal workers, so he’d rather pay for illegals under the table.

    That same businessman is the one giving money to and supporting the RNC’s stance against illegal immigrants.

    This is one screwed up country. I love it! (And I love this website.)

  9. kljkjnk

    If we wanted to know about politics we would go to CNN.com.

    • jkhjkh

      id tell you youre a loser, but if you wanted to know that you would just try to talk with an attractive woman. OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! BURNNNNNNNED

    • me

      aw, but they have an agenda when they report. I don’t trust CNN. I read their stuff, but don’t take it to whole heartedly.
      I miss Lou. Thank goodness they still have Jack. Lou kept it real.
      I highly doubt he personally knows all his workers if he has that much estate. This doesn’t excuse anything because he was quite the ranter. Guess none of his people that are in charge of his stuff watched his show.

  10. SEFP

    Lou’s obese, just look at his jowly face. I might hit that if I was drunk out of my mind, but sober no way.

    - SEFP (Society for the Elimination of Fat People: You can help and it won’t cost you a cent: Just give fat people the finger at every opportunity while shouting, “Try self control you fat fuck!”)

  11. amos

    wow, shut up about politics. you are alienating some of your readers. that’s just poor business.

    • jkhjkh

      he doesnt give a fuck about conservative retards reading this shit. they dont even like celebrities; they just elect them as their leaders. conservatives should be off praying for rain or oppressing people, not reading celebrity gossip sites.

    • alordslums

      how can i spell this out….


      fish is a child of the world; you lot are slaves to your own little parochial myopia.
      even if he were to lose 9/10ths of his readership (i sincerely doubt that high a percentage are republican-leaning), he’d still be preaching to ‘fit audience, though few.’ and that, my friends, makes all the difference.

      that and the $$$, bitches and caddies.

      • PrissyBastard

        The rest of YOUR world thinks that way. Of that, I have no doubt.

        You better stay in bed on November 3, dude. You’re about to get quite the fucking wake up call on what THE – REST – OF – THE – WORLD thinks.

        “parochial myopia”, indeed. My God, the irony. It burns.

      • Burungi

        BEST post ever! And so true!!

      • Burungi

        That was to “alordslums”

    • alordslums

      @prissy bastard

      ‘the rest of the world’ wasn’t a metaphor for democratic america. i’m from europe, and ‘the rest of the world’ really does hate you!

      and if november 3rd really does go how you hope, then i won’t ‘get a fucking wake up call’; i’ll probably pop open another beer and thank my lucky stars that i don’t live in america.

      • Mike Walker

        The rest of the world is probably more conservative than American republicans, especially the muslims. Just because they’re not consumed with race like clueless white leftys doesn’t mean they’re simpatico with your politics.

      • Burungi

        Nope, I travel 6 months out of the year. The rest of the world is overwhelmingly Probama. Sorry.

  12. Deacon Jones

    Hmmm, I wonder why Fox News isn’t reporting it.

    Oh wait, he’s on their payroll now.

  13. Log Cabin Teatard

    I’d like to salute his flag lapel pin with my pole.

  14. I’m not going to defend Dobbs, mostly because I have no idea who he is (I’ve heard his name, that’s about it), but how many people out there end up “employing” illegals without ever knowing it?

    Hell, in my state we’ve got laws requiring drivers licenses to be issued to illegal aliens, and prohibiting ASKING what someone’s immigration status is. How the fuck am I supposed to make sure i’m not paying some illegal $20 to mow my lawn when I don’t have any way to know, and I’m not allowed to ask?

    Not every person you pay to do a job fills out an I-9 form, so let’s not pretend this is a black and white issue.

  15. stupidass

    LOL lou dobbs. what is this, drudge?

    on second thought, look at that turkey neck. i bet that dude’s got a decent set of tits.

  16. Tom

    In that picture, notice that Lou’s wearing more makeup than Pee Wee Herman. It’s a juvenile point to make, but I’m a hateful man.

