Lisa Opie in a Bikini is The Crap I Missed – 5.2.14

Here’s Lisa Opie trying out this new thing where you take your phone and aim it at your face and tits, then post it all over the Internet. I think they’re calling it a selfie. Sounds so dumb right? Probably won’t catch on at all. Anyway, huge thanks to you guys for hanging in there with me this week. It’s been super fun to fill in for Fish and I’m not just talking about getting to sit behind the big desk and play with all these cool toys. *opens packaging, hears distant shrieking* And look at these weird, old-looking comic books. I wonder if they’re any good. *tears plastic, cell phone starts ringing nonstop* Nah, these are junk. *puts in shredder, watches live hostage situation develop on local southern TV news station*

Back to the norm on Monday,

- Photo Boy

Photo: Splash News