Lisa Rinna posing for Playboy

December 20th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Lisa Rinna, in an obvious effort to make my nightmares come to life, is posing nude for Playboy again, according to E! Online:

The TV Guide Network correspondent and former Dancing With the Stars contestant has more or less confirmed rumors–well, she’s certainly not doing anything to squelch them–that she’s planning to pose nude for Playboy.
“I’m the worst liar on the planet, I can’t lie, so…I think that could be a yes,” she told Extra recently when asked about the possibility.

Did anyone ask for this? No, Jesus, of course not. I’m pretty sure the editors of Playboy are just throwing darts at a list of random TV stars from the 90s. Which means we should start preparing ourselves as a society for a Delta Burke centerfold. Think 9/11, but it’s in your eye.

Photos: WENN

  1. none

    Now that’s an ugly old hag.

  2. necrost13

    Well… I think she’s hot. Go for it Lisa! ;)

  3. Sweet Jeebus

    Good Lord what’s wrong with her lips in that first pic? She looks very well preserved–I’m not sure why she would mess with her mouth in such a way.

  4. This Poster

    Anyone posting after This Poster sucks on Hugh Hefner’s wrinkled penis and swallows his dried up seeds

  5. britney's weave

    … can they take collagen OUT of lips? if so, she needs to get cracking on that asap. if not, someone needs to donate some money to that research effort.

    i never saw her pics from playboy the first time around. were they any good?

  6. Adolfo

    Why Playboy when so much porn is available for downloading?

  7. blue tires

    I’d hit it.

  8. Amr

    Way to not proof read your post;

    “Lisa Rinna, in an obvious effort to make my nightmares come to live..”

    Don’t you mean

    “Lisa Rinna, in an obvious effort to make my nightmares come to LIFE..”?

    Your welcome.


  9. FAIL


    It’s “You’re welcome.”

    Oh. OH SNAP.

    You should probably kill yourself.

  10. F-Obama

    Hefner is really getting too old if he thinks anyone wants to see that, even airbrushed. Or are they launching Senior Playboy® this month, FREE with your AARP Membership and 1st month FREE at The Villages.

  11. Ted from San Juan

    I’d rather see Liza Minelli naked.

  12. tha' plaboi mansion

    whoa. this is all playboy can get anymore? I know they’re struggling financially so I guess this isn’t a surprise. all hef’s g/f’s left him and now he’s got to photograph 90′s TV , uh, stars. what is the universe coming to??

  13. Chilly

    AUGH! MY EYES!!! Damn you Fish.

  14. Mike

    For once I agree with Fish. This troll was what Peter Christen Asbjørnsen envisioned when he wrote Billy Goat’s Gruff all those many years ago. Now we only have to wait for the eldest to come butt her off the bridge. Cross your fingers that it turns out to be the Royal Gorge bridge.

  15. duncancade

    I’ll be honest! I think she has a great body for her age! I would hit it!

  16. Larry Jones

    Apparently some you don’t have a mirror in your house and you’ve forgotten what you look like. I’d like to spend a week climbing all over her body.

  17. Prof

    The Internet is practically overflowing with barely legal girls & 20 somethings jumping up & down in front of their web cams and posting… for free, but Playboy decides to put a 45 yo in the mag? I’m not saying she’s ugly I get the appeal for the milf hunters, but damn what about guys who are under 40 and don’t have a oedipus complex.

    BTW-this is what a women in Playboy is suppose to look like…

  18. dontlooknow

    Well, 45 she’s not. And un-modified she’s not. And trying desperately to re-create a career she is. However, I do not think that TV will support a Bad Old Ladies House show.

  19. And Playboy wonders why they are going bankrupt? Sorry, no one wants to see a naked 50 year old women, no matter how much she works out and no matter how much plastic surgery she has had.

  20. dragon43078

    Just do not show her fucked up lips. She looks horrible. Looks like she kissed a hot iron. Nasty.

  21. Is this going to be a free issue? then ill be the first in line to check out her lips,,,(if you know what i mean)….

  22. what am i saying there is no couch shot in playboy!! hope fish has em up on this site…

  23. Stiles

    I’m wondering which set of lips on her is bigger.

    Isn’t she looking remarkably like Jocelyn Wildenstein?

  24. Jeff

    What’s with this ducklips disease?

  25. James in San Diego

    I don’t want to see her fake boobs and fake lips in Playboy. I wish Playboy would give Scarlett Johansson a call. I would love to see Scarlett in Playboy.

  26. Jeff W.

    This chick lost her looks the moment her lips became inflated to the size of Buick.

  27. Jeff W.

    This chick lost her looks the moment her lips became inflated to the size of Buick.

  28. plastic hater

    #18 are you nuts? huge fake tits and a trampy bunny tattoo? that’s a GGW ho with less beer spilled on her and the razor stubble airbrushed out…

  29. Kelley

    Lisa Rinna in the nude is NOT attractive … maybe she wants to show off the new cheek implants … whatever.

  30. dork

    I’ve got it on good authority that when she inflated her lips, she had the same procedure done on her nips…. because everyone loves MILFs with puffy nipples

  31. trw

    I just shot a big ass load all over the floor looking at these sexy pictures, especially the ass shot, and imagining being inside her. If I would love to spread her legs wide open and fill her up. I can’t wait to see her fully nude.

  32. wolf5150

    She may be pushing the age envelope a little,but she still has a tight little body
    and looks REALLY good for her age. I heard her on Howard Stern describe her
    “basket-technique” of giving a handjob, where she interlocks the fingers of both hands around a dick and puts the head in her mouth.I was quite impressed with the candid discussion she had about anal and oral sex. I think the old girl still has a trick or two.

  33. Dozer

    Will we also get to see pictures of Oprah and Rosie naked in next month’s centefold?

  34. Your Mother's Wet Fart Last Night

    #18. What are you — into little boys with boob jobs?

  35. love ya

    she looks like a prostitute

  36. Jesus died for this?

    I’ve got the issue of Playboy she was in around here somewhere (strictly for the articles) and if memory serves it seems like she was knocked up higher than a kite when she posed. Aside from her lips she looks pretty good.

  37. kelster

    i mean i know were in a recession but seriously. you aren’t saving that much money by getting older ladies to pose nude.

  38. The Deceiver

    Yikes! Don’t wanna’ see that!

  39. They can PHOTO-SHOP alot t6hese day’s.
    JUST DON’T SMILE, please!!

  40. packinwood

    That’s one prayer answered. Lisa Rinna is so hot! Now if Brooke Hogan will give in and pose for Playboy it will be a good year indeed.

  41. STINK

    I guess hideous is the new sexy

  42. j

    must suck to be a talentless, ugly wannabe

  43. linda

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  44. TJ

    I know her lips look fucked up, but could you imagine them sucking your fuck stick?

  45. TJ

    And ONE more thing, fish…these fucked up “chick down town” ads are annoying as hell…are they supplying you with free hole for the ad space??

  46. Hatey McWrathenstein

    “Think 9/11, but it’s in your eye.”


    That shit was so funny, I now must rape a monkey… with a hammer.

  47. She does have a hot body. She’s not that bad for her age, if she would just ease up on those damn lips!!!!!

  48. Deacon Jones

    On a scale of 1-10 for the fantasy you always had about plowing you’re neighbors hot wife, I’ll give her a 6,578.

    Hot, hot, hot

  49. chickiepie

    She looks like that Cujoharu or whatever guy. Also a little Sally Jesse Raphael.

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