Liv Tyler is not skinny

September 16th, 2005 // 36 Comments

Did Liv Tyler eat Kirstie Alley while I wasn’t looking? Because you shouldn’t eat people. You should eat food.


  1. the_gilberator

    Holy Beluga! Maybe the Russians are cultivating her for caviar…or maybe she’s just fat. Either way, it’s kinda funny to see a fat elf.

  2. Liz Birkel

    I totally left the first comment. Sweet.

  3. Liz Birkel

    Dang, I was beaten by mere seconds.

  4. Minionated

    Fat people love me.

  5. therapture

    Wow, what the heck happened to her….she used to be hot…maybe some special elf impregnation occured….

  6. Ellie

    She had a baby. You know, normal people gain weight after that. I think she looks cute.

  7. nahanni

    i think most of the comments here so far are really mean. she just a baby for crying out loud! what a surprise–some people are actually normal and take some time to drop baby weight. not everyone starves themselves while working out three hours a day so they can pose on the cover of FHM or Maxim just weeks after giving birth. i think liv looks beautiful, as always. sheesh.

  8. Gophergutz

    at least she’s out doing something that looks like exercise (we assume that’s not a quart of Ben and Jerry’s in that bag). And not loading up on “Trimspa Baby” like other former lard-asses. And don’t even get me started on Kirstie Alley.

  9. Tommy Cruise

    Don’t blame us, she’s the one who wanted to become “mortal”. Genie always says, “Be careful what you wish for!”

  10. Rich N Famous

    i thought she was an elf

  11. emily

    I still think she’s hot.

  12. The Rach-tastic

    Quiet, all you pregnancy supporters! Come on, reproducing? Overrated. Preservation of anorexic, elfin good looks for the sake of web nerds and culture whores is totally supposed to come before keeping the planet populated.

    (Though frankly, I do agree that she looks fine anyway.)

  13. chickenisgurd


  14. sugarplum

    She had a baby, and I think she’s gorgeous even with extra pounds on. Seriously, she’s one of the few people in hollywood who seems to have common sense.

  15. sparkydingle

    Good for her, she’s fat, but she’s still sweating it out on a bike trying to do something about it. So what if a few children run screaming??

  16. Coxcomb

    Whatever, Liv has been larger than the average waif for ages now, and nobody has complained – this photo is unflattering and she still looks good.

  17. celeb_hater

    yeah, she is a mommma now and women do carry weight after birth so leave her alone. If she was some coke snorting, cock sucking ho like other celebs then she’d be fair game, but I understand she’s down to earth. So I’ll respect her weight gain and hope her and baby are in good health.

  18. blanket

    Maybe she’ll become a plus sized model like her sister.

  19. EspressoMilitia

    yeah, she just had Aragorn’s baby, and he’s a king after all!

  20. AmberDextrose

    Why do people use babies as an excuse for fat? I’ve had two and am not fat – aaaaah, what’s that horrible thing slopped over my keyboard? Oh, phew, it’s just my size 20 smock.

    But no, it’s true: babies do not equal fat. Sick all over your clothes and no time to brush your hair, yes. Time to eat and/or sit around? In my dreams!

    She must have a nanny. She has clearly brushed her hair AND she’s sitting down!

  21. CapnAwesome

    As a fat nerd at a computer who has seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy multiple times, I feel I am qualified to judge Ms. Tyler and her weight gain.

    Geez, what a fat pig of a loser.

    Welp, back to my Mountain Dew and Funyuns.

  22. Joe Mamma

    I believe her when she says that the fat is because of babies. Babies smothered in gravy!!!

    If she looked like that in Armageddon Ben would have stayed on the asteroid.

  23. Eukonidor

    At least she doesn’t look like a crack addicted skeleton, like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. She looks like the rest of the regular sized women out there. When is this going to be considered beautiful? I think she looks healthy and normal.

  24. K-dawg

    Well all you other plumpers can have Ms. Fatty McFat Fat cause she is gross and huge. There is one less celebirty that I will sleep with…again!

  25. Ms. Dilligaff

    Hey, back off. It could be her heavy sister who looks just like her, only…heavy.

  26. follydolly

    who cares? I love liv tyler… at least she eats at all….

  27. Plastic

    ew gross

  28. Diana

    She is NOT that big, give her some time to get the baby weight off. GEEZ!

  29. mutterhals

    I love how people take up for assholes they dont even know. God I’m angry. Somebody argue with me!!!!!

  30. Salacious

    I love Liv Tyler. I think she looks great.

  31. dangel

    I wish my wife was that fat. She’s REALLY fat.

  32. barrysoccer

    OMG, she ate those hobbits!!!

  33. delirifacient

    To all the men who posted disparaging comments: you are dating insecure women who are obsessed with their weight. They are really cheating on you when they say they’re going to the gym. Trust me. Unless you’re gay, of course.

    To all the women who posted the like: You have many parts that jiggle during intercourse. Trust me.

    Y’all are dorks.


  34. TheTruthHurts

    Anyway, shes always been a bit of a tubbo.
    She says she refuses to submit to Hollywood standards and now shes dieting to get movie roles.
    Tsk Tsk.

  35. Operasoprano87

    You guys come on! This is not okay!!!! she should never be judged for
    something like that. She works hard at what she does, she’s a kind
    mother, and a lovely woman. I think everyone on the planet is beautiful.
    She is beautiful no matter what, because she is living. Bringing
    people down is the most superficial, and small minded thing to do.
    Anyone should be ashamed for doing that! After all she has feelings to!

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