Lindsay’s a Lesbian Again. In Theory.

Judging by this tweet this morning sent by the guy.. thing and reports of them spending Valentine’s Day together, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are probably having heterosexual intercourse right now. Penis into the vagina:

watching grey’s anatomy-my fav show- @lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me- should i wake her up to let her know her mom is going on GMA? #why ?

Yes, Sam, please ask Lindsay why her mom’s going on Good Morning America then try to count how many lies shoot out of her face as you take a mental inventory of your possessions and how long you fell asleep for. I think you’ll find it most enlightening provided you’re able to stop staring at tits and thinking with your cock. (We’ve all been there, bro.)

“I don’t know!”
“My dad made her do it!”
“We need the money!”
“I’m adopted!”
“No she’s not!”
“Your TV must be broken!”
“My dad made her do it!”
“Is that a fire?” *jumps out window with handful of watches*

Photos: Bauer-Griffin