Lisa Marie Presley gets married again

February 17th, 2006 // 41 Comments

lmarie-marries.jpgLisa Marie Presley’s publicist announced that she got married for the fourth time last month to guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood. The two got married in a traditional Japanese ceremony in Kyoto with Lisa Marie’s mother giving her away and one of her ex-husbands, Danny Keough, acting as best man. And you’d think having an ex-husband as best man would be awkward, but it wasn’t at all. At least not until his speech when he pulled down his pants, pointed to his penis, and started yelling, “Miss this, baby? Miss it?! Do you miss it?!”



  1. CheekyChops

    Why is he dressed up like a reporter from the 60′s?

  2. SuperSpence

    What is the over/under on the number of times this chick is going to get married? I saw…14.

  3. AmberDextrose

    Is that not Rhys Ifans, the bloke that played Hugh Grant’s mad Welsh flatmate in “Notting Hill”?

  4. lastangelman

    Great goggamm, she sells Daddy’s legacy for a giggle of geld and she married ANOTHER musician without a prenup, AGAIN? Lisa Marie dump this cat over the Pacific and take me. I’ll produce all your albums, show you how to sell them over the internet to your fans, eliminating the middleman, and make you a very happy humming whore in bed and spend your daddy’s money on the ponies, pinot noir and pinochle.

  5. I think it would be funny if during the ceremony, Lisa Marie (not the best man) pulled up her dress and said, “Miss that?? Miss that coochie???” Now THAT would be high comedy.

  6. Tracy

    It won’t last.

  7. Lavinia the Vainglorious

    She’s a lukewarm singer who we wouldn’t have the dubious honour of ever having to listen to if it wasn’t for her dad. She knows it, we know it.

    Her dad was also a complete nut job in the end. This could be genetic. This woman married Michael Jackson, I can’t believe no-one has mentioned it yet. This latest escapade no surprise.

  8. What’s up with all the boring stories today?

  9. Sheva

    You know I just thought she looked like a doll. But how long did she last with tormented Nick Cage? And then to hear her speak you would think she grew up in a trailer and her daddy drives trucks for a living.

    She seems somewhat odd. Somehow I want to like her and root for her. If she finds happiness, I’d be glad for her.

  10. What kind of lame ass get’s talked into letting your future wife’s ex-husband be your best man… I bet when he toasted them at the reception he said, “She’s your fucking proplem now man.”

    On a seperate note: Not wanting to leave out her other ex-husband, Lisa Marie appointed Michael Jackson as the Flower Girl.

  11. playahater101

    Well, she IS a scientologist you know. And we all know how sane they all are.

  12. hotintempe

    Tacky……he must be able to lay down the pipe!!!

  13. PapaHotNuts

    He looks like a door-to-door salesman. He came by my house the other day and tried to sell me a vacuum cleaner. I told him I didn’t need one because his new bide’s last album sucked enough .

  14. Zanna


    MEN: No matter whose daughter she is; wouldn’t the fact that she married Michael Jackson be a DETERRENT?

  15. PapaHotNuts


  16. LaydeeBug

    I love when White-American people have traditional Japanese weddings. It’s so nice to see them get back to their roots.

  17. Women don’t miss a guys penis, they can always find a better one, but nice try. Ya it won’t last…poor girl, she tries so hard. Maybe it’s the Scientology thing?

  18. Realistic

    I feel like I just read the TV Guide blurb for next week’s episode of “My name is Earl.”

  19. Jayne

    Christ…she STILL needs a father figure.

  20. LoneWolf

    Richter Scale readings taken near Memphis indicate that Elvis is rolling over in his grave. Not just once or twice, but spinning like pig on a rotisserie. Whoa, there’s an unintentionally apt metaphor.

    Best Wishes to the happy couple. And by “Best Wishes” I mean, “You’ll be divorced quicker than the time it takes to say, ‘I’ve spent my entire life failing to compensate for the loss of my pill-popping, pedophiliac, redneck daddy’.”

  21. Pill-popping, pedophiliac, redneck daddy, who also happened to be the King of Rock!

  22. LaydeeBug

    #19, She HAS her father’s figure.

    Nah, I don’t know how fat she is now, I just wanted to say that.

  23. gish

    Ummm…FIRST of all…she was supposed to marry me, so this MUST be some kind of mistake (much like all her other marriages). Second, what the hell’s up with his head? I’ve searched all the crevices and crannies online to try to find a picture of him without a hat on. It could be he just has an ugly forehead, or baldness, or a boil, or he’s giving birth to a litter of alien rodents that are crawling out of his fontanelles…

  24. ESQ

    That is an odd wedding, your ex as the best man? If and when I get married NONE of my ex’s are even going to be near my wedding. She is like serial marrier, if I were her I would enjoy just being married to my legend of a father’s money.

  25. ESQ

    In response to comment #1 – I agree with you. Nice fuckin’ hat I say. Is that traditional Japanese garb for a wedding? Bad suits?

  26. Tink

    – One question, I really want an answer–

    Why did they get married in Japan??

  27. HollyJ

    Lockwood needs to come take care of my crow problem.

  28. dinella24

    keyword being AGAIN . “congrats anyway”. About why they got marries I read somewhere that Japan doesn’t put a cap on the amount of times you can marry.

  29. Bogart

    #17 haha, I love it when women get upset about stupid jokes that are supposed to just be funny.

    Or should I say… excuse me but guys don’t expose themselves to their ex-lovers at wedding ceremonies, they only do that on dark street corners or after they’ve bound a gagged their ex, but nice try though.

  30. Moksha

    I see she’s already redecorated her groom with the ‘country gingham’ look that Nick Cage objected to.

  31. CheekyChops

    #26 – Maybe she’s bigger in Japan than she’ll ever be here and they made more of a thing of it than we would?
    Hey, what’s with her marrying these freaky looking dudes? Is it the whole alien nation religion thing she has going on?

  32. Skullyzena

    Okay… she is just too damn weird. First of all, she marries the king of psychos Michael Jackson, and now she has a JAPANESE wedding with her ex as the best man… What is up with this chick?

  33. HughJorganthethird

    YeeeeeeHawwwwwwwww It’s marrying time! Break out the deep fried Peanut Butter sandwiches!

  34. monkeyballs

    Yawn. What?

  35. slinkhard

    I don’t think 17 sounded upset, Bogart.

  36. Trumpeteer

    Does anyone wonder why she went insane and married the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Michael Jackson’s tounge was in her mouth. I wonder if it tasted like llama ass and candy apples? She = tainted goods.

  37. gogoboots

    Great now she’s going to suck his blood and eat his penis on a stick. This is going to be fun to watch.

  38. jugsgirl

    This story was so last month

  39. freshbread

    #24- because she divorced that hubby to marry Michael Jackson. She was fine in her marriage until Scientology could see an opportunity to “recruit” Jackson. It’s all part of the scientologists’ policy to get celebs in to promote their “group”, she married Jackson 20 days after she divorced her first husband, a “devout” scientologist. Cage wouldn’t take on scientology so the marriage fell apart. Neither would Jackson. The Cage thing was nothing to do with his personality I suspect. If Lockwood hates Scientology too, they’ve got months to go.

  40. I have nothing to say here.

  41. she is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very boring!!!!!!

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