Lindsay’s a Lesbian Again. In Theory.

February 18th, 2011 // 140 Comments

Judging by this tweet this morning sent by the guy.. thing and reports of them spending Valentine’s Day together, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are probably having heterosexual intercourse right now. Penis into the vagina:

watching grey’s anatomy-my fav show- @lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me- should i wake her up to let her know her mom is going on GMA? #why ?

Yes, Sam, please ask Lindsay why her mom’s going on Good Morning America then try to count how many lies shoot out of her face as you take a mental inventory of your possessions and how long you fell asleep for. I think you’ll find it most enlightening provided you’re able to stop staring at tits and thinking with your cock. (We’ve all been there, bro.)

“I don’t know!”
“My dad made her do it!”
“We need the money!”
“I’m adopted!”
“No she’s not!”
“Your TV must be broken!”
“My dad made her do it!”
“Is that a fire?” *jumps out window with handful of watches*

Photos: Bauer-Griffin


  1. Silvio Burlisconni

    I hear Sam can lick her eyebrows.

  2. karen

    practicing for jail…

  3. BrokeBitch Mountain….

  4. Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
    Commented on this photo:

    Stop confusing me with these pictures of Sam not having a terrible skeletor body. D:

  5. Flo's vag flow

    Mr. Bean looks awfully surly in this pic!

  6. Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice camel toe!

  7. Deacon Jones

    Her body looks like E.T.’s

  8. Fletch

    How can she be a lesbo when she wants Sam? Sam is a dude and a coked out wannabe crappy DJ.

  9. very curious

    HOW BIG IS SAM RONSON’S COCK??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. lori

    Worst hair extensions. Ever.

  11. Savalas

    What’s up with Frowny McTubofshit and her sour face?

  12. Hugh Gentry

    Lindsay can’t resist Sam’s huge strapon. She must eat pussy like a champ.

  13. Gallo

    I love the perspective and lighting of this photo because it looks like Samantha Ronson is holding a fly paper strip in front of her cootch.

  14. Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
    Commented on this photo:

    What a douchebag!

  15. Bucky Barnes

    Linds and I might scowl and stare,
    But we’re creaming in our underwear,
    I like to lick her here and there,
    I like to lick her EVERYWHERE,
    My strap-on’s in the dresser drawer,
    It makes her moan and beg for more,
    Wham, bam and thank-you ma’am,
    Goddamn, goddamn, I’m Sam I Am.

  16. Emperor Palpatine

    Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.

  17. Lady Blah Blah

    Does MS Ronson ever change her expression? She’s got a one-expression-face like Jason Statham. Was she in an accident that resulted in her face getting frozen into a scowl? Or did she disobey a parent who told her not to make her face like that because it will stay that way?

  18. jojo

    In theory is right! Because that is a man and a whore.

  19. kai

    bi is fine, lesbians boring. They just have white noses.

  20. LJ

    Looks like Lohan is just getting some practice in before Judge Fox sends her away for breaking the terms of her probation on February 25.

    • Bucky Barnes

      I don’t think dating skinny little Junior McFisty will prepare LiLo for Big Bertha’s WWF-style lovin’.

  21. Samjo

    Hey! It’s that dude from “Clockwork Orange”!

  22. Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
    Commented on this photo:

    wow, that skinny dude Lindsay Lohan hangs out with has boobs.

  23. Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
    Commented on this photo:

    wait, Ronson is a girl?

  24. Sam’s finding out that pimpin’ really isn’t easy.

  25. herbiefrog


  26. Roughael

    Looks like Lilo finally got into the books. I wonder if a mechanical bird capture it all…

  27. Lindsay’s a Lesbian Again. In Theory…Sam is still a man. In Fact.

  28. Binks

    Bucky wins best comment!

  29. So they’re back together? Bumping uglies? Ick.

  30. SweepTheLeg

    I’m sick of that face that that Sam Ronson always makes in pictures, actually I never liked it so I was sick right from the get-go.

    • anonymous

      Yeah, Sa-MAN-tha always looks like she urgently needs to take a shit and piss at the same time in all her photos.

  31. Cock Dr

    It would be so nice if the healing power of love, dildos & determined cunnilingus could save this poor dumb women from a lifetime of lying, stealing & drug abuse.
    Good luck Sam, you’re gonna need it.

  32. Lisa

    Why does Sam always looks like someone shoved dog shit under her nose. Christ, can you imagine looking down and seeing that face buried in your crotch. EWWWWWWW.

  33. Lindsay is not an ugly chick by any means, if you’re gonna be a lesbian, why not pick someone that doesn’t look like Uncle Festor on crack or at least will smile every now and then. That must be one powerful tongue.

  34. Nate

    I hope that they can make it work this time.

  35. cc

    Lilo actually looks good in a coupe of those pics. Samantha looks she should play a really flexible demon ghostchild in some J-horror movie.

  36. Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
    Commented on this photo:

    honk, honk!

  37. Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
    Commented on this photo:

    how the fuck does paparazzi get these pictures? are they on floaties in the middle of the ocean? fuck these guys are desperate. even boat is extreme…….. fucking losers got no life. they probably think their like the ninja assassins of photographers….. someone kill these people

  38. vitobonespur

    Aside from sizeable tits and passable legs, LiLo has an atrocious body. If you look at pic. #2 you can plainly see that she has no hip/waist definition.

    I’d probably still jam my grand panjandrum into any of her several orifices. I just wouldn’t like it very much.

  39. Hickok

    She reminds me of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish mascot

  40. TheDude

    When did LiLo start hanging out with Justin Beiber?

  41. They’re creepy and they’re kooky
    Mysterious and spooky
    They’re altogether ooky
    The Ronson Family

    (snap, snap)

  42. Lindsay is probably just checking Sams vagina for lost jewelry. It’s where she lost the last of her self-respect after all.

  43. SmokeSnatch Fountain

  44. Jibz


  45. asdffa df asdf a

  46. Eddy

    she’s dating a coked out Justin Bieber?

  47. smith

    “@lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me-lube and some cheese oozing-”

  48. I got a good feeling about these two.

  49. Usually, I think Lindsay is the scum of the Earth, since she’s portrayed so poorly in the news (which is understandable, mainly because she IS bad, pretty much, on a daily basis). But seeing some of these pics, I can tell there’s still something there. She looks genuinely happy & normal in few of them: she and Samantha make a pretty good couple. Maybe there’s hope for Lindsay after all.

    And Samantha’s pose in the first pic makes me like her even more. She looks a bit like “Bud” in Father Knows Best. I bet she’d be pretty fun to hang out with :)

  50. Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
    Commented on this photo:

    Remember Lindsay, keep it away from bright lights, don’t get it wet, and never ever feed it after midnight.

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