  17. Lou's Daughter's Favorite Horse

    No pics of Dobbs in a bikini? When he visits the stables I mount him and give him a load from my glue gun. (Get it? Horses, glue factory… Don’t like my humor, screw you, I’m not Mister Ed.)

  18. KJ

    aaawww, someone’s mad they got edu-ma-cated today. Too much reading straining your eyes dear? If you DIDN’T want to know about politics, you couldve saved yourself some time and….not read the post. What a thought!

  19. Great Just Great

    Now where do I go to get away from politics?

  20. RoboZombie

    Typical Teabagger douchenozzle!
    And yes, I’m lumping Repub twats in with teabaggers because none of these ass-clowns ever said a word about the increased growth in government and out of control deficit spending while George W. (the W is for waste of space) Bush was in office. I hope they all drown in a giant vat of boiling vomit!

    • duke chute

      Your witty insults are compelling, but actually we did rail about the spending, especially the bailouts in ’08, but the Republican establishment would brush it off since it came from the ‘radical right wing’ of ‘extremists’. The RINOs had it all figured out, the era of Reagan is over, etc.
      And yes, W got the ball rolling (re: spending), but Obama has outdone him by far.
      Our national debt has grown more under Obama’s tenure than all other administrations COMBINED. That’s more debt accumulated in the past two years than was accumulated in the previous 233!!!


      Just because what W did was wrong, doesn’t mean what the current administration is doing is right!

  21. stupidass

    wait. let’s all think a minute….

    has there ever been a more WTF post on superficial than this?

  22. Liberal Hater

    Fuck you, Fish…I bet you’re a fucking wetback, border jumper too.

    I’d like to get the rest of this story on Dobbs. If the company he hired to work for him employed fucking crimaliens, then what the fuck is he supposed to do? Though, I will say this…for someone who has been so outspoken against illegal wetbacks, he probably should have looked into it.
    Anyway, it’s fucking pathetic how you sit up here with your comments putting down the people who don’t want to see this country burn to the ground by the rest of you fucking progressive, liberal cunts.

    • RoboZombie

      Wahhh! Shut up you douche and go back to your Fox News brain washing.

      • Liberal Hater

        Ok, “RoboZombie”
        I watch just as much of the other news channels. When this country is broke and an crimalien is raping your mom, don’t come crying to me.

      • RoboZombie

        Why would I comr crying to you? You and your idiot Republitards MADE the Broke, criminalized country we are in! Idiot. Just wait til all the PTSD vets are running around killing your friends…you gonna blame Obama then?

      • duke chute

        Classic liberal “argument” from RoboZombie there. Insults and blathering.

    • Mike Walker

      Nah, fish is an old gay jew.

  23. Jeff

    Wow. Every time I decide to give The Superficial another chance, I regret it, but this post really takes the preachy left wing cake. The site is clearly beyond saving at this point.

  24. Clementine

    Damn it Superficial, I love you!

  25. ®

    I have an apprentice spin off for Dobbs.

    We fill the borders with alligators and sharks, who ever cross unscathed get a minimum wage job with Lou.

    Humane doesn’t ratings thx for the suggestion.

  26. fingerman

    What a bunch of fucking socialist communist pricklickers. Do us all a favor and pull your fucking heads out of your asses and stop making me pay for your babies because I make more money than you. I’m proud of my boss for being richer than me. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be able to keep me employed through this fuckup of a recession that started with Jimmy fucking Carter-D and took it in the ass by William fucking Clinton-D and finally nailed in the coffin by Barny buttslam Frank-D. BUNCH OF DUMBFUCKS

    • molly

      i get what you’re saying and i agree to an extent but how can u be PROUD of your boss being richer than you? lmao what a dumb thing to say. i don’t MIND if my boss is richer than me but i’m sure as hell not proud of him.
      comments on the fish are sometimes funnier than the articles

      • fingerman

        Molly, I like my boss and we’re about the same age. He took a chance and has a great company (small business) because of it. I’m proud that he was able to accomplish what I wasn’t. That’s all I’m saying.

