Lisa Loeb in a thong

January 31st, 2006 // 71 Comments

Some of you may be too young to remember Lisa Loeb. She was famous for something back in the early nineties. I don’t remember what; I think it had something to do with a dancing giraffe. But I do remember really wanting to see her as naked as possible. Well, ten or so years later, my prayers have been answered, sorta. And she doesn’t look bad. If she was as entertaining singing as she is running around in a thong, maybe I’d buy more of her music. Particularly if she sang naked. And in my bedroom. And used my wang as a microphone.

UPDATE: And now there’s video.


  1. Larry

    Lisa Loeb’s hiney is looking good.

    It appears that The Joker was sharing her dressing room that day.

  2. Lil Timmy

    Wow, her ass looks fucking great.

  3. hafaball

    I guess her ass looks okay…but it looks like she only has one cheek, just that the thong created two. Maybe she also has one big titty.

  4. Mugato

    SHe’s still cute after all these years. I think it’s the nerdy glasses.

  5. ESQ

    I see your hiney, it’s nice and shiny. If you don’t move it I’m gone to bite it.

  6. In that same episode she shows off a bra she’s wearing as well. I’m so glad she didn’t marry that damn Zappa…

    I want to say it right now, and I want you all to listen… Frank Zappa was an overrated retard.

  7. Drew

    Lisa loeb has always been gorgeous and her ass looks wonderful.

  8. PinkRose

    Lisa seems to really take of herself. She’s looking for someone who is in her late 30′s.

  9. I always knew there was an insatiable sex kitten underneath those nerdy glasses and guitar ballads.

  10. DrDanny

    Whoa, there.
    Dweezil Zappa and Justin Crider may be over-rated retards, but FZ is justly lauded as a pioneer of something or other. Your not liking his music doesn’t make it valueless.
    Lisa Loeb, OTOH, has never impressed me as anything other than a potentially good pieceo f poonany. Or is that poonannie? or ??.

  11. HeeHaw

    She’s adorable!

    Let’s hear it for Lisa Loeb! And thongs!

  12. DEVO

    The thong remains the same. America’s throw-away culture does have tinges of green, including tree-spikers and the media’s penchant for recycling entertainers who have been out to pasture for years (or sitting on the curb outside their homes, waiting for the Vikoz or EPA or E! trucks to come). Loeb, Flava Flav, et al are capitalism personified in a corporate feudal state. Serfs work the land then demand entertainment after a hard day’s toil, no matter from whence the detritus/compose came.
    Today, what does it take
    To do The Superthing
    I’ll tell you what it takes
    A very simple thing
    Iron nerves like the pilot of a jumbo jet
    Or a girl on the go … who hasn’t got there yet

  13. Airdale

    I’d hit it!

  14. DEVO

    Typos are integral to our DNA. DEVO meant to type “detritus/compost,” not “detritus/compose.” — Ed.

  15. Her ass looks fantastic, I’ve never seen a thong look better on an ass. Rock on Lisa!

  16. SuperSpence

    I would enjoy repeatedly inserting my phallus into her vagina. And other things of a similar nature.

  17. HollyJ

    Who is the mad scientist in the background laughing maniacally and apparently wielding a spanking implement in his left hand? I think whoever took this picture was “coitus nerdus interruptus.”

  18. spamnews

    Justin Cider said on January 31, 2006 09:50 AM

    I want to say it right now, and I want you all to listen… Frank Zappa was an overrated retard.

    I want to say it right now, and I want you all to listen… Justin Cider is a retard.

  19. J-Bo

    If all bookwormish chicks looked like this with there clothes off. We’d all be married with real smart kids today. post#16 says it all.

  20. I remember her song “you say, you only hear what I want to” or someting like that.

    She still looks stunning after all these years.

  21. Kitchy

    “Ohhh I don’t know…and I don’t CAAARE..if I ever see this again…”

    she does look good though. I wish I could wear stripes.

  22. HeeHaw

    I just love the whole rockin a thong with boots thing.

    On anybody else it would look slutty, on her, it’s cute. Boots, thong, and glasses. It’s awesome.

    New fashion trend…

  23. Jaydel


  24. I love hot nerd girls.

    I don’t give a crap about the thong, I just think Lisa Loeb’s gorgeous.

  25. Dr. Pascal

    As the immortal Socrates said to his disciples just after mid-terms:


  26. Sheva

    Never could get into the I’m the chick Poindexter look.
    But she’s taking care of her, uhm assets. Good job.

