Lindsay’s ‘F-ck U’ Could Land Her in Contempt of Court

July 7th, 2010 // 69 Comments

Legal experts are weighing in on Lindsay Lohan displaying the words “Fuck U” on her fingernails during her probation hearing yesterday which many believe was a direct message to the judge. If so, it could land her immediately in jail for contempt of court, according to FOX 411:

If indeed the photos are legitimate and unaltered and aimed toward the courts, “it would be a separate charge for contempt,” says New York City Public Defender Stacy Schneider. “She could have an entire extra sentence heaped on top of her current one. If the judge were angry enough, it could run even consecutively.”
Los Angeles Public Defender Greg Apt echoed Schneider’s sentiments, calling Lohan’s fingernails a “creative” way to land in contempt of court.
“The judge could hold her in direct contempt, which could be between three to five days in jail for vulgarity,” if the judge deemed the words were aimed at the court, Apt said.

Of course, let’s not kid ourselves. Lindsay will probably just get a court-appointed psychiatrist or something and never step foot in a cell. Except, oh, wait, that’s exactly what’s happening. Fuck U me in the ass. Via TMZ:

Dr. Sharma, who says he’s evaluated 1/3 of the people on California’s death row, tells TMZ he will probably spend anywhere from several hours to a half a day with Lindsay. He will evaluate her — not counsel her.
Dr. Sharma says his goal is to provide a report to the court before Lindsay goes to jail on July 20. Among other things, the Doc will make recommendations on what type of inpatient rehab facility would be appropriate for Lindsay.
The Doc says he remembers on one occasion, after Judge Revel read his evaluation, she increased the jail time for the defendant, and on another occasion she reduced it.

And on this occasion, he’ll get stabbed in the neck with a rum bottle if he doesn’t get the SCRAM bracelet off because “it burns.”

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  1. Mike Iksard

    she’s innocent

    • Oompa Loompa HQ

      You can bet the farm she’s innocent. Everyone in the Hollywood industry has the knives out for those who attain such amazing success so early in their career.
      Can’t you see how this is affecting our princess? She is losing some of her rich orange color!
      She’s doing the best she can.

    • Burt

      Innocent as in lacking sophistication?

  2. °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸.

    “it could land her immediately in jail for contempt of court”

    whatever. the judge cant do shit about it. she doesnt know it was to her or the circumstances under which it was put there. a total non-story and hot air by bullshit media with nothing else to talk about.

  3. memem

    She’ll be out in a week, regardless.

  4. dude

    glad you asshole sare having a field day. granted she could cool it a little, but the only ones who read these posts who werent out getting fucked up themselves at that age basically had no life. and now want to punish someone else for having one. who the FUCK reads someone’s fingernails besides some jealous fatass bitch.

    • fleshman

      “at that age”, exactly what age is that and for how long and what level of intensity?
      yeah, I raised hell back then, but she is on another level.

    • Jay Jeffries

      Well, “dude”, I was partying like most at that age. However, I didn’t get so wasted that I was passing out in cars, getting 2 dui’s withint 57 days, getting addicted to blow (and now pharmaceutical drugs), getting arrested with drugs on my person, falling down drunk, blowing off rehab 3x, and generally making a total & complete assclown of myself. Also, I wasn’t sayng “fuck you” to the judge of my case. You sound like a whiny little bitch yourself; why don’t you pull your head out of your ass…

      • the thing is

        @DUDE- I agree with and echo everything Jay said. We all did hell-raising, but when a judge orders you to do something, you FUCKING DO IT. Shut your FAT ASS up. You sound like a fucking idiot you homo.

      • *AHEM* she was saying fuck u to the paps

    • Jimmy Fury

      She’s 24 not 19.
      So let’s see at 24… I was working at an awesome job that I loved, paying off student loans, going to S&M shows, going out to see my friend’s band play, dancing like a jackass at 80′s night, learning how to cook chinese food from one of my best friends, and generally being awesome.
      So nope, wasn’t going coke in bathrooms and still trying to figure out if I was gay or not.
      That was high school.

    • krizz

      i had a similar phrase stenciled onto my acrylics once and indeed some fat assed bitch at work went and told on me. No one would have ever known it was there if it weren’t for her jealousy..About a week later, I bagged a guy she was crushing on hard…Ah, sweet revenge.

  5. Karina

    In all fairness….its so small the Judge wouldnt even see it had it not been for the photographers taking Linsey’s pictures and putting them all over the internet. I am not a huge fan of Lindsey, but I dont think she should go to jail for her freedom of speech/expression. If protesting at a soldier’s funeral dont lend those assholes in jail for their “freedom of speech” then Lindsey shouldnt for her stupid fingernail….

    • melysa martinez

      Freedom of speech works in a free speech zone, but a courtroom does not classify as one, so actually, she could be liable. Just an FYI.

