Lingerie Football League: The Celebrities of Tomorrow – And My Pants

September 5th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Since it’s Friday and there’s a serious celeb bikini drought going on, The Superficial is officially honoring the start of the NFL season by posting pics of the Lingerie Football League. After a week of intense political debate, I felt like we needed to come together as a nation. And I think we can all agree it doesn’t get more patriotic than chicks in lingerie tossing the ol’ pigskin. Unless, of course, Sarah Palin gave Uncle Sam a lap dance on top of the Liberty Bell then, honestly, you got me there.

Photos: Splash News

  1. do not want

    bitch is butch

  2. raoulduke357


  3. cyelsm

    boy how interesting is this sh!t

  4. do not want

    get some pics of the other members

  5. Deacon Jones

    awww man. I bet feminists the nation over have blood boiling out of their eyes right now. Congrats on all your progress, carpet munchers.

    “Only a Carpathian would choose to come back to life NOW in New York city!”

  6. do not want

    no I checked they’re all butch.

  7. sophie

    what is wrong with you people? do you want to look at pictures of models who look like nude twelve year old boys or sexy women with curves?!?!

  8. rough daddy

    gorgeous face and hair on #7, but have the belly of a linebacker! shouldve pose with a rear shot instead! this “Lingerie Bowl” is such a tease!

  9. Hank

    Meh. There was a drought of celeb bikini pictures all along, because the girls in bikinis weren’t celebs. This is no better or worse than the random non-famous super-softcore stuff that’s been on here for months.

    Still, I bet there are plenty of Republican guys who get super horny for this stuff. Football and tits is almost as great as reactionary politics (‘COMMIE!”) and tits.

    In fairness, though, the Palin women obviously put out like total sluts, so it’s not unreasonable to get horny over them because even ordinary Joes clearly have a shot. Getting all the chromosomes lined up and counted properly…well, now that’s a different issue, isn’t it.

  10. Ted from LA

    It looks more like a manequin football league. Must fuck the manequin…

  11. Em

    @5 – Nice G’Busters reference, Deacon. Seemingly irrelevant, but nice.

  12. Deacon Jones

    That chick in Pic #6 is running the same way as the girls in college did when they woke up nude in my bed in the morning

  13. Deacon Jones

    @11 Thanks!

    Alright folks, going to happy hour, I’ll slam a shot for you as I’m fumbling for my car keys to leave the bar tonight!

  14. havoc

    Oh hell yeah…..


  15. toolboy

    Falopian Football. Can’t stop licking the screen. Snozzlberries?

  16. obammy

    Fish you must be a white KKK Republican. That seems very sexist and I don’t see any Afro-Americans in those pictures. In fact, Afro-Americans are underrepresented on your website. God damn The Superficial.

  17. Sarah Palin

    This site is just like those books at the Wasilla public library! The Superficial must be banned! With this type of content, teenagers will have their heads filled with sexual thoughts WITHOUT PARENTAL SUPERVISION and will be at risk to act them out and get pregnant.

    It’s all your fault, Superficial! Not mine, do you hear me?! Your fault! You…you…you…LIBERALS!

    (“Ok, sweetie, time to take care of the baby again…I don’t care if you want some free time, it’s important for mommy to spend lots of time at work, you know that – I’m a barracuda!!! Anyhow, think of it this way, if something bad happens when you give birth, you’ll already know how to take care of a tardbaby. Now shut up and take care of my kids.”)

  18. rough daddy

    Id like to play hide the salami with #8.

  19. coffeebean

    #16 obammy – look at the girl running in the last pic, her lips are so big, she might be half black.

  20. pissant

    Whats the name of her other breast?

  21. JPRichardson

    What a perfect creature. I don’t see the sense of them beautiful models playing football, though.

  22. fish da whore

    #1 is a faerie

  23. m

    wow thanks for the Sarah Palin-lap-dancing image
    it’s a real treat

  24. who am i?

    #22 is a bigot

  25. billabong021

    #22 I disagree, he sounds more ladyboyish to me actually

  26. Honest Male

    Sarah Palin is ONLY good for a lap dance. Leader of the free world? Not a chance. Men still dominate the power positions throughout the U.S., with a few exceptions that mostly serve to counter the shrill complaining. Men are also far more involved in politics. There’s no way we’re giving up the stranglehold, and there’s no way we’d have to: most ordinary Joe voters won’t vote for a woman over a man, not as their boss and certainly not as their President. The love-fest for Palin would end instantly if McCain dropped dead tonight.

  27. Harry

    I always thought you’d have to be the biggest freaking loser on the planet to waste money ordering this on pay per view. And the thought of that fugly hag Sarah Failin doing a lap dance on anything short of an angry, rabid polar bear makes me vomit.

  28. Gingersnapz

    The best thing about this football league is the cheerleaders.
    In order to even try out, you have to be a man, over 40, and at least 250 lbs.

  29. Alicat

    Because bruised up chicks are totally sexy.

  30. arp

    WOWWWW is she airbrushed! Look at the left leg and around the hair.