  27. Jaydel

    Nassatal = no ass at all

  28. PapaHotNuts

    Sorry I’m late posting, but I just finished fucking a librarian after viewing this.

  29. mrs.t

    Here’s the jealous mama’s take: “let’s see how good she looks after a few pregnancies.”

    Heidi Klum blew that whole excuse out of the fucking water, though.

    She looks great. For a dwarf.

    Truly, if I looked that good in a thong and knee-highs, you would ALL know about it. I would sell my house and my kids and buy up every available billboard possible, plastered with pics of my hot-crossed buns.

  30. mrs.t

    And I just remembered that my husband used to have a pretty serious secret crush on her. He is going to poop into his panties when he gets a load of this.

    Now I’m off to the gym. (That’s right, by that I mean box of HO-HO’S).

  31. Elvis Julep

    “I see your hiney, it’s nice and shiny. If you don’t move it I’m gone to bite it.”

    Its “If you don’t HIDE it I’m gonna bite it.” Kind of like a rhyme, only not.

    Jesus, who do I have to blow to get an accurate quote around here?

  32. Jaydel

    Is she Jewish?

  33. Flush it all away

    Yowza…that’s a tuchus right there.

    Of course, we all know that this is that first, liberating step. That’s right: first, she wears a thong on television. She suffers no societal reprobation, feels no puritan guilt. Rather, she enjoys her exhilerating little window of freedom. She indulges in this thumbing-the-nose at society’s constraints, at those who pigeonholed her as “cute” but not “sexy.” Who knows, perhaps Daddy’s expectations even come into play.

    But that window stays open only briefly, and she yearns for another, longer taste of personal freedom; it becomes her own narcotic. Oh, to immerse herself in scandal, to bathe in taboo! A racy FHM spread follows. “Don’t be afraid of your curves,” the photographer whispers in honey tones. “Purse those lips like a good girl.”

    The FHM shoot feeds the addiction, but does not quench it. The mantra “I am Lisa Loeb, I am woman” cycles endlessly in her mind, as those wicked sisters Pleasure and Passion become her fondest acquaintances. Another thrill! More freedom! Shed the bonds of the forbidden!

    Soon enough, she’s fucking a pony on video for $50.

  34. If you guys and gals think thats a nice ass then you havn’t seen many butts -_-’

    She basically has no ass. Maybe it’s the pic, maybe it’s not.

  35. Courtney


  36. LOL at PapaHotNuts. Wow, that’s a good one.

    Damn she’s hot. I love chicks in glasses.

  37. al rarow

    “Hey! It’s me Lisa Loeb. Remember me and my glasses? Lisa Loeb? “Stay”? Nothing?

    Well then, uhm… er…here’s my ass! HAY LOOK ME OVER! I’m 37 and ready to date!

    No, I don’t work at the coffeeshop — the name is Lisa Loeb. I have a greatest hits CD out for crapsake! Look at my eyebrows, look at my glasses, look at my long butt. Wanna take me out?”

  38. billabong021

    Dunno who she is but she’s got a v nice ass.

  39. Larry

    “Is she Jewish?”

    Yes, she is a Yid.

  40. Oh man. I’ve been madly in love with Lisa Loeb since about 1994. Now she goes and does this? *swoon* In a better world, we’d be together :)

  41. Somehow I dont think this is what Sisqo had in mind …

  42. Whatup

    uh uh uh uh uh….thanks for that post

  43. eastboundanddown

    What does her being Jewish have to do with her ass? I’ve never noticed a difference..then again it’s hard to notice the difference when there’s only a sheet with a hole in it to separate us.

  44. Thin & Wicked

    Holy damn. She makes me want to yell the National Anthem between her asscheeks.

  45. Jaydel

    Sheet with a hole in it to separate us? Huh?!?! I read on another web site that she was Jewish and wanted to find out for sure if it was true.

  46. PapaHotNuts

    That dude on #12 really is passionate about his posts. Kinda like how OJ really was passionate about killing his wife.

  47. cornelius_prot

    jaydel never seen the ucb? besides, it’s clear what her being jewish has to do with her ass: you can’t buttchug milk with jews.

  48. Jaydel


  49. The Devil

    Lisa Loeb won’t be single for long, that’s for damn sure.


  50. cornelius_prot

    upright citizens brigade

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