Lori Loughlin is apparently in great shape

November 23rd, 2009 // 89 Comments

Remember Lori Loughlin: Becky from Full House? Well, here she is doing yoga on the set of 90210 over the weekend and looking remarkably hot at 45. These almost make me want to watch old Full House reruns except I’d spend the rest of the day hiding cold medicine and anti-freeze whenever Jodie Sweetin is on-screen. No, you can not cook meth in Michelle’s room, young lady. And I don’t care what Mr. Bear will do to make it worth my while. (Mr. Woodchuck? Maybe.)

I watched way too much TV growing up.


  1. Taz

    I love her

  2. tdits

    I always thought this lady looked great. Nice to see she is aging well and still looks great.

  3. Shooter

    I just came in my pants

  4. lisa

    who, great job lady. I admire you!

  5. Eun Young Tao Fuk Wang

    all similar poses, this is not real yoga, this American Yoga, I do real yoga everyday, me have nice body too.

    ~Eun Young Tao Fuk Wang

  6. See ALice

    Lori looks great !

  7. Uncle Jesse

    Have mercy!

  8. Uncle Jesse

    Have mercy!

    C’mon, you knew it was coming…

  9. Hottie Lover

    1. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    2. Nothing sexier than long hair on a woman.
    3. Women over 40 should never cut their hair above the shoulders… at least.

  10. Delgo

    pic 7, jesus christ pose

  11. lovin me some men

    ehhh….next…more Adam Lambert and Levi Johnston plzz

  12. shittin condoms

    WOW!!! Fuckin smokin hot

  13. SackDiesel

    Camel Toerific pic 8

  14. SackDiesel

    Camel Toerific pic 8

  15. Polk

    Get the boob job already, honey.

  16. Eun Young Tao Fuk Wang

    this no camel toe this is shape and seam of pants

    ~Eun Young Tao Fuk Wang

  17. Nicole

    She looks as frigid as ever.


    mmmmm…. yoga-toe….

  19. Uncle Joey

    Cut…it…out :)

  20. FH

    I bet she great bonk

  21. Sarah

    fish, I don’t see any penis here, you have disappointed me once again!

  22. Yoo hoo

    The night was black was no use holding back
    ‘Cos I just had to see was someone watching me
    In the mist dark figures move and twist
    Was this all for real or some kind of hell
    666 the number of the beast
    Hell and fire was spawned to be released

  23. Lisa

    Might be sort-of-fit but she’s still OLD. And getting OLDER. Yuck.

  24. baxi69

    yes, hot…but not one frickin’ shot from behind (pun intended)…Yes, she looks hot coming, but us real mean wanna make sure she looks just as hot leaving!! Come on Superfish! Front and Back = Full Coverage!

  25. Mr. Truth

    there are no shots from the front either…all side shots really, if we wanna get technical

  26. uh

    @23….Iron Maiden?? uuuuuuuhhhhh lol I love them but just trying to understand where that comes into play with this

  27. Lloyd Johnson

    It would be RAD to go ass-sliding with her.

  28. James

    Anyone else thinks she has short fingers?

  29. Lloyd Johnson

    I just want to bring my bike to the prom and do flatland with her.

  30. Anon

    #24 will never look even a quarter as good as Lori Loughlin at any age.

  31. Hanson Danson

    She looked so hot in The Night Before.

  32. Anon is wrong

    I just took a dump all over #31

  33. Rough's P.O.V.

    Hot for an old bag, and ill bet that toe looks a decade younger…


    she must have a real nice looking cock.

  35. who dat

    Now that is what a camel toe picture should look like. Just check pic #8.

  36. who dat

    Oliva Munn needs to look at pic#8 above and learn from it. Rule#1 is give the people what they want.

  37. Danklin24

    I noticed all those times joey was checking out Aunt Becky. After all, Jesse was kinda gay. He babysat and wore leather, need i say more?

  38. I’ve been wanting to eat the ass outta that girl since she was in the movie Rad in the mid 1980s.

  39. Meh

    I’d like to see this sexy broad in more adventurous yoga poses.

  40. Champ


  41. jojo

    wow this woman looks great! She has the body of a 30 year old and her hair is thick and healthy, no wrinkles…now that is a great looking 45 year old!

    I love how the only flaw somone found on her is “short fingers”? LOL you people are mental!

  42. Little Richard Simmons

    Awesome chica! Ladies, move away from the buffet bar…

  43. M.

    How can you say she’s aging well, she’s had alot of botox and that doesn’t count, just look at those eyebrows, your eyebrows are never that close to the eye and so arched without botox.

  44. Joey

    Id like to fill up her house….

  45. Insatiable Peter

    Everywhere you look! There’s a mess …a mess …from somebody who just splooged! (me)

  46. datroof

    Just another shining example of how good women can look when they get older, if they take care of themselves. This is how real, natural, healthy, sexy women look. This is their natural body shape.

    If your woman is shaped like a bloated, decomposing warthog and yet insists you find her sexy still as she shovels pancakes and french fries into her gaping, cake-encrusted maw, point her towards these pics. Buy her a treadmill, a years supply of rice cakes, throw out all the bags of cookies and pints of ben and jerrys, slap her on her fat, jellified ass and tell her to start losing the tonnage.

    This is how women look when they’re not lazy, disgusting moo-cows. And if you’re a woman reading this and not liking what you’re hearing, YOU are a lazy, disgusting moo-cow. So get to work fatty, this means you!


  47. kate

    @47, someone’s bitter about his wife…

  48. Apparently so.

    @ 9. Hottie Lover – “Women over 40 should never cut their hair above the shoulders… at least.”

    C’mon. Nothings hotter than a mommy helmet.

  49. @47 that’s just so funny thanks for making me laugh

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