Lindsay’s Money Problems Are Solved!

September 29th, 2010 // 41 Comments
Lindsay Lohan Poses For Tyler Shields

It’s like she already knew what I was going to say.

While she’s currently attempting to essentially convince a judge to let her stay at a spa-resort instead of going back to jail for all of five minutes, Lindsay Lohan‘s dire financial situation just got a much-needed shot in the arm. Or more appropriately, in the mouth. CBC News reports:

An Ontario court has thrown out key provisions of Canada’s anti-prostitution laws in response to a constitutional challenge by a Toronto dominatrix and two prostitutes in 2009.

Need a ride to the airport? I’ll promise to clip a stroller :D

(Thanks to Natasha who saw legalized prostitution and randomly thought of me for some reason. Weird. *orders shower curtains in bulk online*)

Photo: Tyler Shields

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  1. Taz

    Just how I like it

  2. Darby

    I wish. It’ll likely be repealed by the federal government.
    That’s what you get when you elect Conservatives!

  3. herbiefrog

    …w h a t ? : )) )

  4. Lindsay doesn’t need this at all. Her endgame is doing hardcore porn, not prostitution. I know it seems like the same thing, being paid money to have sex, but if you run a camera while you’re getting 3-hole penetration, you’re an “actress”. If there’s no camera, you’re just at David Beckhams house.

  5. Wow well the girls i saw in montreal were one ten after another. Looks like ill be back sooner than expected. Mind you lindsay does look great in that position. God i wana slam that so fuckin bad..

    • do you have a fetish for saggy granny titties, or is your thing nailing chicks while they stare vacantly at the ceiling letting tears roll down their face, wishing this life would hurry up and be over

      • She just has a certain pulchritude..

      • Trillian

        Yeah, cause every prostitute is just like the ones you see in the movie and they all have a heart of gold. The women I’ve known (in Canada) who’ve gone into the sex trade are more than happy with their lifestyle. They do something they enjoy, on their own hours, and make great money. I personally couldn’t do it, but that’s my personality. To assume that all women who make a living through sex are victims is such an over-simplification.

    • Well Trillian, we were talking about Lindsay Lohan, not “all women to make a living through sex”.

      But way to go making us all think you’re a self-loathing prostitute who is a bit over defensive.

  6. shankyouverymuch

    I want to make Lilo my puppy in the WORST way!

  7. Never pay for it!
    Get ‘em to do it for love…….so much better.

  8. I don’t get it. She’s hot, but only sometimes, when she doesn’t look like her crackhead self and only when she looks like a crackhead someone else.

  9. dude

    she looks really hot with the photoshop freckle remover tool

  10. MIke

    Perfect position to lick that back box.

  11. lets be Frank

    fucking Canada… it’s legal for women to walk around topless, they have lenient pot laws, they are the only country in the world that wasnt affected by the financial crisis, they have universal healthcare, fully nude strip clubs, one of the lowest crime rates in the world and now they get legalized prostitution. WTF America? Oh did I mention 16 is legal at any age… i.e. if your 30 and shes just turned 16 your good to go.

    So essentially you could walk down the street with your topless 16 year old girlfriend in the middle of the night without getting mugged, go to a strip club and see full nude women, leave there and smoke a joint on the way to see a prostitute and if you get a disease visit the hospital for free… and you can afford it because you live in a country that has actual money

    • It’s not all fun and games all the times. Sometimes it’s too cold outside, so your topless, 16-year old girlfriend puts on a parka.

      Yessir, it’s tough being America’s hat.

    • duke chute

      Yeah, you get to wait in the parking lot of the ER in order to keep wait times down…you get to be on a waiting list for an MRI or virtually any testing, and if they find anything forget about emergency same day surgery. 4 to 6 year wait for “minor” back and knee surgery. Have fun with that!
      And what about rich Canadians? They come to the states for their healthcare.

  12. GravyLeg

    I wish she would hit Tyler Shields with he car…..
    Guy is such a hack hanger-on…

  13. Matthew

    that’s hohan’s future in pornos hardcore witht he help of Dina “party mom”Lohan

    • Not necessarily “with the help of Dina ‘Party Mom” Lohan”, maybe it’ll just be “with Dina ‘Party Mom’ Lohan”! Giggity giggity… all right…

  14. D-CON

    I think this cunt (or wait — is she a whore? Both?) had assloads of freckles.

    Where the fuck are the freckles?

    Lohan is a freckled, floppy-titted freak.

  15. dHADDO

    Prostitution was (and still is) already legal in Canada. The laws were regarding several actions such as living off of the avails of prostitution or communicating for the purpose of prostitution. So in response to ‘Darby’, it has nothing to do with the Conservative government (don’t worry, I’m not a supporter!), as prostitution was legalized many years ago. Just saying

    • Greatsayain

      but with those other bans surrounding prostitution it’s effectively illegal.
      How do you purchase and recieve the service without communicating? Telepathy?
      Is it supposed to happen by accident? I don’t see how it could ever work without some form of communication.
      I know the “living off avails” part is intended to prevent pimping but it could technically be applied to the prostitutes so what are they supposed to do with money they can’t spend?
      It’s kinda ridiculous.

      • dHADDO

        I agree that those laws prevented the legitimate legality of prostitution. Communicating was a term used to prevent systems of selling sex via the telephone or online, Craigslist etc…
        And they changed the law regarding “living off the avails” because these women prostitute themselves to make money. And because it was illegal for them to spend this money (not just on narcotics, but on housing or food) the Judge declared it unconstitutional.
        Basically, as someone who has grown up with Vancouver’s infamous downtown eastside only minutes away, the appeal of these laws was necessary.

  16. Wonder if she can lick her own freckled up pussy….

  17. Vito

    Wow, I can’t believe so many people think Lindsay is unattractive/ugly. As far as her tits are concerned, they’re not saggy granny tits at all. They’re the tits of a young, well-endowed woman who has simply been a bit too active with them while not wearing the proper undergarments (for those of you are intellectually challenged, that would be a bra). And freckles are fun. You can play connect the dots while you sodomize her.

    Don’t get me wrong. Lindsay is, as I’ll bet is her whole family, stupid, arrogant, selfish, self-centered, conceited, and as full of shit as a Christmas goose. Did I mention stupid?

    That doesn’t, however, change the fact that she’s probably a magnificent, moaning piece of ass who will suck your balls dry, jamming her finger up your ass the moment you cum, then making you do it again 20 minutes later.

    Hell, I’m pretty sure I’d fuck her.

  18. puddleduck

    When that ugly ass Samantha Ronson won’t do this, you know it’s gotta be nasty

  19. Ninjela

    The real concern here should be that her torso is unnaturally short. Photoshopdisaster?

  20. captain america

    how do you wanna grow old?



  21. Stamos Fan

    One problem for Lindsay here is that she won’t be given a green card. We don’t do that for people who have criminal records in other countries. At least not ones that are pasted all over the internet.

  22. MizASterling

    Allow me to clarify:

    The act of prostitution is legal here (Canada), however the SOLICITATION of sex is illegal. If you can work that out, you’re dedicated to your cause.

    and @ Stamos Fan: What Greencard? We don’t have GreenCards. This isn’t the States, if you’re from here you would know this.

  23. captain america

    because a home video was made from her sh*tting in this pose.

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