Lindsay Lohan’s vagina gets busted

September 6th, 2006 // 89 Comments

As much as everybody wanted to believe these shots were real, the original picture has finally been leaked. It would’ve been more convincing had the Photoshopper actually seen a vagina before instead of just mindlessly painting in what he thought they looked like from his memory of seventh grade health class. Anyways here you have it. The five hour whirlwind of lies and deceit is over and we can finally put this case to rest.

And by the way today is the official Lindsay Lohan day. Didn’t you know? If you don’t talk about her at least six times in six hours the government will arrest you for being a spy. True story.


  1. DancingQueen

    OMG, could her skin LOOK any worse??? Ugh!

  2. strzchick04


  3. strzchick04


  4. strzchick04


  5. missykissy

    I could have used a little more cowbell.

  6. strzchick04

    Damn it, sorry for all those posts, but it seems my computer malfunctioned when it saw lindsay hohans firecrotch

  7. DancingQueen

    Oh yeah and WOW, I didn’t realize I was on the Lindsay Lohan website. I thought this was the Superficial. My bad.

  8. autumnbottom

    Don’t worry, she’s only 19, there’s PLENTY of time to see her cooter…

  9. Nameless

    My mother wears that diaper. Cept Barney’s skin wasn’t made out of it.

  10. CactusinaSombrero

    Well, isn’t that a relief. And pink underwear; classy. She matched the shirt of that guy who’s helping her out of the boat. Or, if you squint your eyes a little, PUSHING her out of the boat.

    It has been said many times, but I feel I must add that she has the body of an OAP’s corpse.

  11. Rimmer

    OMG balsac all the way.

  12. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Anything of her crotchal region is just narsty. Bagina visible or not.

  13. Bioplant

    I really enjoy her large, floppy, milkers. Unfortunately, her retroclined teeth give her the appearance of a rat.

    If only my gaze could stop at her chest region.

  14. bigponie

    what in the hell is that, a giant jelly bean, what the fuck is wrong with her, and where is her nutsack, the one she uses to tea-bag harry.

  15. jrzmommy

    I still think she’s a cheap slut wasting a pretty green dress.

    Lohan. Venice. Gondola. Gonorrhea. My mind works funny.

  16. radio4play


  17. happy_bunny

    It still looks photoshopped to me.

  18. Jrz: Save me please!!! I feel like I’ve been thrown into a nightmarish pit of a thousand Lohan’s all chasing me and trying to smother me with giant cod-curtains. I can’t look at another Lohan pic. I can’t I say. Please Mr. Fish. I’ve had enough. No more, please. Oh God please save me. I’m melting………………………………

    I’m melting …………………………..




  19. jrzmommy

    Don’t grab the white string, Hopeless!! DO NOT GRAB THE WHITE STRING — it’s attached to Lohans tampon. It will only lead you into the Firecrotch of Death. Run toward the light!! Run, Hopeless, Run!!!!!

  20. bigponie

    what fucking time zone is smelly superfish guy on.

  21. bigponie

    it’s 1:56, what the fuck, is he in outer space or something.

  22. bigponie

    I’m on the west fucking coast, hawaii is three hours behind, this makes him somewhere in the middle of the fucking pacific ocean, the superfish guy is actually a god-dam fish.

  23. Tabroid

    WTF is so fascinating about this terribly mediocre chick? I mean, nothing really against her, but I see more attractive women in convenience stores on a daily basis. And if it’s not about her looks, then what? Her intelligence? Her amazing acting and singing? Does she fart candycanes? Anyone? Throw me a bone here, ’cause I just don’t get it.

  24. Albert


    Impresionante …

    Sin palabras

  25. commissioner

    Seeing so many stories about Lindsay makes me want to make excessively inappropriate comments. About Skip.

  26. Devil Is Chrome

    Soooo, I take it that Lindsay’s vagina is really an octopus?

  27. herbiefrog

    …maybe this will explain
    …our linds is getting
    …a political


    …dont start worrying about the spelling
    … …or about how making excuses will make you feel
    … … … or how the peole thinking about how you might be felling about being the person that mnade those second =set of mistakes, etc

    …are we nearly there yet

    and if not…

    can i have some chocolate

    Movie & Entertainment News provided by World Entertainment News Network (
    2006-09-06 19:30:17 –

    LINDSAY LOHAN is planning to use her role in political drama BOBBY to encourage her fans to become

    engaged in national issues.
    EMILIO ESTEVEZ’s movie focuses on the 22 people who were in Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel when US

    Presidential hopeful ROBERT KENNEDY – brother of slain US President JOHN F KENNEDY – was

    assassinated in June 1968.
    And Lohan – who stars alongside SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS, MARTIN SHEEN and SHARON STONE – hopes her

    role as a bride, who is marrying her boyfriend’s brother so he can dodge the Vietnam War draft, will encourage

    young people to vote.
    The 20-year-old says, “For people of my generation, I think it’s important to bring awareness of a great leader. I

    feel I have always been somewhat politically engaged.
    “I strongly encourage people of my age and generation to have a say and to vote, and to involve themselves

    in what’s going on in the world, because they are living in it.
    “I’ve always been like that but I keep it to myself. It’s safer that way.”