      • phyre

        “Free speech zone?”

        Are you serious?

        The last time I checked, the whole COUNTRY was supposed to be a free speech zone.

      • justifiable

        “Freedom of speech” means the government can’t censor you in print or literally gag you. Contempt of court means the judge has the power to impose sanctions for anything that disrupts the court’s normal process – that means if your behavior or speech is disruptive, you’re at the mercy of whatever punishment the judge wants to hand out, because in that judge’s court, he or she has the authority, not you. You aren’t allowed to hijack the proceedings by mouthing off and verbally attacking the court, the judge, the defendant, the plaintiff – whoever. So yeah, your “right to freedom of expression” can be limited here, so that everyone else involved is allowed an impartial and undisrupted court hearing.

    • Badger Bob

      The fingernail message should land her in contempt of court, and god willing, a consecutive 90day sentence. It was moronic to wear that to court, and it’s no different than having those words on a t shirt and showing up to court wearing it. Maybe after a few months in jail the media will finally stop obsessing over her.

  6. American Justice doesnt exist

    how many chances does she get? meanwhile DoC locks up tons of people daily for small drug charges. USA justice system isn’t worth shit

  7. herbiefrog

    it woz aimed at us…
    nufin’ ta doo wiv da juj

    what ? you peeple cvant take a joke ?
    oh fuck me and us and them and everyone


    gettin’ h o t r o u nd ghere



  8. Kiss My Ass Elmo

    Sometimes a middle finger isn’t enough. I’m seriously considering writing Fuck U on my middle fingers. I need to know I’m getting my point across.


    I wish they would toss her in a cell full of butch dykes and a camera. Once she got out she would have a career again, a career in porn which is exactly where she belongs.

    Speaking of porn, I blew a few loads this morning which jerking it to a porno called “Baracks Big Stimulus Package”. I thought it would leave me sated but it just left me empty and feeling like I had been anally raped.

    Kind of like the rest of America these days.



    • Raving Dirtbag

      You rule Mitch, even if it be a dark, dank hole in Hell!!!

    • rick

      And how might you know what it feels like to be anally raped, Mitch ol’ buddy?


        Because I live in the great queer city of San Francisco and you can’t go out drinking without getting anally rape once in a while.

        You trying to tell me that you’ve never woken up in a strange place with a sore, bloody ass after a night of heavy drinking?


  10. Larry0120
    Commented on this photo:

    So the fuck what? No one would go to that much trouble for a freakin judge.

  11. Mark

    Lock her up early: make her serve the entire 90 days + the 20 she was delayed: she’s asked for it. Ungrateful beotch.

  12. Gene

    Dip shits. A judge can and will do any damned thing they want.

    • rick

      I got pulled over for speeding on a motorcycle. I got a ticket. I then got a lawyer. The lawyer made a deal where I would simply agree to plead guilty to “Failure to wear a seatbelt” and I wouldn’t have anything on my driving record. Failure to wear a seatbelt..on a motorcycle.

      The combination of Lawyers\ the prosecutors office and a judge can pretty much make up anything they want. It doesn’t have to make any sense whatsoever.

      But hey, I can’t complain I raised insurance rates..

  13. shellibelli

    you know its pretty obvious what she is doing.
    Who sits with their fingers at their lips like that, she isnt even resting her
    head on her hands.
    still what can the judge really do? she cant prove 100% that the hoe was
    actually saying fu to her.

  14. Elizabeth

    wtf? she prob writes fuck u on her fingers every time she paints them

  15. welldoneson

    If people were actually jailed for vulgarity, this poor little rich girl would have no chance of parole. It would help society if she were legally required to move to a Moslem country, though. They would clean her up right quick.

  16. JailTimeForLindsay

    Her Finger Nail was nothing… I just spoke to Bai Ling who Vajazzled Lind’s Vagina before Court. Apparently it reads – “Judge Revel’s Insert your Tongue Here!” That’s why Lindsay was all jumpy, twitchy and meth head scratchy in court. Bai Ling explained that Lindsay couldn’t afford real Crystals, so they just busted up a bottle of Jack and used the broken pieces. Bai admitted attaching them to Lind’s Vag using a Hot Glue Gun.

  17. BloodsCripsorLAKings

    Apparently, Lindsay has been trying to phone Snoop Dog, Ice-T and some Pimp King named T.T.T.B (PopEater didn’t explain what that name meant) to try and arrange protection in Jail. Lindsay has decided that the only way she will survive is to join a gang so she has Sister’s on the inside. Apparently, she wants to align herself with some girls that will protect her and supply her with Booze and Drugs and in exchange she’ll deposit money into their accounts. Lindsay is so serious about this that she’s she’s willing to get broken in to the gang before she surrenders herself. She’s decided it is better to get gang fucked and tatooed in the next two week so she has a supply inside. She believes that the Corrections Officers are going to be hard on her and find ways to extend her sentence by violating her every chance they get.

