Alessandra Ambrosio Is Fishing For Covfefe

Covfefe are bottom-dwelling rockfish similar to grouper or snapper that will spit out most lures that resemble actual baitfish. Instead they tend to respond quicker to things that have nothing to do with what they should be consuming. While you would think covfefe would respond well to something sustainable like chopped mullet, sardines, or scientifically proven evidence¬†on rising water temperatures, the covfefe find that these baits are too spicy and toss them back into a sea of hopelessness. In short, covfefe can be quite stubborn…

Covfefe prefer processed baits that are small and bitesized because this kind of fish cannot handle too much at once without getting overwhelmed. Last thing you want is an outraged covfefe telling all the other fish around that your bait is bad or worse… sad. After all, nobody likes having their fishing skills questioned by the fish they’re trying to catch.

The covfefe mate in less populated areas of marine life, as they don’t usually play well with others who don’t see things the exact same way that they do. This usually leads to birth defects and stunted evolutionary growth due to inbreeding and poor schools for fish. Covfefe would rather spend their clams on repurposing coral to build giant seawalls to keep out those pesky, taco-friendly tilapia and homosexual dolphins.