Lohan Starring in John Lennon Film

Lindsay_thumb1.jpgI actually postponed posting about this, hoping it was a joke, or a typo, or that Superman would fly around the world and reverse time so that I could forget I ever heard it. But no, Lindsay Lohan is set to star opposite Jared Leto in Chapter 27, an indie film about the murder of John Lennon. Lohan will play a devoted fan of the former Beatle who befriends Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, shortly before the 1980 murder in New York.

I suppose Lindsay thinks she’s got a better shot at earning some actor cred with this movie after somehow being ignored for her stirring work in Herbie: Fully Loaded. But, if I recall correctly, the main reason Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon was to become famous. Therefore I’m not sure basing an entire freaking movie on the guy is the best way to honor Lennon’s memory. Hell, why not invite Chapman to the premiere and have him re-enact the whole thing? Have Lindsay make a music video with him called “Yoko’s Next.” Enough, I think I’m going to cry.

Lohan Imagines Lennon Flick [E!]