  18. Kyle

    We should dump Lindsay on a desert island with nothing but a bunch of hidden cameras and enough food/water to survive six months. She could get clean AND jump-start her career! I’d pay good money to see that level of crazy live in action.

  19. sobrietyisacrutch

    I served 5 days in county lock-up for a DUI. It was the “honor farm”. While it’s not exactly like a Carribean cruise, it sure isn’t as hard and cruel as some people might think. You stay in dormitory style rooms of 2 each surrounding one large great room. While you are locked into the whole building, you are not locked into your room (cell). You can watch tv, read, make phone calls, buy snacks and sodas out of the vending machines, bathrooms with privacy stalls, sit and chat with inmates and even guards ALIKE – pretty much anything except smoke. You can sleep the day away or exercise. The other inmates aren’t usually the violent offenders. They’re of the check bouncing, welfare fraud ilk. Not a bunch of “Citizens of the Month”, granted, but a relatively cool bunch.
    Now remember: I am a NOBODY in Stanislaus County, CA and I got this treatment. Rest assured, Ms. Linds will be fine. They’ll probably even throw in a few nicotine patches. They did for me.

  20. Mike Iksard

    She will not be in general population, so protection is not an issue. She will join a gang as likely as learn a lesson from this, not to mention she will only serve a small portion of the time handed to her. It’s as big a joke as she’s making it out to be, all the way down to pwning the judge with her little F You. 3 years of very lax probation and she’s done.

  21. Kevin

    Where do you think she would be right now if she was not famous and black…

  22. Lisa

    Since she is let off the hook time and time over again. I believe one day she will take her drugs for the last time and as most drug addicts, she will be found dead somewhere.

  23. Jessie

    Fuck the spoiled bitch. a dui is a serous crime, if it were anyone else they would have been in jail by now serving waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more time and their license suspended indefinately, if she is dumb enough not to take multiple DUI’sseriously then its her own dumb ass fault

  24. MeLcHoR

    Dumb bitch.

  25. evan
    Commented on this photo:

    Pretty sure the message was meant for the photographer and gossip bloggers.

  26. I’ve had a DUI, it sucks but it isn”t an impossible situation given that it is the second most common driving infraction a person can get (first being speeding). I never had more than a parking tickit before that but it’s a big deal if you don’t take care of it. Unless your life is really that big of a mess it’s not that hard to take care of; you can even get away with a little stuff if you make your appointments and pass your UAs (I never ended up getting UAed but was prepared at the right times). Her actions are causing so much extra scrutiny and being famous isn’t helping. Even if she gets out of this without much time she’s gotta chill out because there will eventually come a time where she’ll get the book thrown at her (for real) or end up dead. I hope she pulls through, I really feel for people in trouble but taking responsability is more than saying the words. The fingernails, I think are a show of immaturity or really being too messed up to notice; either way fairly inconsequencial. Just my 10 cents on it……….

  27. Fati87

    What bullshit. How are they going to prove that it was directed at the judge? Thise judges feel to fucking entitled. Fuck them.

    • Burt

      It doesn’t have to be directed at the judge to be considered contempt of court. Having that written on her hand can be considered as a show of disrespect to the court.

  28. Fati87


  29. Jack Mehoff

    She will just blow the judge and it will all go away. :)

  30. Danny

    maybe its a “fuck you” to the photographers?

  31. j

    Contempt of court abuse should piss off any freedom loving American. Seriously …judges with a power tip can put somebody in jail for no reason at all. Why should our freedoms cease to exist in the very place that is supposed up hold our rights and laws.
    Why should I have to stand for some asshole that got a judge job for playing politics.. The whole court experience is designed to show the people who has the real power … and it is not the free/innocent until proven guilty individual.

    • Burt

      Some judges want the accused to get their shit together. I would have given her more time for contempt just to ensure she wouldn’t be out in anything less than a month so she can get some more counseling in jail.

  32. Nail Bunny

    I just love her nails they remind me of the kind of Easter Eggs I give to the people I work with. Next year, I’ll be sure to add the same text and call them the “Lindsay Easter Eggs.” It will be so cute…….

  33. j

    btw if she tattoed “fuck you” on her forhead would se be in contempt of court… I just don’t see how we as a society leave contempt of court so open ended.. I mean I understand that you have to have “order in the court” but it is abused.

  34. Jesse James

    I’m sure if she used a swastika design instead then the judge would have noticed, so what’s the big difference, both would be subliminal hints at what a bum she is. Going for the shock effect in court is not really a good marketing/PR gimmick.

