Lindsay Lohan has food named after her (Now with more side boob!)

July 24th, 2009 // 215 Comments

Some marketing wizard thought it’d be a good idea to name a food item after Lindsay Lohan, so here she is at Millions of Milkshakes last night mixing up a milkshake named after her for the cameras. Surprisingly missing from these shots is the cleaning crew that came in afterward and essentially burned the place to the ground before salting the earth. In related news, the three children who tasted the Lindsay Shake are still missing though at this point it’s a given their livers exploded, and they were eaten by coyotes. And now, sports!

EDIT: Added a new column full of side boob. Not exactly sure why…

Photos: Fame, WENN

  1. Eww


  2. Delgo

    I’d still brick it.

  3. dude_on

    She is aging in dog years. It is over.

  4. Reader

    Not nice…cut the girl some slack already!

  5. Awesome! I’ve always wondered what Herpes tasted like in milkshake form.

  6. Charles Few

    My gawd, she’s gonna be dead before 30. How depressing.

  7. Charles Few

    2nd thought: Larry King will outlive her.

  8. disgusting and unsanitary

    ugh she keeps touching her hair while she’s handling the food. that is so nasty. its called the lindsay because the secret ingredient is her hair. yuck.

  9. Harold^Sick

    Ha ha, she looks like she’s in her 50′s in the first pic. Cougar?

  10. Veronica

    even she’s not buying these attempts to ceate good publicity.

    And one shudders to think of what would be in a shake named after her. I would assume a year ago, it would have brought all the boys to the yard.

  11. Darth Retard

    If it weren’t for the huge boobs I’d have long forgotten this girl.

  12. Chor_boy_rots_your_teeth

    Jesus! Someone get her some pot and a $250 gift card to In and Out Burger so that poor girl will get an appetite and eat! She’s wasting away before our eyes! There was a time when I thought she was hot. Now she’s just gross. How sad and pathetic.

  13. Crapcakes

    Poor girl. I wish one of her parents was normal enough to step in and un-fuck her up. Too bad that’s not going to happen

  14. Annie Likes Anal

    Nice sagging sideboob shots, Linds. Couple of months those deflated silicon sacks should be down to your knees. Going for the Auschwitz look, I see. Chewing on Samantha cocaine powdered beef jerky sink hole diet must be paying off. Even the queen tying the apron behind your kneck looks horrified. Do us all a favor, Lindsay, get out of our lives! Next!

  15. freekity geeek

    Ugh, she looks terrible. Her forehead has such deep grooves in it. She needs to cut out the smoking/tanning and stuff. And she should put on more clothes!

  16. britneysucks

    Her face has suffered but her body is perfect. Am seriously jealous.

  17. Crabby Old Guy

    Surprisingly, it tasted like tuna.

    Huh, who knew?

  18. will

    @12 please kill yourself.

  19. Io

    OMG she looks so old!

  20. ha

    LOL the irony. It’s like having a dictionary named after Britney Spears. I love the main pic, the look on her face is priceless she’s all like “what is this fa-oooo-d
    stuff you’ve named after me?” Then she tries it and it’s like a 40 year old virgin getting his totured wang into it’s first inch of pussy: “WOW THIS IS AMAZING. I should have tried this years ago”.

  21. FACE

    When will white boys admit that she looks about as stank as you can get without being a crack whore?

  22. Chef

    Looks like shit in the blender. Yep, name after her. SHIT!

  23. caroline

    Well she already has the Lindsay Lohan shot named after her – it’s a Red-Headed Slut with a splash of Coke.

  24. would not hit it

    my god that picture of her back is gross. I really wished she would read this and eat a pizza.

  25. Rod

    Mark your calendars. A year from now she’ll already be dead. These pictures prove it.

  26. lalalalala

    She looks like a trainwreck

  27. Rogue

    So they let her make a cocaine & redbull milkshake?

  28. Bob Johnson

    She’s already got a shot named after her:

    The Lindsay Lohan (A red headed shot with a splash of coke)

  29. Deacon Jones

    Man, I am so glad I quit smoking, she looks like a MILF I work with, but she’s fucking 22

  30. LamKram

    I can’t believe the Superficial guy didn’t make the obvious joke:

    What’s in a “Lindsay Lohan Milkshake”?
    2 oz Skim Milk
    2 oz Red Bull
    5 oz Vodka
    1 oz Nicotine
    1 oz Amoxicillin
    1 heaping tablespoon Peruvian Flake Cocaine (plus more to taste)

    Mix well in blender. Serve chilled. Purge immediately after drinking. Snort any remaining cocaine.

  31. slipnslide

    Lol@ #30.

    And what did #12 do wrong to get such a nasty comment?

  32. twzzlrgirl

    Pics 1 and 2 look like she uses “There’s Something About Mary” hair-care products.

    Pic 8 made me shoot iced tea out my nose.

    She looks like a zombie….grosssssss!

  33. Eat Something

    For Heaven’s sake….hold the bitch down and pour at least 3,000 of those milkshakes into her. Maybe she might actually make it to 100lbs if we are lucky. Looks like freaking Skeletor in those photos.

    That or just throw her in a trash can and burn it with fire so we can stop seeing her.

  34. moi

    Oh my ! she looks so bad and old here…=O!! say no to drugs and alcohol lindsay or you will be ugglier…

  35. Ellen

    I wouldn’t hit that with samantha ronson’s dick.

  36. rrrippinrrrose

    that video… SHIT son. her voice is shot and she’s so.. scared

  37. Will.I.Am


    How about Fergie’s???

  38. big teeth

    we likes the precious, we does… yesssssss…

  39. Frodo

    Great Gandalf’s Ghost! I thought Gollum died in Mt. Doom. I’m not going through that shit again…let the bastard have the ring.

  40. Joe Mason

    I would wreck that. She still looks good.

  41. Rachell

    She’s so dirty and gross looking. I’m 29, but I look 18. She’s what, early 20′s? and she looks about 35. I guess this is what happens with a study diet of blow for breakfast. She looks like somone who sleeps outside in the same flannel shirt for weeks on end. So nasty. Someone please give her a bath.

  42. jessman

    Damn, she looks like she’s forty years old and dying from cancer.

  43. EB

    What’s the shake called? a Skank Shake?

  44. If Dina really loved Lindsay she’d look at these pictures and get her child some help.

  45. Joe

    Damn, she looks horrendous, like a late 30s porn star.

  46. Yeah, she looks like every drunkie Irish mom on Long Island now. You know the ones I am talking about. They always had 6 kids in a house meant for no more than 2 kids and their yards were never manicured.

  47. Kels


  48. Kels


  49. Name (required):

    It has been established that persons who have recently died have been returning to life and committing acts of murder. A wide investigation of reports from funeral homes, morgues and hospitals has concluded that the unburied dead are coming back to life and seeking human victims…

  50. Venom

    The Curious Case of Lindsay Lohan. How is it that at 23 you look 50? And I won’t even talk about how her spinal cord is bulging out of her back.

    … yet because there’s some side boob pics, I’m sure some of you will still find her to be hot.

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