Lisa Rinna severely overestimates the casting ability of car horns

March 19th, 2009 // 66 Comments

Lisa Rinna attempts to get herself cast on the new Melrose Place. It’s like, wow, where does the dignity end and the woman begin?

No, really, I can’t tell on account of the collagen. Little help?

Photos: WENN

  1. Sheva

    wot an idiot.

  2. Angie

    crisis is THAT bad.

  3. Sid

    Hopefully she’ll take up skiing…

  4. Jrz


  5. Lisa

    good grief she is an idiot.

  6. Its over Lisa, stop being so damn annoying!

  7. Gando

    Why should we!? Do we get paid for this shit!?

  8. Max Planck

    Will trout pout for food.

  9. Who the hell is that flaming douche nozzle that’s bouncing around all over the place? It kinda looks that bulldog and terrier pair from Looney Toons … “What’re we gonna do today, Spike? Huh huh huh?!”

  10. sherry

    Wow… she almost makes Heidi and Spencer look classy. There should be some kind of punishment handed down for that.

  11. They could always kill her off in the premiere…

  12. Galtacticus

    Who’s she!? And why is she posted here!??

  13. Atrieds

    She doesn’t honestly think standing on the side of a road with a “HOnk 4 Lisa Rinna” sign’s going to get her on the show. She’s just having fun. You know, fun? It’s nice to see even a former celebrity with a healthy self-image.

  14. ph7

    Nice body for a 45 year old. That face is a disaster, however. No one wants to see that on a television screen – especially in hi-def.

  15. ph7

    Nice body for a 45 year old. That face is a disaster, however. No one wants to see that on a television screen – especially in hi-def.

  16. ph7

    Nice body for a 45 year old. That face is a disaster, however. No one wants to see that on a television screen – especially in hi-def.

  17. Richard McBeef

    Holy shit that gay dude is levitating.

    Who’s the trout?

  18. That dude’s mouth is open for business.

  19. Jump for cock!
    Jump for cock!

  20. Birdman

    that guy looks like ryan reynolds, only more gay.

  21. Deacon Jones

    Put those extra-puffy lips to good use Lisa.

    I’m sure it wouldnt be the first time you used them to get something

  22. mafme

    Maybe she had her lips done so wretchedly as a social commentary… yeah… that’s it, I’m sure, because no one would have that done on purpose.

  23. Kat

    These photos are mezmerizing! I really can’t stop staring at them… is this what aging gracefully looks like?

    More ridiculous pics:

  24. mafme

    On purpose in a non-ironic way, I meant.

  25. le fag

    wow… he really IS light in the loafers!

  26. Zanna

    I wouldn’t even honk on my way to run her ass over.

  27. grobpilot

    You know that flamin’ fairy is screaming, “Haaaayyyy!!!!”

  28. Smarg

    Is this for real? Didn’t some has-been do something like this to be the Catwoman or something years ago?

    Really, you can see her pillow lips from a mile away. Maybe they look good going down on her boyfriend.

  29. Ram Punchington

    Who’s the Fag?

    Punchington Out.

  30. friendlyfires

    She reminds me of this character from web comic Least I Can Do, Suck For A Buck :

  31. Colin

    Did NO ONE watch Jay Leno????? The dude she’s with works for him and goes around doing comedy scetches and interviews people on location. Obviously that is what this is for.

  32. urgh

    She looks better here than in the last set of pix that the ‘fish had.
    Probably due to the fact that there is about 6 1/2 pounds less make up on her face.
    Now if she would just do something about the 6 1/2 pounds of nightcrawlers in her lips, she’d be on to something….

  33. She would be respected more for trying out for a Valtrex commercial..

  34. lola

    Why didn’t she just leave her lips alone?!!!

  35. GuyHolly

    Harry: “Lisa, you know what sould be really great! If you made you lips bigger than my dick.”

  36. Columbus Joe

    Who the frakk is Lisa Rinna?

    TSW: you need to explain these d-listers when you post pictures.

  37. Turd Ferguson

    I’m sure that guy uses his mouth for smokin’ pole but I think its stuck open permanently.

  38. Toolboy

    There are florists in San Francisco talking about that dude being “too gay”….

  39. Matthew

    is ross the inturn (aka flamer) is tryng to be on the spin off too? god ross and miss rinna is annoyng

  40. Richport's Ghost

    Fap fap fap fap fap fap…..

    NO, not for Lisa – are you KRAZY!!?!?!?!?!

    Me loves the Ross….. never met a cock I didn’t like.

    Oh God, the self-loathing…. sometimes I can’t even get out of bed in the morning.

  41. gay

    that guy is gayest thing since gay arrived in gaytown.

  42. Oy vey. Lisa, bubbie: No matter how many boobs worth of silicone you shoot into your bitch-flaps… you’re *still* 45 years old.

  43. huh?

    #32 Does NO ONE Spell Check???
    Dude, what you said is absolutely right, but you need to check that spelling, my friend!
    You are intelligent- so write like it!

    (…It’s sketches, not scetches…)

  44. Zoolio

    She should suction those fat lips around my asshole, suck real hard and give me a good colon cleansing. She could defnitely make the vacuum suction needed to do it!!

    And who’s that bone smoker next to her? Faggot.

  45. Rich

    They shoul run her down along with the fruit with her, ross the intern from Jay Lenos show

  46. Jude

    Wow. It’s not even remotely entertaining or cute. Is she intentionally making fun of the unemployed? Great. We love recession jokes from rich people. Hilarious. Someone should run her dumb ass over. Generally, people wear the cardboard signage to beg for food because they have no home or money – but yeah, this is cute too. Real freakin cute, Lisa.

  47. Fuzzy Tingle Times

    Let the even bigger lip injections begin

  48. mikeock

    So? I’d still fuck her. She’s got a rockin’ body

  49. rat house

    Is she going to play a character who got punched in the mouth?

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