  35. mike

    LiLo is the type of skank who is compelled to get the last word in, regardless on how juvenile it may be. “F-ck U” right back Biotch!!!*

    * This has been an officiall endorsement by the U.S. Justice System

  36. seriously, I hope this bitch gets in trouble for this. She is such a joke and a waste of fucking space. Got a DUI? Not that big of a deal, serve your time or your community service or WHATEVER… but this dumb cunt keeps going and going. She couldn’t even make it to her AA meetings or whatever they told her to go to. I have no sympathy for her at all.

  37. Kevin

    I don’t think it’s a fuck you to the court but a fuck you to the guy taking the picture

  38. KumaTenshi

    You freaking idiots need to learn this thing called respect. Painting fuck you, even in very tiny letters, is basically being an arrogant little snot that needs to be smacked upside the head.

    Free speech does ~not~ give you the right to be a total asshole to everyone just because you can. There are consequences for shit like that, ESPECIALLY in court.

    Besides, the idiot willingly let that be put on her nails or did it herself, and she knew it was there and what message it was sending, and obviously did not care, much like she hasn’t cared about anything else because she never got into serious shit before. I think it’s about high time she got her ass schooled!!

    • Burt

      That’s not all…She’s now comparing herself to a woman who’s been stoned for adultery.

      I was hoping she’d pull a Robert Downey Jr., but now I just don’t care.

    • j

      The point is who decides what respect is? Good luck trying to legally define it… Perhaps to an Islamic judge on the court it is any woman not wearing a bee keeper suit (since court tends to im[pose dress code on whatever the whims of the judge is). Why is court so special?… Judges are public employees/servants not to act like gods behind “contempt of court”. Free speech does give me the right to be a complete asshole within the law.

      Oh and fuck you

    • justifiable

      “Free speech does ~not~ give you the right to be a total asshole to everyone just because you can”.

      Kuma Tenshi, that’s EXACTLY what freedom of speech allows you to do. Tough shit if you don’t like it, but there it is.

      j, “why is court so special”? Because without one, or a law system, everyone gets to do what they want, even to hurting you, without any consequences. The judges and the courts are there to impose the law – and tough shit if you don’t like it. Go find a country without a court system if you can’t stand the idea of anyone having the authority to judge your actions according to the law. Everyone in court has to respect the authority of the judge and the court – and that isn’t hard to define unless you’re a complete moron. The concept is there to ensure that everyone gets a fair and impartial trial – that means both the defendant and the plaintiff alike – with no one’s disruptive behavior hijacking the proceedings. And both sides are required to show equal respect for the court proceedings and the judge, not just the defendant.

      Suppose you were the plaintiff in an action and the defendant decided that he wanted to express himself through interpretive song and dance for the next 15 hours, or deliver a monologue attacking your character to the judge? Suppose the state is prosecuting someone for killing one of your loved ones, and the defendant decided to use his freedom of speech to do all the above, or attack the judge’s character (who would be powerless to restrain the defendant’s right to free speech or hold order in his own courtroom) only before a jury? What would be so wrong with that?

      You may not like the idea of someone sitting in judgment on you and being able to impose a sanction on your behavior during the time you’re before them, but that’s the breaks if you’re accused of breaking the law or otherwise choose to avail, or defend, yourself in a legal action. And in an Islamic country it’s pretty much cut and tried as to punishments – in this country the judge usually has a lot of discretion in sentencing anyone or imposing sanctions.

      • j

        Your rambling and off subject.. ordering free citizens under penalty to sit/stand/remove hats ect ect treating us like we are dogs is BS and in no way improves the legal system.

        Your absolutely right they are public servants in a public building there to enforce the law. Where is the law that says people cannot wear shorts in court? The point is that when people go to jail for breaking nonexistent laws in a court room in a sense the rule of law does not exist in a courtroom.

  39. captain america

    americans: PLEASE GET RID OF HER IN TIME…………

  40. August Teen

    First, the fact that she’d do something so foolish and childish says a lot about her. Second, it could easily be direct contempt of court. Contempt doesn’t require proof beyond a reasonable doubt; the judge herself decides. If Lindsay thought Tuesday’s hearing was a human rights violation, wait till she faces down an angry judge who gets to decide if Lindsay has disrespected the court.

    The only two issues I see are (1) was it so tiny that the judge wouldn’t see it without the camera’s help? and (2) was it directed at the judge, someone else, or the world in general? At best (for Lindsay), the judge can drag her back in for another hearing and grill her like a cheap piece of meat.

  41. Driving While Suspended

    its so small the Judge wouldnt even see it had it not been for the photographers taking Linsey’s pictures and putting them all over the internet. I am not a huge fan of Lindsey, but I dont think she should go to jail for her freedom of speech/expression. If protesting at a soldier’s funeral dont lend those assholes in jail for their “freedom of speech” then Lindsey shouldnt for her stupid fingernail….

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