    • Superevil

      Republican tears anyone? There’s plenty to go around. So crisp, so refreshing.

  27. molly

    i will NEVER understand why people care so much about what fish writes lol… if you don’t like his opinions on politics, SKIP THE ARTICLES HAVING TO DO WITH POLITICIANS! oh my god it’s just so mind numbingly simple i can’t wrap my brain around how you people can get so outraged. “you’re alienating your readers omg!” yeah get over it, that’s what happens when you aren’t a sell out and don’t pander. if u like the articles about tits, then read them and skip this shit. surprise tho, some people like to read fish’s political stuff becasue either they agree, or they still think he’s funny and don’t care about the content… boo hoo he isn’t pandering to your whining – i’m sure you’ll survive it.

    • duke chute

      Hmm, I thought this site was called “The SUPERFICIAL” for a reason. It’s supposed to be bread and circuses. We don’t come here for moronic current events coverage – there’s plenty of that to go around already.

      Understand now?

      • molly

        yeah too bad the website isn’t directed at you specifically. it’s his website, he writes what he wants. derp derp derp

    • fingerman

      I’ll admit the fucker is funnier than hell with some of his comments, but I read this shit to escape the political bullshit. The huge gap between the right and left is going to put us in civil war.

  28. Crusty

    I employ undocumented workers and my yard looks terrific.

    I encourage my favorite Mexican restaurant to employ undocumented workers because I don’t think I should have to deliver chips and hot salsa to my own table.

    I encourage undocumented workers to work in agriculture because those little nectarines are tasty and when harvested by illegals, are very affordable.

    Grow up, people.. News that Loud Dobbs isn’t news but rather a vehicle to post blithering hypocrisy on how “they” are evil and “we” are good.

    You’re not that good and they’re not that bad..

    • Cock Dr

      Of course you do.
      Because it’s easier & cheaper to hire them then to pay a legal worker the appropriate wages.
      If you want to cheat them out of what you agreed to pay them, they will probably be too scared of the authorities to attempt any legal action.
      Also, if an undocumented worker gets hurt in your employ you can kick them to the curb without pain to your wallet.
      It’s a wonderful system for the rich. And the rich have a big interest in keeping it just as it is forever & ever.

  29. Crusty

    *from the editor of the previous post*.. News that Loud Dobbs hires undocumented workers isn’t news..

    *Now wishing that that cute little Venezuelan girl in accounting would write my posts because her English is better than mine”

  30. onceler

    Olbermann has been reporting this for months now. Why is it only news now that some other people have ‘scooped’ the story? Old news. Who doesn’t think Lou Dobbs is a very intellectually-challenged hypocrite of the highest order anyway?

  31. Can you please stop talking about politics? It makes me hate this site a little more with every political comment you make. Which sucks, because this site is normally very funny. Keep your political views to yourself please. That is the reason I don’t visit Perez.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      I hope he doesn’t keep his political views to himself, especially now when the US is like Germany in the 1920′s and 1930′s.

      • duke chute

        Your ignorance is mind-boggling. Do you have any real idea of what was going on in Germany in the 20′s and 30′s? You should do a bit more research before posting something so nauseating and headache-inducing.

        Thanks in advance.

      • duke chute

        that was intended for blah blah, btw.

        Natalie is right on.

      • Christian Virgin Girl

        Lady Blah Blah, how is the U.S. like Germany back then? If it is, it’s because you and your libtard friends are pushing this nation towards godless socialism. I’m with Natalie (and I wouldn’t even go near the Perez site!).

