Mickey Rourke wrestles. Like in that movie.

- Mickey Rourke battles Chris Jericho on Wrestlemania 25. The loser: dignity. Ha! See how I assumed there’d be any at a wrestling event? I’m adorable. [Videogum]

- Ashlee Simpson makes Bronx Mowgli watch Fall Out Boy concerts. That’s gotta be the worst case of child abuse I’ve ever heard. Can’t we give this kid to Madonna? [PopSugar]

- Zac Efron refuses to Twitter, but Hugh Jackman is all about it. Ladies, adjust your fantasies accordingly. [Vulture]

- Miley Cyrus doesn’t care for Robert Pattinson. Based solely on her boyfriend Justin Gaston, I’m going to assume the reason is “Not gay enough.” [Allie is Wired]

- Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady’s security shot at a paparazzo trying to get pics of their second wedding in Costa Rica. Did the guy look like Bridget Moynahan? Otherwise, that sounds a tad overboard. [Jezebel]