Lisa Rinna can’t believe how beautiful Lisa Rinna is

February 26th, 2009 // 115 Comments

Lisa Rinna can’t get over her own beauty. In fact, she wishes she could walk around nude for all the world to see, according to People:

“While I’m definitely a product of this mindset, I don’t get all the fuss our society has over people’s weight,” actress Lisa Rinna told PEOPLE Tuesday night during Kate Somerville’s skin care launch at the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach. “I am more comfortable being nude than hosting an event like this.”
Added Rinna, who is set to pose nude on the cover of Playboy’s May issue: “It is best to be moderate. I focus on fitness, eat healthy, and am lucky that I am not anorexic and my weight stays the same.”
In fact, the actress believes she looks better now than she did at 34 when she posed for Playboy while pregnant.

Okay, two things for Lisa Rinna:

1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is three years older than you. Take notes.
2. Do you have any religious beliefs that prohibit you from wearing a mask? Just askin’.

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  1. Jones


  2. Govt. Cheese

    FIRST! She looks like she feasts on cow blood. What is wrong with her?

  3. jen

    Is it just me or do her lips look like someones asshole that blew out?

  4. p0nk


  5. mamamiasweetpeaches

    That womans lips look like a baboons ass!

  6. Vince Lombardi

    Her mouth looks like three dirigibles collided.

  7. Fuzzbutt


  8. Fuzzbutt


  9. swizz

    Nice one, p0nk. hahahaaaa

    Hard to tell the difference when you go ATM on this bitch.. her mouth looks like a fuckin goatse.

  10. Valerie

    If you’re so comfortable with your looks, bitch, don’t wear makeup and stop with the collagen injections. See how that goes over.

  11. MissyWu

    She’s beautiful, but in these pictures she looks just like a younger version of Leona Helmsley!!!

  12. ana

    what happend with her lips?

  13. OhMyGoodness

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  14. Her lips look like what chopped meat in sandwich bags.

    #4 – HA!

  15. Andy

    Hey bootlips, what do you see?

  16. Anonymous

    She is not attractive. In fact, she is downright frightening.

  17. sallym2009

    lol…really? I found a place that many players are hoo king up with h ot mo dels, seems the club called: __T all mingle Co M___, do you hear this before?

  18. bootlips

    Not bad, but should be a little thicker in the ass, and about six shades darker.

  19. Max Planck

    Impact absorbing lips.

  20. Solomon Ketchy

    She has become a Kimber/Priscilla Presley hybrid. We shall call her number 13.

  21. fishlips

    Why, oh why do women do this to their lips???????????? She looks like a fish.

  22. Rauwley

    I think she went to the same groomer that Sonic the Hedgehog uses.

  23. havoc

    Trout Pout !!!!

    I’m all for blow job lips but dayum……


  24. Bone

    playboy should probably put a bag over this c’s head if they want to sell any mags

  25. Harry Hamlin likes her lips because he can just wet them and stick her to the wall.

  26. jrz

    “It is best to be moderate”

    Obviously the person who injected the collagen into her mouth doesn’t agree.

  27. sarah

    the majority of women getting plastic surgery are white, so go figure…what’s wrong with aging gracefully and NORMALLY? this skank is NASTY.

  28. sarah

    the majority of women getting plastic surgery are white, so go figure…what’s wrong with aging gracefully and NORMALLY? this skank is NASTY.

  29. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    I thought the factory sent out a recall notice for this model. If you face-fuck it too hard the lips will explode & the realistic teeth will clamp down causing permanent damage.

  30. pete

    Her mouth looks like the “after” shot in one of those gape pornos…that I’ve heard about.

  31. uhhhno

    so she’s comfortable with her that’s a bad thing? good for her, what’s wrong with being confident. plus, i like her and i think she’s pretty. she could tone down the lips a few notches but that’s what she’s known for so i’m sure she’ll keep them forever.

  32. Mikey

    Jeeezus…she’s about 1 more surgery away from looking like the Cat Lady!!

  33. lola

    She would be a real knockout if it wasn’t for those Daffy Duck lips. Are those natural? Those can’t be…

  34. This woman proves the theory of evolution. She is living proof that ‘sucker fish’ (i.e. ramoras) can grow limbs and wear dresses. Darwin was right, although I fail to see how THIS could be termed survival of the fitest.

  35. sallym223

    Needless to say, she has very cute looking!! lots pretty chicks like her should be very famous on the ta ll da ting site: ___TallMingle Co m___. Maybe she can join to attend the sexy session to attract ta ll guys!! at least, that’s what my bros and i happen to know!!

  36. Jrz

    If Joan Collins and Mr. Potato Head had a trampy baby….it’d be Lisa Rinna.

  37. bosendorfer

    lisa rinna was SO hot not too long ago.

    now: gross.

  38. .

    She’d be pretty if it weren’t for those mutant lips.

  39. Trout pout and pitted skin. Do collagen injections *ever* look good?

  40. Russ9us

    I bet it takes her 6 hours to get ready to go get the mail!

    #35, learn to speak english, please

  41. Russ9us

    I bet it takes her 6 hours to get ready to go get the mail!

    #35, learn to speak english, please

  42. brenda

    what the fuck is wrong with her lips?

  43. mike

    She’s as ugly as those unwashed hippie vegans that PETA is pimping these days.

  44. daunte

    This is what happens when your plastic surgeon refuses to say how bad you would look. They should have done a before and after screening with her just to show her how hideous those lips were goning to be. Then again, she just might be stupid and shallow enough to think they look good. We all know she is Fugly in the face.

  45. AndrewMacCloud

    Anybody familiar with the Big Bang Lips Theory?

    Looks like she has a gigantic allegic reaction on her upper lip,..
    Why don’t these bitches know when to quit with their plastic surgery
    self mutilation

    What a shame.

  46. JaniceGunit

    The bottom lip is fine, but that top one is scary. It looks like she is pouting but the corners of her mouth are straight across, very strange.

  47. Darth

    She looks like the trailer park version of Joan Collins lol.

  48. vaglips

    How did she get a vagina transplant on her face?

  49. Chris Brown

    I bet nobody would get upset if I punched in THIS face.

    But, I got to remember what I learned in anger management class – hit where it don’t show.

  50. justifiable

    Sure she’s comfortable naked. Everyone’s too freaked out by the lip implants and the Jiffy Pop hair to notice that she isn’t wearing clothes.

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