      • Christian Virgin Girl

        Hi Christian Virgin Girl, I noticed that after telling me that I should do research on German in the 1920′s and 1930′s, dookie chute went on to say that “You idiots are like the saps who put Hitler into power.” Anyhoo, the Nazis hated gays (Himmler is on record saying that they must be killed because they come out of prison, where there were sent for the crime of being gay, just as gay as when they went in, so only killing them can purify Germany), they hated black, Jews, and everyone else who wasn’t “Aryan.” That doesn’t sound like what you call “libtards” to me, it sounds like the people who are anti-immigration, anti-gay marriage, nationalistic about America (they always call themselves patriotic), Muslim hating, and who make racist jokes on sites like this one.

    • jkhjkh

      go read a conservative site for funny content then.

      • duke chute

        I think I will, since this site hasn’t been funny in some time. Anti-Christian rhetoric, disjointed nonsensical political “commentary,” and incessant posts about Paris, Britney, and Snooki. That’s quality, I tell ya.
        You idiots are like the saps who put Hitler into power. Results don’t matter. Only the rhetoric, which is empty at best. Just lap up the platitudes and defend “your guy” no matter how misguided his policies.
        Hope you don’t choke on it.

      • jkhjkh

        then go, retard. no one cares what you think.

  32. Richard Carpenter

    Ok, so heres what this probably boils down to:

    Lou Dobbs has a summer/ winter house somewhere, that also has stables.

    Hes there several times a year and has hired a lawn company to maintain the lawn and acreage. Whoever he hired has illegals employed.

    So, libtards expect EVERYONE to meticulously screen all of the people that the people they hire, hire…or else they “employ” illegals.

    Id be willing to bet its just another ploy by the “going down in flames” OWEbama supporters/ media to try and make it look like someone did something they didnt do, just like they did with Meg Whitman, which failed.

    Keep it up stupid ass dumbocrats. Youre turning more of us that were independents away from you. Good Job at FAIL.

    • Burungi

      Yeah, clearly you’re an “independent”.

    • cc

      Actually, as much as I don’t like Dobbs, I suspect what you are saying is true. I need to get my roof done and I am going to select the company based on a) price and b) word of mouth. I am NOT going to sieve through their personnel files to see who is legal and who isn’t.

  33. Philly1330

    Liberals would almost be funny if they weren’t so sad and pathetic. I wish i could just say whatever I felt like without a single concern about whether i was being self-righteous, slanderous, or a hypocrite. Speaking of self-righteous, slanderous hypocrites, Obama and the left seem to be in some political jeopardy, don’t they? Which explains this whole post. Unfortunately, only the most mindless of liberals won’t see this meaningless smear campaign as sheer desperation from the thoughtless sheep of one of the worst presidents our country has ever seen.

    • duke chute

      Yep. Obama tells us not to be frivilous, don’t go to Vegas…yet how many vacations have *they* taken…on OUR DIME???
      W’s policy in the middle east is all wrong, yet Obama sends 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan???
      Oh, and how is that promise to close Gitmo coming along, hmm?
      The rich aren’t paying their “fair share,” while their administration is rife with tax cheats. The rich are greedy, etc. Let’s see…the Obamas made $6,114,931 in ’09, and gave a whopping $329,100 to charity. That is only 5 percent. Wow.
      Libs conveniently forget these types of things. Only politicians with an R by their name can be hypocrites.

  34. See Alice

    Deport illegals NOW !
    Stop wasting money on illegals .
    Use the money to expedite legal immigration.

  35. Look, if you want to stop illegal immigration, stop hiring them. For those of you who live where day laborers hang out waiting for a job, many illegal workers left the U.S. because the economy was bad. Now that it’s improvinbg, I’m seeing them all come back.

    Captialism, which I am a firm supporter of, pretty much dictates getting the biggest bang for your buck – and that includes the cheapest labor possible, outsourcing, etc. This of course means giving these jobs to people who will do them for cheaper than your average American citizen.

    So…if you want to complain about illegal immigration, talk to your government offical about either a) lowering the miminum wage for Americans or b) if you *know* a company that hires illegals, don’t frequent them or report them.

