Lindsay Lohan’s warrant quashed

March 16th, 2009 // 26 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s warrant has been dismissed today after her lawyer provided a Beverly Hills judge with proof the actress is enrolled in alcohol education classes. People reports:

“The warrant is quashed and set aside,” Judge Marsha Revel said. “I’ve seen additional proof … that Lohan has been compliant with [her] program. There is no indication of dirty [drug] tests.” The judge also ordered that Lohan show new proof of enrollment by April 3.

“This was all much to do about nothing,” Lohan’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said following the hearing Monday. “[Lohan] has satisfied all the conditions of her probation, and I have every expectation that she’ll successfully complete those terms.”

Well, now that that’s out of the way; Hollywood, you’re free to pursue Lindsay Lohan for acting work again. Let the offers begin! – - Don’t hold back. Just fire away.



Photos: WENN

  1. Samantha Ronson

    FIRST you jealous stinking blistered anuses

  2. Kelley

    The lines on her forehead are schoking for an early-20′s chick, let me tell you … Red Bull, blow and cigarettes, yep :)

  3. Rachel

    Her lawyer showed the judge a picture of Ronson naked and he told Lindsay she was free to do all the drugs and alcohol she needed.

  4. Kelley

    Shocking, that is. Sp.

  5. Who cares…at least shes lacking the propensity that KK has….

  6. GuyHolly

    What with all the Lohan posts Fish? Nest you will be telling us when she takes a dump. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  7. GuyHolly

    What with all the Lohan posts Fish? Next you will be telling us when she takes a dump. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. GuyHolly

    Look it fised my typo. Stupid double posting.

  9. Jrz

    Now if we could just do something about the leggings.

  10. Gil

    I like all the stories about Lindsay! I’m wondering, today, if she has any pimples on her ass (the leggings, you know), and if so, is Samantha planning to suck the puss out of them.

  11. Lowlands

    Boo! So what’s next? An healthy meal?

  12. Deacon Jones


  13. Sphucksters Blowhands micocks. Phlohands Cawksawcka.

    Translation: Lohan is still hot. I’d tap that ass any given time.

  14. Unless she gets thrown into the gorilla tank at the San Diego Zoo and is sexually assaulted by packs of grunting male silverbacks, in front of a live audience of thousands, I could give a rat’s ass.

  15. GuyHolly

    #14 that’s on right now.

  16. Sauron

    Holy crap! They are both walking skeletons! This doesn’t look healthy to me. . .

  17. enoides

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  18. Lowlands

    It’s good to see Lindsay Lohan smiling! A great smile is from the heart,hope she’s able to show these smiles in the future as well!

  19. Matthew

    my best bet dina “party mom”Lohan got her off

  20. PunkA

    I would have loved the heading much more if it said “Lindsay Lohan’s head quashed”…

  21. ringostarr

    Her hands are purple! She looks like she could die at any moment… This girl needs to be taken away from LA-LA-land and put into some drug free seclusion before she’s dead.

  22. Lana

    I wish I looked like LiLo! (no joke.)

  23. Valerie

    Damn I wonder how much she pays for clean, fresh piss?

  24. Mr Sticky

    I like a girl with nicotine stains on her fingers. Or maybe she got a little poo on her finger when she wiped? Either way is fine, cuz I like that too! I wanna lay my cock across the lines on her forehead like a frank on a grill. I wanna wipe Sams ass with Lidsays face, while I snort half of Peru. Coke makes me like shit-sex. Especially with two Hollywood skeletons under my complete control.

  25. josh

    i work in a mental hospital in california, and i hope she winds up there soon so i can fuck her brains out and get away with it.

  26. I like all the stories about Lindsay! I wonder, today, if you have any pimples. so if, Samantha is planning to absorb never out of them.

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