Lindsay & Sam in bikinis: Round 3

October 2nd, 2008 // 103 Comments

Here are shots of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s third day in Mexico. All I’m saying is, would it kill them to go to a nude beach for a change? And by them I mean just Lindsay. Sam can go to the beekeeper’s outfit beach. Or, I dunno, stab a bunch of guys in the crotch with a swordfish. Whatever it is lesbians like to do for fun at the shore. Go nuts.


  1. mamadough

    i wonder if sam has ever experienced the wonderful pleasures that is cock ‘n balls? most lesbos i know brag at the fact they’ve never been with a man. i bet a swish of the plum wand would change her point of view.

  2. PunkA

    Day 3 of their staged, contrived, photo shoot vacation. I bet the paps are paying them both $25-50k a day for these pictures. Since Lindsay can’t get a job now, she does need the coin. Pathetic she gets is this way. Now she is no better than Paris, Spencer and Heidi and KK. They all need to burn in hell.

  3. In Rem

    Stop. Stop stop stop.

  4. san


  5. SuperGRL

    Why is everyone so nasty to Sam? Has it escaped everyone’s attention that Lindsay is just pulling an Anne Heche? Don’t all the lesbians out there just want to kick her ass for being a cunt tease? I feel sorry for Sam because any day now Lindsay is going to go right back to dick.
    I’m straight and it pisses me off…Lindsay, pick a side and stay there.

  6. El Dude

    If they are lesbians…how come there is never a photo of them making out or something? I think this lesbian thing is bogus.

  7. Vince Lombardi

    @3. Good call. When I saw these, I felt the same. They knew on Day 1 they were being photographed, yet they continue to come out to the same spot and are now “posing” on the beach (pic 1) and holding hands in the surf. They can hold hands (and other parts) as much as they want in private. What is the purpose of staging it in public *in the surf?* Because they want their pics taken. Yep, I imagine you have it 100% right.

  8. san

    My buddy fucked Samantha Ronson. He said he didn’t encounter any testicles, however Sam has a really big clit, or maybe a miniature penis. He wasn’t too sure.

  9. Ted from LA

    Give it a fuckin’ rest. Next. Word.

  10. OJ's Mom

    How come Samantha always looks like she is trying to remember where she put her car keys?

    Look at Pic 1. “Ummm, did I lay them down next to the Vagasil in the bedroom? No. Hmmmmm, maybe I set them down when I was taking my Valtrex? Darn.”

  11. SuperGRL

    @3 & 8,
    I know right? Even Sam is scratching her head in the first picture. As if thinking “what the hell is Lindsay doing?”
    And how do you be in Mexico that long and still have the color of the underbelly of a fish?? Sick.

  12. ak

    mind you, you’d think if these pics were staged someone would have suggested nicer swimwear for sam. they look like they’re from JC Penney. At least she usually has some version of a decent dyke look going.

  13. They look so bored that it does appear more contrived than a getaway to a beautiful place with a lover. And yesterday they were playing scrabble??!!! I don’t see these two lasting for very long.

  14. OJ's Mom

    In Pic #1 you can see where the Herp has eaten away at Lindsays crotch. Her crotch skin is now the same color as Michael Jacksons.

    Ooh, that is nasty shit.

  15. havoc

    Alright already….


  16. Greasy Weezel

    Sam is a lucky guy. Dude must be hung to keep a hot piece of snapper like Lindsay around.

  17. PAM


  18. Ryan Seacrest

    These are staged. I have it on good authority that Lindsey has a boyfriend. My insider tells me Lindsey been seeing the lead singer from the band “WHAM!” for the past few month now.

  19. UGH! This ugly man in his bikini again?! Now it actually looks as if he’s confused to be there. Hideous, confused, and cross-dressing–never a good combo.

  20. SuperGRL

    @18 – So you don’t buy magazines but you look at celebrity websites? what’s that about?

  21. I thought the Superficial writer hates Lohan’s body — he’s always making fun of her tits. Now he’s begging for nude beach shots? Weird.

  22. Kato Kaelin

    Welcome back, Superficial writer… we missed you last week!

  23. I’m happy for them. Really. I’m happy for them. No joking. I’m really, really happy for them.

  24. erica

    Her body looks amazing in pic #6.

  25. pat

    I don’t get why people say if she knows she’s going to be ptotographed she shouldn’t go to the beach. What if she likes going to the beach? Is she supposed to wait until she’s 90 years old? If you don’t like the pictures, look at something else.

  26. Day 3, and sam is still as pasty as white bread..

  27. First Time

    After three days of sun bathing, freckle Lohan probably got skin cancer by now

  28. Fumus

    number 23 are there different writers?

