Hugh Jackman thinks he’s so tough…

- Hugh Jackman arrives at the Sydney premiere of Wolverine by jumping out of a helicopter. Somebody should put this guy in one of those superhero movies. [Vulture]

- Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are finally divorcing. He wants to date other women while she just wants to realize her dream of competing in the Kentucky Derby. Don’t stop believing! [Allie is Wired]

- Levi Johnston continues to battle Sarah Palin in the press. Wants people to know he’s not white trash, he just likes huntin’, fishin’ and knockin’ bitches up. That’s all. [Jezebel]

- Hugh Laurie is not a fan of pranks on the set of House. Then again his mother was killed by a marching band hiding inside an elevator, so I can see how this might offend him. [Videogum]

- Keith Urban scores a threesome with his wife Nicole Kidman and Taylor Swift. He was just about to quit country music altogether, but it turns out it can get you laid – and this time not with a relative. [Best Week Ever]

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