Lisa Robin Kelly Died (1970 – 2013)

August 15th, 2013 // 51 Comments
Lisa Robin Kelly

After getting kicked off That 70s Show for not realizing slutty blondes grow on trees, Lisa Robin Kelly has had a rough go at it to put things nicely because not only did she just die, she died in rehab. “I just wanted to spit in her face one last time,” life was quoted as saying. TMZ reports:

The 43-year-old actress passed away in her sleep Wednesday night at a rehab facility in California.
We spoke with Kelly’s agent who tells us the actress had just voluntarily checked herself in for treatment this past week … and was determined to clean herself up.
The agent tells us, “She had been fighting demons for a while and finally lost her battle.”

Of course, if this job has taught me anything, it’s never trust an agent. So to avenge Laurie’s death, I present to you shocking footage of her MURDER.

Eric Laurie Pillow

Still blaming others for Spider-Man 3, Topher? You’ll never learn…

Rest in Peace, Laurie


  1. Madonna's Testicles

    Ouch lol.

  2. And yet, Lohan still lives. Which one? Any of them, all of them, whatever.

  3. Goose

    I guess you can die from withdrawal.

    • Depending on what it is you’re taking and the degree to which you’re addicted that is true.

      From WikiPedia: The severity of the alcohol withdrawal syndrome can vary from mild symptoms such as mild sleep disturbances and mild anxiety to very severe and life threatening including delirium, particularly visual hallucinations in severe cases and convulsions (which may result in death).

      • And I thought Jack Lemmon’s “Joe Clay” violent and hallucinagenic drying out in the sanitarium in “Days of Wine and Roses” was all exaggerations for the dramatic effect…..

    • Early in withdrawal from alcohol/drugs folks die from head trauma (falling down), heart attack, stroke, or asphyxiation (choking to death on your own vomit).

  4. EricLR

    Fame is the most addictive drug in Hollywood by far. And withdrawal symptoms frequently lead to addictions to other drugs.

  5. No, no, stupid demon I summoned last week! Not THAT frequently arrested blonde in rehab!

  6. stevebrt

    “She had been fighting demons for a while and finally lost her battle.” shit , was she a vampire slayer?

  7. Good career move.

  8. It’s sad, she was just turning her life around…said nobody ever.

  9. Eh

    Wait. Why aren’t you being crass and rude like you were with Cory Monteith?

  10. Mr. Sensitive

    She died too early, only about 20 years past her peak. She had a good 30-40 years of further decline ahead of her.

  11. Trek Girl

    Whoa, that came out of left field.

  12. That’s too bad. R.I.P Lisa Robin Kelly.

  13. amy

    you’re usually funny but today you’re kind of insensitive :(

  14. right

    Whatever you think of her, she has just passed. Your insensitive comments show what true assholes most of you are. It obviously sucks to be you.

  15. Batu Khan

    It’s especially sad when someone dies of addiction. Because it’s just the part of your mind that tells you ‘GO’ beating the other that says ‘STOP’. RIP.

  16. mark

    cue the fucking nitwit pseudo-celebrities running to twitter to write, “SOOO SAD!! prayers are with her family right now…”
    as if fuck-head lohan or dung-erupting kardashian are going to drop to their knees beside their beds, eyes closed, passionately asking god to lighten the family’s suffering!! can’t you just picture those pious celebs pulling that off?! my nutsack! they write that not because they’re actually going to do that – but it’s what they think they should write! FUCK I hate reading that idiocy!! too bad the headline didn’t read, “LOHAN – FINALLY DEAD!! GOODNESS PREVAILS!!” or, “KIM KARDASHIAN’S KADAVER FOUND KOILED UP IN KOBRA!!” fuck I can’t wait to celebrate the deaths of these two degenerate, slobbering, evil, pungent piles of camel shit!!

  17. Dr. Doctor

    There’s nothing like being on a show where you’re constantly being referred to as a whore and/or bitch for one’s self-esteem.

  18. wonder how many glib sociopaths are just on this thread. we’re talking about a woman who died in one of the worst ways possible. creeps

    • Did someone hold a gun to her head to become a crystal meth/crack addict? Or Michael Jackson’s head? Or Amy Winehouse? Or Cory Monteith? She was a drug addict – rather self-inflicted. And she died in her sleep. That’s a gift, in case you didn’t know that, or have witnessed someone suffer for months from cancer, or horrible injuries. Going in your sleep is a gift, and this is The Superficial. You could be lost. Find your way.

  19. Huh?

    Yeah…I usually like the comments on here taking the piss out of delusional celebrities. But addiction is so fkd up, and for someone to die when and possibly because they were trying to submit (rehab isn’t exactly the same for people without money as it is for fame whores with the bucks to bounce in and out of facilities for PR fodder) is beyond even what I can find funny, and that is quite a lot. This woman may have been slightly famous at one time, but she was hardly the typical target of the Superficial. She wasn’t fame whoring or snobbing it up…she was just fkd up, and died a horrible death.

  20. Whyask

    I’m no saint by any measure, but there comes a point where poking people when they’re down just isn’t funny anymore.

    You’ve passed that point.

    More often than not I leave here feeling dirty and lesser for being here in the first place.. This is a new low – unbelievably crass, ugly and more case in point. I know you don’t care, but I won’t be back. Feel free to delete my user account.

    /good riddance.

  21. …i gotta say, i kinda agree with a lot of the sentiment expressed here …although i think i got the spirit in which Fish’s comments were meant (lightening the tension by making jokes that were’nt really AT her expense, if you go back and re-read them), it has raised a point which i’ve been feeling for a little while …it’s gotten really ugly around here lately, and it’s been getting worse …people are making really nasty comments about subjects who have done nothing to invite ridicule & derision (like kids, and gays, and dudes with fucked-up faces, and usually-pretty girls who are looking kinda plain on this one day in particular) …i’ve been reading the.superficial for years, and when the comment section started becoming a thing, it used to be about who could be the most clever, poignant, and most of all: funny …but now, folks come here just to see who can one-up each other by being the most outrageous, shocking, and very often: mean-spirited …if sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, then shock is the lowest form of artistic expression.

  22. Everything is fodder. Nothing is sacrosanct!

  23. anonym

    Are actors’ lives so empty and fucked up that they need to abuse drugs?

    • I think you just answered your own question. Many people (many, MANY people) in the entertainment industry aren’t known for their high IQs. I suppose they become easily bored with the fame and fortune and seek other thrills when they’re past their “prime” and can’t collect a paycheque for being cute anymore. Whatever. She’d been an addict for years and just now decided to “clean up”? Stephen King refers to this type as “this week’s dead celebrity.” Sorry, but it fits.

  24. Hers was the first article that brought me to this site: Claiming her room mate beat himself up and thus introduced me to the words “junkie sandwich” – two crazy statements sandwiching denial.
    So I’m bummed out just because it made me piss myself laughing cause she was nuts whole hazelnuts.
    RIP crazy lady.

  25. Die from a real addiction, Loser.

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