Madonna’s powers far greater than we imagined

April 9th, 2009 // 23 Comments

- Madonna is being repeatedly asked for by four-year-old Mercy in Malawi. If this doesn’t prove witchcraft works, I don’t know what does. Not counting every time I give a stripper a dollar. Damn their sorcery! [PopSugar]

- Suri Cruise taking dance lessons? Or an elaborate cover for Tom Cruise forcing Katie Holmes to learn the moonwalk? You decide. [Just Jared]

- Dr. Drew calls Lindsay Lohan an addict, Britney Spears lucky to be alive and Nicole Richie “an inspiration.” Close, but that last one is going to cost your license. No, seriously. [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Christina Applegate survives cancer but still loves cigarettes. That should end well. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Gwyneth Paltrow is selling her clothes. At prices even you peasants can afford! Huzzah! [Jezebel]

Photos: Splash News

  1. Marianna

    Numba one

  2. @Marianna…Get a life…Quit sitting here “refreshing” just so you can be “Numba one”.
    UR still a LOSER.

  3. Just cause Mercy is yelling BITCH!! all the time does not mean she asking for Madonna.

  4. testington

    Love her or hate her, ya’ll gotta admit that the pain pic is gorgeous!

  5. Randal

    There’s a lot to be said about Madonna, from her early hits and controversy over Like a Virgin to being a good mother to her children BUT nothing says Madonna like her style.

    She’s like a cat that purrs pure pleasure and it clearly shows in the pictures she sent to the FISH.



  6. spindoc

    Gwenyth Paltrow is just lucky that she was born to a well known movie producer and a well respected actress mother. Otherwise there is no way that she would have the life of leisure she has. Oh and Gwenyth, hey, thanks for almost ruining Iron Man, for the sequal you may want to show an expression once in a while ok?

  7. Gando


  8. Darth

    She starts to look less tranny,what’s in her favor.

  9. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I don’t smoke anymore! Where’s my girl?

  12. I’m sure she didn’t met me in person, folks!!

  13. Uncle Eccoli

    I’d like to see Dr. Drew tortured to death, the miserable rat fuck. If you’ve got a fucking hangnail it’s because you’re either an ‘addict’ or were molested as a child, according to him.

  14. Gerald Wiegert is an arrogant, no talent, fraudulent, poser hack, and complete homo-at-large. It amuses me that such a completely self-absorbed cocksucking engineer-wanna-be would get a mercy plug ( ^ ) here, on the ‘Fish, of all places. Like any of these retards would ever own an $800k car ;^)

  15. Guy

    She looks great in the first photo, shame about the rest.

  16. Still White on the Outside

    Hey Richport #15, I just knew it. Let’s say we put this all aside and trade spit. And of course by spit I mean semen. And no, not seamen like in the Navy (did I mention I served?) although seamen’s semen is seemin’ dreamy right now. It sucks that being a flamer prevents me from being a true conservative. WWRD??? (What Would Rush Do?) I need a mustache on my nuts STAT!

  17. will

    wow madonna looks amazing in her fab outfit

  18. EuroNeckPain

    Her face looks much better after this new “underskin ribbon” procedure.
    It will not change the quality of the skin, though.
    I wonder if she dies her roots dark to make believe she has no white hair. Otherwise, I don’t see the pont of the disgusting hairline.

  19. vy

    does someone know where she got the leather jacket from? It looks great on her!

  20. bday

    wow she looks damn great

  21. jonas

    she spend the easter with guy till 2 fab

  22. katya

    She looks nice in these photos for a change

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