Oh, Now Lorenzo Lamas Wants His Kids Away From Shauna Sand

Despite his children being exposed to a constant 24-hour loop of spray-tanned labia and skeez, Lorenzo Lamas is only now seeking full custody of his daughters after Shauna Sand was arrested last night for domestic violence after spraying her husband in the face with mace. TMZ reports:

Lorenzo tells TMZ, he’ll ask the judge for an emergency, temporary order … giving him full physical custody of the ex-couple’s three daughters … aged 10, 11, and 13.
Lorenzo tells us, “I am concerned for the welfare of my children. I will not allow them back in that household until Shauna and her husband receive anger management treatment.”

When asked why he never stepped in before on account of Shauna’s provocative lifestyle being played out in front of the kids, Renegade responded, “Wait, are you saying girls shouldn’t grow up to be plastic sex objects that are only good for banging? Because I don’t understand the question. Is that some sort of metaphor?”

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Fame, Flynet