Disney Surprisingly Isn’t Casting a White Chick to Play Mulan

To me, it seems like an obvious decision to go with an actual Chinese woman to play the role of Mulan in Disney’s live-action remake of their cartoon of the same name, but I guess Disney gets a gold star or something for not giving the gig to someone like Scarlett Johansson in a wig. So here ya go, Disney… here’s your gold star and a nice pat on the back for not being idiots. We’ll make sure to hang the Mulan movie poster right on the fridge so everyone can see when they walk in the kitchen.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the new Mulan will be portrayed by Chinese actress Liu Yifei, otherwise known as Crystal Liu to people who don’t realize that the cognomen is flipped in China. Apparently she’s hot shit over there and has even been in a movie with Nic Cage, so I immediately respect her ten times more for surviving that.

Disney claims that they scoured the earth for the perfect Mulan, dropping the stat line that they spanned five continents and considered over 1,000 women for the part. Pretty stupid considering that most Chinese-looking actresses live in, oh fuck me I don’t know… Asia. But hey, if I were a casting director and Disney was footing my travel bill, I’d probably tell them I needed to check Africa to make sure the perfect Mulan wasn’t hiding there too.

Still, Liu makes for a pretty spot on lookalike to the cartoon version and I think this movie is going to destroy international box office records…

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