Liz Parada, Adrianne Curry and Halle Berry were in bikinis, too

June 2nd, 2010 // 63 Comments

Here are the bikini pics I missed yesterday because I didn’t want to scare off all the women with my wanton love of swimwear-clad mammaries: Liz Parada from ABC’s True Beauty. Adrianne Curry from.. the Internet? And Halle Berry from that movie where Billy Bob does her. You might say Adrianne is the creamy center to this sexy chocolate cookie but you probably shouldn’t because I’m pretty sure Oreo is a derogatory term. Or am I thinking of E.L. Fudges? Whichever one has a bunch of little white dudes living in a lynching tree. That one.


  1. Zack

    Teh fug nig is trying so hard to not have a belly.

  2. Beeotch

    okay, the thing in white is a man…..check out the mustache….

    Halle is the only hot one!

  3. silverduece

    Adrianne Curry Is not getting enough cock from her tool husband. Period.
    I might be able to accomadate her. Call Me!

  4. Deacon Jones

    Holy shit, I might have to make an exception to my “No black chicks” rule, but I guarantee she’s still batshit crazy.

    p.s. those look like natural tits

  5. RoboZombie


  6. suh

    agreed with #5. That is some nasty, thick, stubble. The remnants of an overly hairy and oddly huge bush.

  7. hey now

    pic #17 pube stubble is creepy

  8. ewwwww

    that is some jungle bush in #17

  9. silly, just silly

    isn’t there a photoshop tool to remove ape pubes?

  10. jonny cash

    i’m done with this site and all you racist idiots. fact is none of you get pussy….. none of these girls, be it black or white would touch any of you.

  11. Very very nice…

    Good to see REAL women in bikinis and not the anorexic stick women of Vicky Secrets…


  12. No doubt about Halley Berry, she has a perfect body that’s definitely beyond her age. I mean, you can’t imagine a beautiful woman to look much better than her actual age.

  13. I still cant get that vision of Billy Bob doing Halle from behind in that Monsers Inc Movie. I have never recovered from it since then.

  14. Armando

    Oh jonny cash how wrong you are and I agree w/ silverdeuce. Curry needs cock and I bet she’s willing to go right there on the beach

  15. IggyPopRocks

    @ 1, 8 & 9 — Are you 12 years old or just pathetic morons? If you don’t find a woman attractive, fine. If you want to rip on her (Montag), fine. But being a racist makes you much more worthless than anyone you are commenting about.

  16. Yikes

    @15 my thoughts precisely. The idea that these idiots will be raising and indoctrinating this nation’s next generation of children is terrifying.

  17. Monkey Wang

    To all u racist fag posters criticizing these hot women: EAT A DICK!! ( we all know that’s what u want anyway)

  18. IggyPopRocks

    @ 17, wow, you attack racists with gay-bashing! You are wonderful. Idiot. (And, yes, I am idiot-bashing.)

  19. Queezy

    Liz Parada has huge personalities.

  20. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Who is that Liz Prada ??? She is absolutely exquisite gorgeous and fantastic.
    Kudos for posting pics of her damn that’s a sex on legs.

  21. SO RIGHT

    I totally disagree. This Liz person has a nice body but NOT a cute face at all!!!!

  22. Deacon Jones

    Wrong, this woman is the total package. I can’t even imagine running into her in a nightclub. I’d order two drinks and dump them over my head.

    Seriously, if anyone has problems with her, you ARE virgins, or fags, or both. Virgin fags.

  23. Soviet Snow

    If a non-black person had that face we would be thinking what a hot autistic girl.

  24. Soviet Snow

    Race has nothing to do with a face that only sees the camera because the body is holding it up.

  25. Monkey Wang

    @18 nigga please, take home your PC crybaby platitudes and wake up to 21st century jargon- “fags” is interchangeable with douchebag, pussy, and tool. Even gay people would agree that these posters are fags- get a life

  26. IggyPopRocks

    @ 25, I get it… sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. When “fags” is followed up by “eating dick,” it is a shitty thing to say. South Park had an awesome episode about it. Realize that sometimes, when someone says “fag,” they are actually a jackass. You don’t always have to defend jackasses. You use “nigga.” I get it… joke, funny, ha. If you would follow it up with something stereotypical about “niggas,” then you too, would be a jackass. You didn’t. You aren’t.

    Let’s just go back to looking at hot women. :-)

  27. Gweb

    If Liz Prada would just let her bush and pits grow out, she’d be completely jizz-worthy. I like me some thick jungle bush.

  28. john Hun

    Liz Prada got some great tit meat! Gimme some A1!!

  29. SO RIGHT

    Liz has the face of a pitbull, which is cute on the a dog, but not her. sorry

  30. Tek

    Just ignore the trolls, people. Don’t let them get to you.

    I’ve never heard of Liz Parada until now (apparently she’s Cuban, thanks Google.) Amazing body, meh face. Halle’s looking fine as always, and Adrienne can get it too.

  31. Dude

    I like the chick with the big boobs think I’m in love with those boobs

  32. lol, pic 6 and 7 are, wait for it, legendary :)

  33. IRULE

    Only behind a pc you can express yourselves like that, you dumb racists.

  34. Gene Siskels Ghost

    #13–I think you meant Monster’s Ball, but the image of Billy Bob hitting Halle while Sully and Mike watch is too funny

  35. Deacon Jones

    Dats n impropa sentenz.

  36. Oh no, my “no black girls an exception” to govern, but I guarantee that he is still batshit crazy.

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  38. captain america

    ……….she love PARROTS?
    (dead ones though)

  39. turd da third

    I get the distinct impresion that this thing is really smelly……just doesn’t look good and I think the smell is worse..

  40. CARLO

    Seriously, I don’t care what color it is, THICK Stubble is nasty. Not just on her vag but her pits too!!!

    Adrianne is insane…both looking and obviously mentally with all her dumb twitters but she sure is hot.

    Halle is cute at best which certainly is not a problem. She looks so clean and delicious. I’m not a big fan of “ethnic women” in the way that gay people are not in to the opposite sex…Just not attracted to them but I got no problem either.

    All that said, I will gladly eat this OREO suprise and like my fingers clean…maybe spit out a hair or 2 but hey, it happens.

  41. nice image and boobs like this

  42. gossipsgossipgossip

    These are some girls with body confidence…more power to them!

  43. Spanish Elephant

    Someone forgot to shave their pits before going to the beach…

  44. notimeforthis

    who ever writes these articles…. really you really are going lower and lower. and all the fucking idiots on this site.. Shut it down.

  45. Hmmm

    Liz Parada and Halle are some of the best looking females in bikinis that I have seen on this blog. These women have lots of options and wouldn’t choose to date some of the racist losers on this blog anyway. Of course, the ignorant writer is encouraging racist comments with the oreo/EL Fudge remark.

  46. Angry Dude

    you racist faggots! even if she had balls i’d bang her!

  47. What is it offf, very nice..

  48. this picture is beautiful too
    very clearly the twin towers, I’d like to bomb them!

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