Link-Beef: Bella Hadid Wearing Future Underwear And More

Nick Carter’s house is boring. [EvilBeet]

A very attractive baby was born. [TooFab]

Janet Jackson’s billionaire husband was a douchebag, so she’s out. [Dlisted]

A Japanese guy tried to make up “American-sounding names” for video game. [ProZD]

Kim Kardashian has boobs. [AOL]

I have no idea what that is on Jaden Smith’s head. [PageSix]

It’s really hard to be with Mariah Carey if you’re a f*ckboy. [TMZ]

Team Diesel vs. Team Rock, who cares? They’re both making millions- this is the wackest feud in a decade. [CinemaBlend]

Christian Bale gets his dream role: A Dick. [LaineyGossip]


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