  28. spatz

    nevertheless her bepantied vag is grossing me out.

  29. The Devil's Prom Date


  30. I love my beaver. It’s so cute. But it is covered in hair.

  31. saltpeanuts

    That is totally a photoshop.

  32. Cat

    This one looks more fake than the other ones did. I smell damage control. Thank God that’s all I can smell from here.

  33. LilRach

    Gross – if i couldn’t see Lindsay’s face i would swear that was a granny stepping off the boat. Damn – she has the worst legs for a 19 year old. I hate to imagine what she will look like in 10 years time! (shudder)

  34. I already masturbated to the fakes! HOW CAN I TAKE THAT BACK THESUPERFICIAL?

  35. The thought of some loser squinting at his computer monitor for hours and photoshopping in a fake Lohan vagina is quite disturbing.

  36. Who’s the hairy ape with the Rolex grappleing her arm?

    I so can’t look at her anymore that I’m actually staring at that hairy fucking arm.

    Jrz: Thanks for saving my life.


  37. Guy has some serious Yeti hands.

    I bet he could palm her whole face like a basketball and shove it through some chickenwire, so her face looks like Mischa Barton’s ass.


    Still staring at the Ape Arm.

  38. bigponie

    as you can see, the sleeve on the ape’s hand is color pink matching that of lohan’s rotten nest egg, so therefore we can assume that at some point in time the ape hand had shove his hand up the firecrotch leaving behind the pink evidence. dam i make a good lawyer.

  39. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    Fuck Lindsay Lohan Day.

    I think maybe I’d rather be arrested for being a spy and then taken to Guantanamo Bay where the CIA can torture me 6 times a day rather than talk about this dumb stupid fake-no-knickers firecrotch skank every 6 hours. True Story.

  40. shannong86

    Yuk. Seriously. Am I the only one who has noticed this girl needs braces or veneers or something, her teeth are inverted and she reminds me of Captain Hook from Hook… ???!??

  41. LoneWolf

    If I may paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson,

    “I have had it with this muthafuckin bitch on this muthafuckin site!!”

    Thank you.

  42. LaLohan

    Haha. Oh man, what groundbreaking information. A shot of LaLohan’s vagina! Stop the presses! So pathetic. You all are what these celebs crave for. Attention. I wonder how many of you actually sit at your computer all day thinking of witty little e-insults to post about celebs, so you can be what…cool? T’is sad, I must say. Try doing something with your lives maybe. Just a thought.

  43. LilRach

    #43 You are just as bad as the rest of us considering you took the time to come on this site, register your name, and post a comment! If you didn’t give a fuck you wouldn’t be here at all.

  44. CactusinaSombrero


    You have wasted the exact same amount of time writing that paragraph as anyone else on here writing something amusing. Which makes which person sadder?

    I’m pretty sure most celebrities don’t go on thesuperficial – and what, you think if we stop then suddenly the media will stop talking about them? They’ll just pop out of existance?

    As long as I can have a laugh, I don’t give a damn. That’s my life philosophy.

  45. Actually this is the REAL shot of her cooch. It has become so non-human that it appears to be made from fabric. That is merely it’s cocoon, where it is breeding all the mini-cooches that will soon take over our world.


  46. Angry Ferret Jones

    #43 – Your mom called. Time to go home.

  47. Dory

    Wow… knickers. Why is this posted?

  48. LL

    I’m actually pretty impressed that she’s wearing underwear.

    Having said that, I’m tired of celebrities implying that they take movies based on the political messages, in the hopes said movie will inspire the unwashed masses in some fashion. How I wish someone would say “They’re paying me a buttload of money to pretend, so that’s why I’m in this movie.” I’d watch that person’s movies no matter how crappy they are. Just because they keeps it real.

    And I guess I’m in the minority in appreciating the daily Lohan updates. As sad as my life can be sometimes, it will apparently never be as sad as Lindsay’s. Bouncing around from one loser to another, constantly posing in bikinis in a desperate play for inappropriate attention, a loser mom who doesn’t act like a mom, constant speculation about the condition of her crotch, damn… my life is ride through the wine country compared to Lindsay’s.

  49. dilate


    I work for a photo agency and I have looked up close and personal (ew) to the hires and sorry, Lindsay would not be caught wearing these grandma undies and I know a set of flaps when I see them!

    Lindsay’s people obviously got to you.

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