Lisa Rinna posing for Playboy

December 20th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Lisa Rinna, in an obvious effort to make my nightmares come to life, is posing nude for Playboy again, according to E! Online:

The TV Guide Network correspondent and former Dancing With the Stars contestant has more or less confirmed rumors–well, she’s certainly not doing anything to squelch them–that she’s planning to pose nude for Playboy.
“I’m the worst liar on the planet, I can’t lie, so…I think that could be a yes,” she told Extra recently when asked about the possibility.

Did anyone ask for this? No, Jesus, of course not. I’m pretty sure the editors of Playboy are just throwing darts at a list of random TV stars from the 90s. Which means we should start preparing ourselves as a society for a Delta Burke centerfold. Think 9/11, but it’s in your eye.

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  1. bitingontinfoil

    “It’s like 9/11 but in your eye” LMMFAO!!

    Another…um…”star”?…falls victim to the “Madame” curse!

  2. bitingontinfoil

    @ #10

    Niiiice! LOL

  3. fisch

    I’d fuck her till she wouldn’t shit right for a week. ;p

  4. Just sayin'

    every time I see Lisa’s mouth the word hemorrhoid comes to mind…

  5. She’s 45. Don’t know about Playboy status, but aside from mutilating her lips, I think she’s keeping things interesting.

  6. meee

    her lips are so fucking gross. did no one in her life honestly tell her that was a bad idea? i mean come on people, be a friend!

  7. I have found that Playboy issue was strictly for the article here (somewhere) and if memory serves it looks like he was knocked over when he posed a kite. In addition to his lips he looks great.

  8. kelly watts
    Commented on this photo:

    GROSS, CHEAP AND SLEAZY, rinna did you get dressed in the dark and mistake a shirt for a dress? to short for a mature woman with class . CLASS you do not have lisa sleaza, do yourself a favor and check yourself in the mirror before you go out. must be an emberasment to your brats and your husband!

  9. kelly watts
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  10. kelly watts
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