Lisa Nova deserves all the celebrity – ALL OF IT!


Chances are pretty high you’ve never heard of comedian Lisa Nova – until now!’s awesomely named blog The Underwire stumbled across Lisa and her quest for YouTube dominance (video after the jump). It’s a touching tale of perseverance, the human spirit and, forget all that stuff, boobies!:

YouTube comedian LisaNova is waging an online war against the pageview-hogging, cleavage-heavy thumbnails that have become so popular on YouTube videos. Her not-so-secret weapon: her boobs.

The comedienne, who’s known for the campy characters that landed her a short run on MadTV, is fighting to beat the soft-core porn peddlers at their own game by offering free photos of her breasts and short videos of herself in various disguises. She’s put together a scandalous series of downloads: Users can choose from “collabcharacters” that depict LisaNova as a sexy librarian, emo college girl, naughty nurse and more.

Finally, a woman willing to battle the Hollywood system with nothing but her breasts and a camcorder. Lisa Nova, allow me to present you with the first ever “The Superficial Kickass Dame of the Month” award. You earned this illustrious achievement through a dedication to displaying yams and, okay, making people laugh. But mostly for the yams.

Props to Scott for seeing boobs and loving America so much he contacted me. Uncle Sam salutes you!