  31. NotThatStupid

    I’m not a feminist but I’d never do anything this lame or pathetic to get 5 minutes of fame. I’d hate to bruise up my sexy body for such a lame sport. “Ooh, let’s play football in lingerie so men can get off…” No thanks! I’d rather rock climb or run a marathon. A real man is going to be turned on by my strength and courage. I didn’t get this body by pillow-fighting. Wake up bitches!! You’re a tool and you make the rest of us look like the stupid, empty-headed, eager-to-please, blow-up dolls.

  32. SATAN

    this concept doesn’t turn me on at all… seriously, these girls look like goddamn idiots in their “pads” and helmets.

    on the other hand, if they celebrated all their touchdowns by using double-edged dildos on eachother, i’d jump right on board with it.

  33. SATAN

    seriously, look at the chick in the last picture… NOT SEXY.
    i would jump down from the stands and sprint across the field with a crowbar raised high in the air and just RAP her one at a 90-degree angle to her knee while still running full speed. maybe that would get my message across. women wearing helmets is not sexy.

  34. dude_on

    As much as it troubles me not to endorse women in lingerie under any circumstances, I must admit this ploy is stoopid. Some aspects of marketing do not require ingenuity. Just fill an enclosure with mud and let the skanks do what they do naturally.

  35. that’s right: SHOW OF THAT BELLY!!

  36. Ted from LA

    Ted from LA is going bye-bye. To my two fans, so long. If you’re ever in the midwest, call me. This site has gone to shit. Binky, you’re the man. The real Randal, so are you. Aside from that…. I have nothing left to say… I shall return…..

  37. Fritobandito

    Daaayymmm, show more of the frist chick. The hell with them other ones. TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT HUU HUTTT!!!

  38. ANON

    wait — this is real?

  39. jordan

    the 2nd picture of the blonde kinda looks like britney spears, except britney’s lower back is more defined.

  40. HuckyDucky

    Later Ted.

  41. Oldster

    Ted, don’t feel bad – you caught the slide about halfway down the hill. Back in the day…well, you know, funny stuff about richly deserving celebrity targets. Seems like most blogs – even, or especially, the successful ones – jump the shark much earlier than you’d expect, compared with other media. Weird.

  42. canada is too close

    one more step closer the end of civilization.

  43. Snarf

    @7 You must be fat.

  44. Duke Nukem

    ^I agree. Sophie needs to take a look at some more 12 yr old boys if she thinks that’s what lingerie models look like. Me and my dick certainly aren’t confused.

  45. #36 Ted – I’ll still be around.
    I’ve had a horribly busy summer – had to do ‘work’ and everything.
    No Internet at Lake.
    Relationship problems. (I’ve learned a lot about mental illness)
    The Chinese guys i contracted out ‘the Inquisition’ to wanted to ‘f-off’ for the Olympics etc…. (commies)…
    you know that type of thing.
    Oh – someone was asking me recently if the music used on this link was ‘hippity-hop’ or ‘wrap’ ?
    Binky : ‘Hey babe – do I look like Dick Clark ?’

  46. Cliff Notes : Bink – I think it’s ‘hip-hop’ or ‘rap’ (ie SP)
    Binky : Oh

  47. Cliff Notes

    (That last comment was coming from me.
    We’ve had to share the same server since the Chinese guys negotiated their contract.)

  48. Well. Ok. Cute gals – but I’m still going Patriots.
    Well. ok. Maybe Indy.
    And in other news – So, after a break, I ventured back to Errianna’s ‘Thought Police’ site, the radical American left wing drivel -’Huffington Post.’
    And they are so outsourced from reality – they highlight the comments that THEY HAVE BANNNED !!!
    Here’s my score. ( For now – i may go for a two point conversion))
    “Stats Board
    * Total Comments Made: 60
    * Comments Deleted: 16
    * Comments to News: 54
    * Comments to Blog: 6
    * Total Fans of MrBinkster : 0
    * Total Members MrBinkster
    is a Fan of: 1 ”

    Cliff Notes : 16 out of 60 – you’re nearly batting 300 Bink.

    Binky : Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio ?

  49. Oh and my agent says my fan base there has lots of room for growth.
    Buy low. Sell high.
    That type of thing.

  50. John Q. Public

    I wish the media would stop treating Sarah Palin with such obvious negative bias. Apparently they can’t handle the truth from an independent straight talker. For example:

    As she said during her convention speech, she rejected Sen. Ted Stevens’ “Bridge to Nowhere” pork barrel project for Alaska. Except…that was only after it died in Congress. But not before – in fact, earlier in her career she directed his independent unregulated reelection group (527 group). And she still hasn’t said whether she’ll personally vote for his reelection or not. He’s under federal indictment.

    As she said during her convention speech, she rejects federal earmark funds as wasteful spending. Except…as mayor of Wasilla, she hired lobbyists to fight for earmark funds for her town, and succeeded wildly – Wasilla residents received 20 times the per-capita earmarked funds of residents of other states.

    As John McCain pointed out at the convention, Palin has national security as one of her primary responsibilities as governor of Alaska, since she commands the Alaska National Guard. Except…she’s issued ZERO commands to the Alaska National Guard thus far.

    As she said ruing her convention speech, Palin is an ethics reformer. Except…there’s an ongoing BIPARTISAN investigation into her own ethics as governor, involving questionable firings similar to those that occurred when she was mayor of Wasilla.

    At this point, I sort of hope that she really has shot a moose at some point in her life.

    But I doubt it.

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