Lindsay Lohan thought Mischa Barton partied too hard? Wow.

July 21st, 2009 // 30 Comments

In the wake of Mischa Barton’s 5150 hold last week, it turns out Lindsay Lohan, who single-nosedly kept Colombia on the map during her entire working career, tried to warn her clubbing buddy that she was out of control. FOX 411 reports:

But last year, Lindsay walked away from the friendship after a messy Mischa pushed Lindsay over the edge. Sources close to Lohan tell Fox 411 that the two girls haven’t spoken for months, but Lindsay would help Mischa if she asked for help to get through this latest fiasco.
“Lindsay and Mischa used to go out all the time together in Los Angeles. They were like kindred spirits when it came to clubbing and letting loose,” says the insider. ” They have many mutual friends, but everything shifted for Lindsay last year at a party. Mischa was completely out of control, and Lindsay sat Mischa down then to make it clear that she needed help. Lindsay was desperate for Mischa to clean herself up and offered a treatment facility and a therapist to help Mischa. Mischa completely ignored Lindsay, and that was the end.”

Lindsay Lohan told somebody they party too much. — Am I in an alternate universe? No, seriously, I’m almost afraid to look out the window for fear of seeing cats driving cars. Next you’re going to tell me the president’s black. *turns on TV* Hooooo. Leeee. Shiiiiiiit.

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  1. evianobaby


  2. evianobaby

    Before everyone starts shouting at me I APOLOGISE for the first lameness, k? sorry

  3. Tom K

    This story is complete bullshit! No way this dirty whore from Long Island told anyone they are partying to much. If any case this bitch probably gave her the coke that pushed her over the edge. Two washed up crack whores with no career of course they were good friends.

  4. Come on! its not like she was banging all guys she suspected of having coke…

  5. betenoir

    Hey pot, that’s kettle laughing his ass off in the corner.

    Gimme a break, Lindsay!

  6. evianobaby

    And yeah lilo telling someone they party too hard is like samantha ronson telling ashton kutcher to quit being such a guy.

  7. Kelley

    *cats driving cars* … drop the fucking apostophe and hire an editor !!

  8. Whoa!

    The president is black??

  9. Cash

    Well isn’t she just the pot calling the kettle Ginger?

  10. Deacon Jones

    Translation = she snorted blow like a champ.

    My kind of woman. They’ll suck your dick until you begin to weep.

  11. Wow!

    @8….SURPRISE!!! :)

  12. Wow!

    @8….SURPRISE!!! :)

  13. robert

    I’ll need my own 5150 hold if Lindsy and Samantha ever “accidentally” release a sex video. Enough terror in that thought for a Saw 6 scene…

  14. The Jerk

    I think its cute that that Lindsey believe she actually has “friends”..because I thought I couldve sworn it was simply guys dropping loads of mang00 into her firecrotch and going out for muff burgers while doing the pixie stix highway.

  15. Cats driving cars?! You must be talking about TOONCES THE DRIVING CAT!!

  16. Lloyd Buntner

    Sources close to Lohan tell Fox 411 that she repeatedly tried to get Keith Moon to go into rehab in the months leading up to his death.
    Or was it Jim Morrison. Sources close to LILO get confused sometimes.

  17. Pot to kettle, pot to kettle!!!!! Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.

  18. puhleez

    what a non-story…more details please. K, thanks.

  19. Annie Likes Anal

    I don’t know, but that chick looks so dirty, I can almost smell the rotten tuna fish sandwich smell permeating from my computer screen.

  20. andrew.

    lindsay prolly said that back when she wanted to go into rehab.

  21. andrew.

    oh and i like lindsay better than micha but they are both awesome

  22. POTUS

    Sources close to Lohan need to cut back on the pharmaceuticals. Obviously they were hallucinating.

  23. Lindsay is a stabilizing force in so many lives.

    Lindsay to Mischa: “Oh My God Mischa. 5150s are so 2008. They aren’t hot this year. You look like an even bigger loser than before.” (someone will read this eventually)

  24. This just screams celebrity death match…

  25. Dread not

    Look, Mischa and Lilo hovering over the same pile of blow, is like two aardvarks trying to work a single termite mound at the same time. Of course Lilo told Mischa she had a problem, she was hogging all the Bolivian flake!

  26. Galtacticus

    Considering that their thoughts might have the same frequency.She might be right

  27. Rhialto

    Lilo has a deep empathic feeling for these kinda things.

  28. dff

    There’s nothing wrong with her teeth. So there’s a small gap… so what, I think it’s attractive. The color looks kind of dirty because she has blue/white makeup on her eyes, making the whites look whiter. This is what normal teeth (by that I mean not chemically bleached to some ungodly shade) look like.

  29. Sources close to Lohan wants Fox 411 On several occasions, tried to Keith Moon to go into rehab in the months before his death. Or was Jim Morrison. Sources close to LILO is sometimes confused.

  30. I think its cute that he actually believed that Lindsey “friend” is .. Because I thought I couldve sworn it was just loads of people leaving and missed her firecrotch mang00 in going out for burgers are the Pixie Stix highway.

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