Lost stars before they were on Lost

March 23rd, 2006 // 25 Comments



  1. christee

    it’s not fair for me to comment, since i live on an island, and never watch this show. next!

  2. staticbumblebee

    Second post!

  3. TaiTai

    Man, if Sawyer can survive Fran Drescher, I am betting on him as the last man standing on “Lost.”

  4. Jewbacca

    What about Charlie Sheen saying 9/11 is a hoax?

  5. mamacita


    Wow. Charlie Sheen is an idiot. I guess that should’ve been apparent when it became known that he humped a bow-wow like Heidi Fleiss, but this definitely closes the deal.

  6. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Jewbacca, is Charlie Sheen on Lost? No? Well then tell me in the first place what in God’s name this has to do with Denise Richards rubbing her greased up breasts all over my face. Please, tell me.

  7. jugsgirl

    How does anyone know if Charlie Sheen is on Lost? It comes on way past my bedtime. I haven’t seen it since I moved to this damn island.

  8. iurbansk

    i’m surprised they didn’t also find josh holloway’s cameo in aerosmith’s ‘crazy’ video where he gets kicked by alicia silverstone. if holloway gets his ass handed to him by cher horowitz, it doesn’t matter if he withstood fran drescher.

  9. Italian Stallion

    I don’t watch lost but I have seen the latest previews…..Quick question: Why is the fat guy still fat? He must have a secret stash of food that he’s not sharing and I just don’t think it’s very nice of him. Just wondering thats all…….

  10. rori

    I love Naveen Andrews, on Lost, in Bride and Prejudice, and especially in the English Patient. He’s a cool dude.

  11. bunnyhugger

    oh. there’s the rest of the videos. nevermind.

    but, WTH is a shizzle, anyway? i hate to be so stupid, but i’m older now and don’t have much patience.

  12. #9 – One of the other survivors asks him the EXACT same question. His only response was that he had gone down a belt size. Anyways, if there’s anything that this show’s taught me it’s that anyone engaging in incest WILL be struck down by God. The end.

  13. FernLaplante

    Bride and Prejudice was after ‘Lost’ so I wouldn’t count that as a being a big find – plus it was the worst movie of 2005. Also, Sawyer looks like a 50 year old dad from the suburbs in that ON commercial.

  14. taniableu

    How did Sawyer go from so un-hot and grey to sexy man beast?

  15. Digital

    Josh was also briefly in an older CSI episode that I believe aired a little bit before Lost began. He plays an old college or high school buddy of Nick’s that leaks information to the news about a case. He looks really dorky and young in that episode too. Made me laugh at him.

  16. Jewbacca

    #6 AND ANYONE ELSE CALL ME AT 803-210-6114 AND I WILL TELL YOUR STUPID AZZ. DONT FUCK WITH ME FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. slinkhard

    I don’t care about Lost ‘stars’ now, let alone when they were kids.

  18. seren

    Naveen Andrews’ best performance pre-Lost has to be Buddha of Suburbia – that was HOT!

  19. derekd

    Lost should get lost. That show sucks! Soap operas progress faster and they are more believable!

  20. BadassFred

    What the Hell was that last clip from?

  21. One of the funniest commercials is the Jack in the Box commercial with Jorge Garcia. If you look closely, you’ll also see Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. I posted the commercial on my web site, you can find it here.

  22. kitty_kat

    Evangeline Lilly has a pretty face, but I must admit that her body is quite masculine.

  23. yeah, everyone was lame before they were famous…oh wait, they still are!

  24. Naomi Ray

    All I want to do is cover every inch of Josh Holloway with honey and then lick it aaaaaalll off. Mmmmm. Good God o’ mighty, he is de-fucking-licious!
    Oh and on a sort of related note, his wife is possibly the ugliest asian women I’ve ever seen in my life.

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