Something’s Up With Travolta’s ‘Gotti’ Movie…

John Travolta’s Gotti biopic was dumped by Lionsgate today just ten days before it was set to release. The last time something like this happened, we all found out that Louis C.K. tried to jerk off in front of practically every female he’s ever worked with. Considering the fact that John Travolta has had a long history of underreported sexual “mishaps” that were covered up by the space mafia, one has to wonder if Lionsgate is cutting ties now in preparation for another sexual misconduct bombshell… it’s either that or the movie is as terrible as this trailer looks.

Directed by Entourage alum and Kevin Connolly, Travolta’s Italian/constipation face is barely convincible enough for a made-for-TV movie. According to Deadline, Travolta is calling the sexual misconduct speculations “fake news” because people who use the words “fake news” are never full of shit… especially all those male massage therapists that John tried to jerk off in soapy, sudsy sauna sessions over the years.

Travolta thinks this movie is so good that Lionsgate can’t handle it. Since getting let go, he’s secured distribution with a guy who is totally not a rich Scientologist producer from Boca Raton.

“He is underwhelmed with the tiny release that Lionsgate planned for the film through its multi-platform arm Lionsgate Premiere, which is devoted primarily to genre fare that finds its audience through ancillary lanes. Looking to protect what he believes is a worthy theatrical film, and his own performance, Travolta sought out a financier to change that fate. He found one in Edward Walson. The producer of five Broadway plays and eight films that include the Woody Allen-directed Café Society and upcoming Wonder Wheel, Walson and cohorts found the money to buy Lionsgate out of the equation. A new deal is close with another theatrical distributor that will make Gotti a wide release, they said.” (from Deadline)

Whatever happens with Gotti, it’s only a matter of time before those masseuses decide that no amount of Xenu’s hush money is worth letting Travolta get away with all the unwanted handjobs he tried to dole out over the years. Let’s put a pin in this story for now and see how it develops…

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