  36. Funeral Guy

    Hey Fish. Shitcan the politics and just keep posting about celebrity pussy.

  37. Ted Mortonsen

    You know who’s a really devout Mormon? Harry Reid, leader of the Senate. You know who’s a devout Catholic? Nancy Pelosi, leader of the House. That doesn’t stop Nancy from running a vineyard that employs illegals by the truckload, and her husband’s hotels are run on illegal workers as well.

    You just show how stupid and closeminded you are with these political posts, so knock it off.

  38. anonymous

    I ride horses and compete against his daughter. Yes, she has illegal mexican guys taking care of her horses. We all do, but not all of our fathers are huge dicks about illegals. Also, he has 2 daughters that ride horses. The others name is Heather. You wont hear anything about her because she is more rebellious than Hillary and wouldnt attend Harvard, so they act like she doesn’t exist bc shes “bad for his image”. He is a hypocrite and a horrible father.

  39. zaine_ridling

    So true, so true. How many times do we have to catch these guys effing a 10-year old or robbing the public blind. Conservatives aren’t just crazy, they’re weirdly cruel.

  40. jp

    From MSNBC: Dobbs, known for lengthy commentary against “illegal aliens,” interviewed the report’s author, Isabel Macdonald, about the claim. Macdonald eventually conceded that it was contractors hired by Dobbs who actually hired undocumented workers.

  41. Adrian Sands


  42. Dude

    I came here for comedy.

    Please don’t take this as “bullying” behavior, but I won’t be visiting your site any more either. Seems that the ‘net is one of the few places where we still have freedom of association, and though it may not mean much in the long run, fuck you.

    (And not because I love Republicans or Lou Dobbs. I despise them. Thing is, you are just the other side of the same coin. I’m not gonna butter any of ya’ll’s bread.)

  43. You Blew It Dumbass

    Why would you put this crap up? You obviously have no idea what you’re saying, otherwise you’d be linking to PROOF of your claims. You just stuck the dildo as far up your ass as possible, and posted whatever was stuck to the tip when it came out, right? We’re not coming to this site for your well-developed political commentary and social insights. You should have stuck to tits and gossip. They were your strong points, by far. I’ve come to this site nearly every day for the past year and a half, but never again. Fuck you.

  44. dickhead

    he’s so fucking FAKE!

  45. 52

    “These people are using God and distorted patriotism to lie directly into your face,” without using hand-puppets”

    maybe they should have used hand-puppets; americans are thick as door jams… they need all the visuals they can get… and even then it’s iffy

  46. Smeely McFuckup


  47. Smeely McFuckup

    How many liberals does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 5 million and one. One to screw it in and 5 million to vote for Obomma 10 times each.

  48. El Dukeh Picante

    In a little over three weeks we’ll see just how popular the Dem’s policies are with voters. Say whatever you want about Republicans, but you will have your asses handed to you on Nov. 2nd!

  49. Smelly McDickslap

    Way to keep slobbering over Obomma’s knob Fishwriter. Keep on sucking it, maybe someday he’ll give you a reach around.

  50. Eric

    A solution to undocumented workers: do away with the minimum wage. If we’re all willing to work for next to nothing, then we can compete with the illegal immigrants. That way, we can create an honest-to-god proletariate society. At least, that’s what companies want to do. I heard a commercial on the radio today from the worker’s union at the power company that the staff that maintains the safety of the grid will be outsourced unless the union will take a pay cut as far down as $9 an hour. Fucking $9. These men and women have families to support and the company made $22,000,000,000… courtesy pause to let you count the zeros… last year. So don’t tell me it’s job’s Americans don’t want to do and don’t tell me it’s the economy. It is just pure, unadulterated greed. Dobbs has multiple homes worth millions each and a stable full of horses. He’ll pay for that, but not a living wage for the human beings who care for it all. He’s pathetic and the real tragedy is that he’ll never feel any shame.

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