    I’ve long suspected this…being that fish seems to go though long periods of unfunny.

    2) You could land a ocean liner on that forehand. Damn Lindsey, can’t you get your paps to photoshop that for you at all? Tell them to reduce it from NFL to arena football regulation field size…

  29. Lezzies are so hardcore,,,*Lindsay probably have a bigger gap than Sandra Bernhart*

  30. ishi-san

    My god! Those two are so hopelessly boring! They do nothing but standing around next to each other or behind each other and look serious…………… Life could have been so much fun *yawn*

  31. There is not one curve among both of them – Rails.

  32. Godiva

    You people are so bloody lame. These pictures were all snapped on the same day. The people who run this site are desperate for your visits. Number of hits is equal to justifying the amount of money that they charge people to advertise on this piece of rubbish.

    Please, get a clue! Now go vote for Barack Obama, and redeem yourselves in the eyes of your creator. ME!

  33. I’ve currently lost 5 pounds on my hunger strike! till lindsay jump the fence!

  34. Needledick The Bug Fucker

    C-mere Godiva – Daddy’s home

  35. ishi-san

    @ 33: who said that, at least some of us, don’t know that?! But after staring at my book about “dialectic of enlightment” *bore* I cannot resist doing something that makes the market go round and my brain have a break *lol*

    Oh and yes, I would vote for Obama, if I could!……as most of Europe would!!

  36. Fumus

    Woops I have tennis on the mind as always, that was supposed to read forehead. lol…I’m kinda awesome…ert really awesome.

  37. Spanky

    I would like to watch them 69 infront of me . Then I would stick a finger up each ones bum.

  38. Nor Cal

    #33 so what!? Welcome to business & industry. Even if we do vote for Bar. Oba. mccain will still steal the election. No word is ever mentioned about the failed & riddled w/deceit voting system. Y?

    I think these 2 chix are kinda cute. Linz. looks too cute and reminds me of her ‘parent trap’ days. If you can’t understand it, look away.

  39. Virgodoll

    #11, that was really very funny

  40. Deacon Jones

    Wow, what a temporary waste of 3 fuckholes on that body. mm mmm

    I cant imagine hitting that, especially since she’s a nymph. God help the first random dude she drags into a bathroom and fuck when she ditches this dyke. She’ll be trembling for dick.

  41. Karen

    Lesbians are so much better than hetero couples. They’re always much happier and when you see them out like this, you don’t have to look at some drooling slack-jawed guy with a balding head and hairy beer belly.

  42. Chi Chi

    The lesbians look like they are getting along nicely. They must be getting a lot of pussy juice. I wonder if they also use a strap on. The first pics is a great one of the lessies.

  43. Scooter


    Lesbians can look scary especially when they try to look like a guy. It all depends on the individual and it does not matter if they are gay or not.

  44. Alicia

    Make it stop! I’d rather see Janice Dickinson in a bikini again than these two… particularly Sam, who looks like a man-skeleton.

  45. Gem


    Right! Right! You are bloody well right! You know you got a right to say!

    Vote for Obama and give youself a tax break unless you are the rich elite 3 percent of Americans then your taxes will go higher.

  46. Cindy

    Gotta say I agree with #42. In all the celebrity beach pictures there’s always at least one guy with a horrendously fat, out of shape, hairy body (not just belly, but also shoulders and back), ironically with thinning hair on his head. He’s always walking around completely unashamed of his revolting body. It’s like guys try until they’re 20, then completely let themselves go while continuing to criticize every flaw on a girl’s body.

  47. Bartok

    Enough already… As if Lohan’s stupidity didn’t already cancel out any hotness factor she might have had, showing her with that worthless waste of humanity sends this right into the gouge-out-my-eyeballs-with-a-fork zone. Do us all a favor… Drop them BOTH from the post-worthy category, and let us enjoy our vision in peace.

  48. pete

    “As if Lohan’s stupidity didn’t already cancel out any hotness factor she might have had”

    Hetero men know that stupidity MULTIPLIES a girl’s hotness factor.

  49. Vince Lombardi

    < >

    @33. Really??? Do people go to the beach for one day with three different sets of swimwear? Maybe in your fantasy island they do, Tattoo, but I spy with my little eye…. different bikinis. I won’t challenge the rest of your rant, but I seriously doubt they wore stuff, ran to the bungalow, changed, wore different stuff, ran to the bungalow, changed, and wore different-errrr stuff again, all in one day. Because if they DID, then it is ABSOLUTELY a set up for the paps.

    Have some visual acuity, deductive reasoning, and common sense. Otherwise, sod off.

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