Lizzeth Acosta Dropped Her Keys in the Surf

Hello again from the distant past, a simpler time before everyone ate their way into a coma and decided that they were going to spend Thanksgiving with friends next year after uncle Rob broke their grandmother’s TV by throwing a full can of Miller Lite at it over [enter football team]’s loss to [enter football team]. I hope the weather isn’t shitty, but speaking of shitty… here’s another 138 Water girl.

I don’t know what Lizzeth is short for. Maybe it’s the stripper name generator version of Elizabeth or perhaps her parents had really bad speech impediments. Anyway here she is crawling around in the surf in a tiny bikini, as models like her do to make a quick buck before delving into the dark world of porn. I can’t say that I’ve seen anything like this at the beach that I frequent, usually it’s filled with fat rednecks blasting Toby Keith songs and having a competition on who can generate the most environmentally harmful trash before packing and driving to the Waffle House. If this sounds like Pensacola, that’s because I’m talking about Pensacola.

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