Lisa Rinna in a bikini

April 21st, 2009 // 59 Comments

Lisa Rinna took to the beach yesterday in Malibu and you know what always amazes me about this woman? That she exposes herself to the sun yet doesn’t melt into a lump of plastic that her children use as a Frisbee. I mean, talk about a triumph of the feminine spirit. Take notes, Oprah.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jupiter Girl


  2. stephonie

    she looks great!!

  3. MrsJ

    Why does her torso look like a ninja turtle?! Creepy.

  4. needs more work?

    honestly, with all the work she’s had on her face, the boobs could use a touch up…

  5. Shame on you fools who spend your time on negro loving gossip sites.
    The only reason why these exist is to further the reptilian agenda of their handlers who know of their savage ways. Keep in mind no matter how
    civil they might behave, in the end the ape lies within their primitive cortex.

    Prepare for the coming years as Obama will have to make a decision between the American people and the apes that voted him in for the
    almighty handout. For the sympathizers, I’d like to see you walk/live
    in a black area and then make your decision before you deride my words.

    To hell with the apes that respond, you were only trained to utter the
    words that YT taught you and think with the program that was fed you.
    You are irrelevant. You already know the truth.

  6. Johnny

    Personally – I’d like to see a few more pics of the daughters!

  7. Can those lips get any bigger??

  8. Frank N Stein

    If you think those lips are big, imagine the other ones…

  9. not worth a 2nd look

  10. Jimbo, I was just thinking she should get a training bra for those lips..

  11. Phil

    She’s hot for an old lady, which makes her…an old lady. Her theme song is sung by Flaccido Domingo.

  12. @9, I bet the flap in the wind..

    Hey FRIST what is going on??

  13. Slowest Retard on Earth

    Say…uh…number…uh…one…two…four… wait…one…two…three…two… no…uh…one…two…three…zero… uh…fuck…wait…uh…one…two…three…A …no not a number…fuck…uh…one…two…three…four…hey something shiny… what… wait… no…oh yeah…one…two…three…four..five..yeah yeah… HEY NUMBER FIVE THAT’S SOME WEAK TROLLING….ah fuck shit my pants again…what’s that smell? …huh…oh wait…yeah…

  14. ktb

    Bikini? Big damn deal…she’s on the cover of Playboy!
    I’m going to go home tonight and look at her naked…airbrushed, but naked!
    Then I can report on how big those other lips might be.

  15. Objection sustained


    I like your new biblical tone- “prepare for the coming years” etc. It really helps play down your Grade 5-level grammar and childish rhetoric. Again, you’re wasting your time here but obviously you have time on your hands.

  16. Oh, you know, just eating my free Costco samples…if you head straight for the front desk first, they do not ask to see your card.

    After that I am going to take the yellow pills, go to the market and then bake a bundt cake with cream cheese filling.

    What are you up to, Jimbo?

  17. obannion

    I’d hit it. mmmm

  18. kels

    this skank has the typical flat ass i see on almost every white women trying to hard with fake tits and a fake face…

  19. kels

    this skank has the typical flat ass i see on almost every white women trying to hard with fake tits and a fake face…

  20. I go to Costco for the free sample all the time too. Do I get a piece of that bundt cake?

  21. JPRichardson

    Wasn’t she going to appear naked on Playboy or something????

  22. I think she looks great. Very toned body and very little body fat. You can tell that she works out hard. Does anybody know how old she is?

  23. WTF

    She definitely got a tummy tuck!

  24. all hetero men

    “Does anybody know how old she is?”

    Too old

  25. jen

    She did not have a tummy tuck. Her tummy is to round. When you get a tummy tuck your belly is very flat.Have seen alot of them in my line of work. And that is not the look of a tuck. Boobs and lips yes.

  26. Still after a lil anal, huh Jimbo? (“Do I get a piece of that bundt cake?”)

  27. @27 You so funny troll..

  28. Just imagine what those lips could do to my clit…..

  29. Just imagine what those lips could do to my clit….

  30. jen

    #7 you are gross

  31. Ben

    Not bad, as busted-ass trying-way-too-hard insecure-vain over-the-hill white broads go.

  32. That stomach looks like its been drained by roto rooter, at least shes trying for old Harry! good for her!

  33. foraz


  34. I know what I could do to your clit Janey..

  35. She has hairy arms. And so do you.

  36. Wobbly Joe

    She looks like she’d be a super good friend. I’d hold her hand at the movies FOR SURE!

  37. timmy the dying boy


  38. Her bods look hot, but I bet her lips is still weird

  39. Hugh G. Rection

    Hey Fellas, here’s a surefire way to tell if you’re gay…it’s quite simple actually, if you wouldn’t bang the hell out of her and mouth rape those big ass lips, then you are indeed a homo.

  40. sin

    Please…Do not show that fucked up face of hers!! She was very attractive before the lip implants but now she looks like a puffer fish.

  41. why is it americans can’t except their real age, folks?

  42. racists are weak

    Yo chimp nation, suck my ass, bitch.

  43. Darth


  44. mikeock

    the only people critical about her body are soft, flabby broads over 40 who look like they’ve spent the last 5 years on a diet of Oreos and ice cream. Lisa looks awesome and every straight guy here would tap that in a heartbeat.

    Stop being such a fag, Superficial writer.

  45. bari

    rinna is hot

  46. Reesie

    Hot, hot hot!! I am sure you can find similar at

  47. Jim Lahey

    Her physique looks like an E.T. body double. I’m waiting for her to lift her glowing index finger and yell “E.T. go home!”

  48. Jim Jones

    Further proof how much she was Photoshopped in the latest issue of Playboy.

  49. Hey Michael Richards (#5) seems a little angry about something… may his son listened to “Souljah Boy” once too many times…

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